Saturday, April 1, 2017

Second Grace

It's April!  So I'm posting a blog post.  Yay!

I actually finished this in March, but since I neglected to say so, here it is in an April post.  It's Second Grace, by Bristol Ivy, knitted in Fibre Company Cumbria.

I left off the color work on the sleeves, but otherwise it's as the pattern was written.  Even down to the colors used.  The colors are what got me the first time I saw the designer wearing hers at Rhinebeck!  (I saw pictures on Instagram.)

I have since started a new project -- Miss Rachel's Yoke by Kate Davies.  I'm using the called for yarn and colors (Buchaille).  Love it so much!  (I'm farther along than this picture shows, but no color work yet.)

Methinks this is the year of color work.  :D

Here are the sweaters I've knitted so far this year.  Love my drawer!

And here are my two babies.  (At least the ones who are at home right now.)

(My sweet father type is in the background too!)

Happy spring to everyone in the Northern Hemisphere!