Monday, February 28, 2011

Now what?

Yes, I'm in a now what phase.  Which means that I have to show you why I'm in a now what phase.  Here's Frances all completed.

Frances Eden by Handwork Samplers
40ct Vintage Examplar linen
DMC threads called for

I forgot all about the line of over one at the bottom while I was stitching.  I was thinking "just this one motif left and I'll be done!"  And then it hit me like a rock over the head.  Agh!  That over one line!!!!  ARRRGGGHHH!!!!!

But it's done.

See?  Here's the end of the line to prove it.

Why does over one have to take so much longer than anything else?  Ah well.  A&E and the angels were cheering me on.

Oh, and no, I didn't rip out the FE initials and redo them in eyelet stitch.  I suppose I still might.  But when both Laurie and Siobhan said they'd done theirs in straight cross stitch -- well, that was enough for me!

The other finish I have is that little knitting project I showed you last time.  It's a very simple 1x1 rib knit blanket -- or more of a throw actually.  Here's Mia modeling the throw very nicely.

It came out narrower than I would have liked, but I also haven't blocked it yet.  (Blocking advice anyone?)  I've never blocked anything in my life, believe it or not.  I've even finished a sweater or two.  Weird, huh?    Anyway, I used this amazing (and ridiculously expensive) yarn called Pixie Dust from Knit Collage.  I don't normally splurge on yarn like this, but for some reason I did with this.  (Sorry, father type!)   I did manage to get a bit of a discount on it, but only a bit.

Mia has a morbid fascination for this throw/yarn.  While I was knitting it, she was bent on eating some of the yarn.  (Not a good thing since that's what caused her emergency visit to the vet when she was a wee thing.)  After the throw was done, she was still attempting to nip pieces of the yarn off the blanket.  Recently, she's taken to sleeping near/on it.  And just now while I was typing this post, she did her kneading behavior on it!  I guess she loves it now.  lol!

Well, it's raining outside -- hopefully melting more of that snow that's still out there covering most of the ground.  I consider that a good excuse to stay inside and stitch.  Only problem is -- what to stitch next?  Hmmmmmmmm..........  

Well, this is what Mia is doing anyway.

Looks like a good thing to do to me!  

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!  I always enjoy our visits.  Have a great week, everyone!  Here's hoping Spring is here and we've seen the last of that other S word.  :D

Monday, February 21, 2011

Love those funky colors.....

Thanks for all the "warm" wishes last week.  Our heat was back on by noon and we warmed up quickly.  Which is a good thing -- I was a popsicle by that point!

Frances and her funky colors are going strong here.

Just one more page to go!  Yay!

Unfortunately, I stitched the big FE letters before I realized I was supposed to do them in eyelet stitch.  Sigh.  To rip or not to rip?

Don't you love Adam and Eve?  And the serpent?

I've also gotten a bit distracted this week, by more funky color.

I've never worked with such a chunky yarn or such huge needles before.  It's a new experience for sure!

We got a fresh dose of snow this morning, nothing too horrible, and no icy stuff involved, which is great.  First snow in a couple of weeks -- amazingly.  I hope it's the last snow too!  lol!  Here's Mia enjoying the new snow from her favorite perch for outdoor viewing.

I was hoping to get her in her typical cat crouch pose -- all you cat lovers know the pose I mean -- but she wasn't cooperating.  Was sitting instead.  Ah well.  She's still doing what she usually does -- looking for interesting squirrels and birds.  lol!

Thanks as always for stopping by and saying hi.  I hope everyone has a wonderful week!  For those in the US, have a great President's Day!

Monday, February 14, 2011


I know, it's warming up.  And thank goodness it is.  Cause we woke up without heat this morning.  Brrrrr!!!  We're waiting for the service repair man to come back with a new motor for our furnace.  Going to cost a pretty penny -- it's not covered by our service contract.  Ouch!   Oh well.

Excuse my frost bitten fingers while I show off Frances Eden.  Yes, I picked her back up and started stitching away.

Her funky colors are oh so funky!  In fact, I didn't like the colors for the right hand house one bit.  But it looks fine once you step back and take in the whole thing.  Weird, huh?

I'm looking forward to getting back to the top part of the sampler where A&E are.  But for now, I'm trying to finish off the part below the grass.

I'm getting there!  (I'm using 40ct Vintage Examplar and DMC threads.)

I won a lovely prize from BeckySC and received it in the mail.  Look at the lovely Santa!

He is oh so cute and has so many wonderful little details in the finishing!  And look at the little bell too!

The fabric on the back is so pretty too!  Thank you so much, Becky!  You are a wonderful friend!

Ok, I'm too cold to post anymore.  lol!   Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!  Nothing much will happen around here to celebrate.  Just getting a furnace motor, and doing the usual chauffeuring of boy child to orchestra in the evening.  That's ok though.  Father type and I had a celebration of sorts over the weekend.  :D

Have a great week, everyone!  Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!  Stay warm!  Let's hope the groundhog is right and there's an early spring this year.  (Just ignore all the snow on the ground.  lol!)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Isabella finished

You can tell my brain is gone this morning.  Not only did I almost forget to do a blog post, but I couldn't think of a better title for this post.  Oh well.  It gets the job done.  Here's Isabella.

Isabella Johnstone
40ct vintage Pearled Barley
called for Belle Soie silks

I followed Tanya's advice and didn't bother with the "use light part of silk for this" and "use dark part of silk for that."  And when it called for two different colors of silk at the same time, I did what Tanya suggested again -- I just chose the one I liked best.  :D  (The other suggestion I've heard is to use one of the colors for the / part of the stitch and the other for the \ part of the stitch.  I've heard it works well.)

I think she came out well.  But I still don't like overdyeds and variegated threads much.

I got a lovely prize from Karen of Karen's Handiwork.  A lovely Christmas ornament!  And look at the lovely card she sent as well!

I hope you can see the lovely beaded work she did on the sides of the ornament.  Just gorgeous!  Thank you so much, Karen!  I'm so thrilled! 

I think one reason I'm so discombobulated this morning is that for the first time in more than a week, the boy child is at school and the father type is at work, all at the same time.  The weeks have been constantly filled with snow days with no school so it's hard to even keep track of what day it is.  And the father type has been working from home so much that it's rather disconcerting.  lol!  But today I have the house to myself till school is over!   So this will be short and sweet.  I need to enjoy the alone time!

Speaking of sweet, just a quick pic of the cute Mia.

She likes to sleep on my legs when I'm in bed.  She looks comfy, no?

Thanks as always for stopping by and saying hi.  I always enjoy reading your comments and visiting!  Have a great week!