Friday, May 25, 2018

A finish

I have finished my Kirigami sweater by Gudrun Johnston.

Sorry it's not the best picture.  I used Brooklyn Tweed Arbor in the Sashiko color way.  It seems to fit, atlhough it's probably larger than planned.  I like loose fitting sweaters, but of course they don't always look the best.  I will know more once it's finished blocking.

My arm and wrist seem to be mostly all better.  I tried a row of color work and seem to be able to do it with no pain or discomfort.  Hooray!  My plan of finishing Kirigami first to help my arm and wrist heal worked!  The plain knitting was good for it, and once I reached the yoke, my arm and wrist were ready to go.

Mia hopes you have a great weekend!