Monday, May 27, 2013

Lucky hexies, framing

My Hex on the Beach is progressing nicely.

Seventeen rows out of 40 completed, and many many paper pieces removed as well.  It was becoming unwieldy with all that paper.

My framing was finally done so I made a trip to my LNS to pick it up.  One piece is a surprise for a certain someone, so I won't show that.  But here are the other two.

My And They Sinned by Examplars from the Heart.  Sorry for the reflection.

And my Jane Philpott by Shakespeare's Peddler.

I love this frame.

I have been very lucky this week.  First, I won a prize of a chart and a yard of linen from Scarlet Letter from Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year Blog.   I used my winnings to help with the cost of the Polly Phillip kit.

I've wanted this one forever.  Thanks so much, Nicola, Marsha, and Joann!

Then I won a huge fabric giveaway from Kathy Barrick.  I couldn't believe what Kathy sent!!

Look at all that fabric!!!  Wow!  Some pieces are huge with lots of yardage!  I especially love this toile.

Thank you so much, Kathy!

Finally, the lovely Krista of Just Stitching Along blog was so generous and sent me this.

She has just finished the SM 1678 sampler from European Reproductions, and she knew I was in love with her beautiful piece.  So she passed the chart along, but also included all the floss needed!!!  So generous!  Thank you so much, Krista!  Here's a link to her beautiful finish.  It's gorgeous, take a look!

I was busy taking a pic of my quilt this morning for the blog.  I turned around and here is what I found.

Is Mia trying to prevent me from working on my quilt today?  lol!

Thanks as always for stopping by and saying hi.  I hope everyone has a great week!

Monday, May 20, 2013

late TUSAL and Hex madness

No stitching this week.  Since finishing Rachel, I've been working exclusively on my Hex on the Beach.  I'm a quarter of the way done!

10 rows complete!  The quilt is folded over on itself so as to fit in the picture better.  I can't wait to change colors.

I am late posting my TUSAL for May.  Here are my ORTs.

Lots of red from Rachel Howells.

The boy child and cat have been settling back nicely.  Boy child has been busy applying for summer jobs.  Cat has been showing her disapproval of boy child being gone so long.  But she's giving in gradually to the old ways.

Grudgingly cuddling.

Much closer.

Back to normal.

Thanks as always for stopping by and saying hi.  I hope you all have a great week!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Finish, my boy is home, and my sweet girl child

This will be a long post.  I will do a late TUSAL sometime later.  First off, Rachel Howells is finished!!

Rachel Howells by the Scarlett House
40ct PTP Legacy linen
NPI fibers called for

Isn't she gorgeous?  I rushed to finish her cause I felt superstitious.  Had to finish her before going off for the weekend.

The father type and I drove up to Boston this weekend -- to pick up the boy child for the summer!!  Yay!  But first, we had to help him pack up his apartment.  Why?  Because they are doing renovations in his apartment building.  So the landlord moved him to a newly renovated apartment on Saturday.  And we had to help the boy child with the move.  

It's a nice apartment.  The exact same as the old apartment, but they made it into two rooms (one a bedroom).  And a nice new kitchen and bathroom.


This is the living room.  

We also enjoyed a bit of Boston.

The WWII memorial in the Fens.

One of the Victory Gardens in the Fens.  The gardens were amazing!  The plots are given out to Bostonians to plant and tend.  I don't know all the details -- the boy child told us about them.

The boy child outside the Museum of Fine Arts.

We also spent a bit of time visiting with my sister and BIL and kids.  We took my sister and BIL out for Indian food to thank them for all their help through the past year with the boy child and his first year of college.

We drove home Sunday and got home by evening.  Later that evening, the door bell rang.  And a surprise walked through the door.

My lovely girl child!!!  I had no clue she would be here!  It was the best Mother's Day surprise.  We got to visit for a few hours, but then my sweet girl had to leave.  She had work in the morning so off she went.

Mia was overwhelmed -- happy that we were home, happy to see the boy child, surprised by the girl child.  lol!  But at least she found a quilt to cuddle up in.

It was a Mother's Day present -- a quilt made by Lori of Humble Quilts.  Beautiful!

Thanks as always for stopping by and saying hi.  I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Rachel and crafts

I can't wait for Rachel to be done.  Not yet though.

At least the border is done.  And the cute couple.

This past weekend, we went to our favorite craft fair.  It's held twice a year, in spring and fall.  Besides crafts, there were lots of yummy food booths.  We always get kettle corn.  And this year, we also tried this.

A peach-raspberry tart from Dutch Desserts, Inc.   So yummy!!  I did bring home a couple of things as well.

You might remember the larger, greenish pear from last year's craft fair.  Had to get another this year.  They are brass, quite heavy and wonderful to hold in the hand.  They are made by Laura Baring-Gould. 

I also came home with this.

I've been wanting a pretty switch plate for my sewing room.  Found this one and fell in love.  It's by Dwo Wen Chen.   His booth was full of bright, whimsical, colorful ceramics.  Just lovely!

We also brought home a welcome home present for the boy child, but it's a surprise for him.  :D  He will be home soon!  He has final projects and final exams to deal with first though.

Mia was once again displaced from "her" chair, so resorted to her usual tactic.

Nesting on the father type's clean clothes.

Thanks as always for stopping by and saying hi.  I hope everyone has a great week.