Wednesday, March 27, 2019


Feels like it took forever (especially the swatching), but finally, I can say -- it's finished!

This is the Fabiola Sweater by Gudrun Johnston, from the Brooklyn Tweed Winter 2019 collection.  I love it! 

As usual, swatching did not mean the sweater fits the way I expected.  But it fits fine.  And that's that. 


Mia does not care about my finish.  She just wants her bubble wrap.....

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

My sweet boy

How does time pass so quickly?

But it does.  I miss my tiny boy, but I have loved watching you grow into a man.  And now you've reached a quarter century, which is hard to believe.  We're so proud of who you are.  Can't wait to see what's in store for you.

Happy birthday, sweet boy.  Love you miss you.

Thursday, February 28, 2019


It's been a short month, all dedicated to my Fabiola by Gudrun Johnston.

It's a slow knit -- almost 400 stitches to start with on (for me) size US 1.5, 2.5mm needles.  But it's color work and I love it.  The last picture shows the start of one of my sleeve steeks.

Not much else to show!  I'm a monogamous knitter, and this sweater is my monogamous knit right now.

It's been a winter so far of snow to mix to ice to freezing rain, etc and repeat.  Frankly, I'm quite ready for spring.  Thank goodness for the longer days!

And Mia loves when it's sunny, as do I!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

New Year

Here it's the end of January, so I am back to update what I've been up to.  I guess I will go in order -- thank goodness for my ravelry project page!

First, I finished the Le Massif Scarf, by Diana Walla, using a kit from Espace Tricot.

Such an enjoyable knit, and I love the result!

Next I finished the Happily Ever After Mitts by Susan B. Anderson, using a special yarn by the Cozy Knitter -- her 2018 Advent Stripe yarn.

My dear friend Laurie (@laurieandowen on instagram) sent me the leftovers of her advent yarn, so I had to make these mitts out of them!

Next, I made a block of The Shieling blanket by Kate Davies.  I used her Milarrochy Tweed yarn as called for.  I don't have enough yarn to make a whole blanket, but I might make some more squares with what I have.

I finished a Sockhead Cowl that I had started last year.  Nice to have this one finished and done with.  It was my soothing knit during a time of major family crisis.

Lastly, I finished the Poza cowl by Ysolda Teague.  I used the yarn called for, Floating by AVFKW in the Red Pear color.

I'm currently attempting to swatch for the Fabiola by Gudrun Johnston.  It's a Brooklyn Tweed pattern using BT Loft.  This is my swatch in leftover yarn from another project.  The colors aren't what I will use in the sweater.

I am having trouble meeting gauge, a common problem for me somehow.  We'll see if I succeed and cast on.

I went to Vogue Knitting Live in NYC for what I think was the third time (4th?  Something like that.) on Saturday.  Didn't take many pictures though.

Mia likes to give the impression that she's erudite.  :D

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Goodbye 2018

It's the last post of 2018, and I have to say I'm happy to see the end of this year.  Let's just say 2018 has not been a good year.

I can now show the secret knitting since Christmas is over.  I knitted a replacement Mawson hat for the father type -- the first one I knitted for him is somewhere in the subways and trains of the city, lost forever.  Father type requested another, so that was his Christmas present for this year.

This is the first year I have actually purposefully knitted Christmas presents for everyone.  The Little Burr hat was for DS (although this pic shows it on father type).  It has a double brim and cables, which should make it nice and warm for Buffalo winters.

I knitted DD the Pine Bough cowl, which she really likes.  Stupidly, I didn't get a picture of her wearing it.

So that's it for Christmas knitting.  To continue on with finished objects, I finished the Galloway hat by Jared Flood using Peerie yarn.  Sadly, it came out a little on the short side.  I  will have to tackle it at some point and make it a tad longer.

I also finished my Advent project, which was a kit/advent calendar from Jimmy Beans Wool.  It's the Get Together Wrap by Joji Locatelli in the Sugar Plum Fairy color way.  Sadly, they decided to give me 4 different dye lots of the main grey color, which meant I ended up having to rip back twice (not realizing the dye lot problem).  I have discovered that super wash and garter/lace shawls like this aren't my thing, but I'm glad to have finished the project.

I'm currently knitting the Le Massif Scarf by Dianna Walla, which is part of the Chalet Collection put out by Espace Tricot.  Yes, I'm back to color work, which seems to be my happy place.  I'm using the called for Kelbourne Woolens Scout yarn in the called for colors.

I'm to the middle "lice" section of the scarf -- which is the boring part.  Hopefully I'll manage to plow through.  I do love how the scarf is essentially a very long, fat sleeve with two ribbed cuffs.  Fantastic!

We had a good Christmas, which was too short -- poor DS had to travel back to Buffalo the day after Christmas so he could go back to work.  But it was wonderful having both kids at home for Christmas, even if it was just for a few days. 

We made dumplings on Christmas Eve Eve since DS won't be home for New Years (and neither will DD, I believe).

We made the usual Christmas cookies on Christmas Eve as well.

This year, we had our first artificial tree.  The kids don't like artificial trees, but this year they let me have my way.  I compromised by getting a little tree, just 4 1/2 feet tall.  I love it!  Unlike Carol of Stitching Dreams, who went all out to make sure everything was perfect and decorated for having all her kids home for the holidays, I went easy and went small on the decorating.  lol!

The kids on Christmas morning.

Mia, in her usual spot, being disgruntled, on Christmas morning.  lol!  She doesn't like interruptions to her routine!

Christmas dinner.  We had ham, mac and cheese, biscuits, and a throwback from my childhood, green bean casserole (with cream of mushroom soup and French's onions!).  And apple pie for dessert!

I did manage to get a picture of DS in his Little Burr hat, building one of his Lego kits.

I hope everyone who celebrates had or is having a wonderful holiday.  All the best for a happy, healthy, wonderful New Year.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Oops. Missed November.....

Somehow it became December and I didn't post during November.  Whoops!  Anyway, I have various finishes, one of which I won't show cause it's a Christmas present and a certain someone (I think) reads this blog.  So just in case, I won't show that item.

First, the last thing I finished -- it just came off the needles.  It's the Forest Tam by Marie Wallin

I used Marie Wallin's new yarn called British Breeds.  The colors are so wonderful!  Sadly, the picture doesn't convey how perfect the colors are.  This pattern came in the British Breeds box of yarn -- a skein of each color, plus the pattern booklet.  I hope to make the cowl from the booklet as well.

Next is the Kukka Cowl from the latest issue (17) of Amirisu magazine.

I used the called for Ram Jam yarn from Daughter of a Shepherd.  I only needed one skein of each color, not two as the pattern says.

I also finished the Little Burr hat by Sarah Solomon.

I used the lovely Myak Baby Yak Medium for the hat -- such a treat!

And yes, I did finish my Jaycee cardigan by Isabell Kraemer.

I even found some buttons for it -- took a while for them to arrive.  Now I need to sew them on.  Problem is I keep wearing the cardigan -- hard to sew on buttons while I'm wearing it!

Lots of things happened since I last posted.  I had a wonderful time in the city when Loop London had its pop up event at the Here Now Space run by Myak.  I was so happy to meet up with Tanya, Lucy and Nancy, who came all the way up from Virginia for the weekend, and the event.  (Tanya is bzmama, Lucy is lucysyarnpocket, and Nancy is nancydaniels92 on instagram.)   We met up at Katz's Deli for lunch.

We visited Purl Soho afterwards and then went to the lovely pop up shop.  Such fun!  Thanks, ladies, for a fun day!

Then of course there was Thanksgiving.  Got to have my kid-lings home for a few days.  Yay!

It went by way too quickly, but it was so good to hug my babies. 

Of course, we see DD much more often than DS since she lives in the city.  This past Thursday, I got to go to see Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald with her in the city (#protectthesecrets). After, we met up with the father type and had dinner at the Grey Dog, and dessert at Max Brenners.  OMG.  Chocolate.  (I had fish tacos at the Grey Dog.  Yum!)

I need more chocolate.  lol!  I neglected to take a picture of DD.  Silly me!

Mia, needless to say, hasn't been appreciative of extra people in the house, of me disappearing for the day, or of the disruption of her schedule.  She also doesn't appreciate the cold.  But she survives.

Happy Advent!  Happy holidays!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Another month ending....

It's happened again -- we're coming to the end of another month.  How can it be?  I guess I'm just old.  lol!

I finished the Brora shawl, and got it all blocked too.  I do love how it came out.  But I don't wear shawls.  Perhaps it will be a Christmas present.  This is by Gudrun Johnston.  I used Brooklyn Tweed Vale yarn.

I'm now working on the Jaycee cardigan by Isabel Kraemer.  I'm using Tukuwool Fingering yarn in the Lehto (I think) colorway.  (The color is off in the picture.)

I need a cardigan -- somehow I've only knitted color work cardigans so far, and only two at that.

The father type and I had a fun day in the city on Wednesday last.  We went to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway with the original London cast (the cast and crew that originated the parts and the theater magic).  What an amazing piece of theater! 

The play is actually in two parts, two full length plays really.  So we saw part one in the afternoon, then went for an early dinner at Haru Sushi.  Yum!

Then back to the theater in the evening for part two.

I'm so glad to have seen the play with the original London cast.  Having followed all the hullaballoo about the play from the beginning, I was used to seeing these cast members online.  It was great to see them do their stuff.

Mia was happy to see us when we got home very late that night.  She hates when I'm out of the house for too long.