Sunday, July 19, 2009

Giveaway at Paulette's

Just wanted to tell you all to check out Paulette's blog. She the brains behind Plum Street Samplers. She's having a giveaway so go enter! Paulette is so nice, and pretty and talented too! She designed this, for example.

Thanks for the giveaway, Paulette! And for all the great designs too! Oh, and BTW, there's a freebie on the same post. So enjoy!


Jennifer said...

That's a cool design. I visited her blog and entered. She does have a pretty freebie on their too!

Dona said...

Paulette really is all of those things! I love Fruit of the Spirit-it's such a happy design.

Hope everyone in your household is better and that the stitching blahs have left you!

Littlebit said...

As you know, Margaret, I'm a big fan of Plum Street Samplers! LOL! I also want to thank you for stopping by my blog and always for your sweet comments. Sorry to hear about your hubby! And I hope your stitching blahs are about over..loved the fabric you got from Kim!! So what's the plan?