Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A day late....

I was going to post at my usual time on Monday, but -- well, you'll see why I didn't manage it!

Before all that, I'll just show what I've been working on.  I'm pretty much finished with the front of my Sous Sous sweater.  Just a little strip that goes around the back neckline and the grafting to the back to do.  Which I have to learn how to do first.

There it is folded up in my Bookhou bag from Fringe Supply Company.  (Great shop, connected to a great blog.  And no, I'm not affiliated.)

I stopped working on that (for a reason, which you will see) to work on yet another mitred square or cozy memories or sock yarn blanket.  I'm using Koigu yarn for it so far.

This is a big thing in the knitting world -- everyone seems to be knitting one.

So what has happened since my last post?  My birthday, for one thing.  Paula from Kelmscott Designs sent me a wonderful package full of her lovely products.

Here you see the next in the series of queen threadkeeps, the Gray Queen Threadkeep.  Also the flower power scissors in red, perfect for my red scissors collection!  And at the top are the US and UK flags from the Flags of the World Needleminders collection.  Paula knows I went to London and am an Anglophile.  Thank you so much, Paula!  I love everything!

I also received a lovely package full of lovely presents from a dear friend.  Thank you!!  I love everything and had such fun opening everything up too.

A few days before my birthday, I went into NYC.  I shopped a bit, including a brief stop at Purl Soho.

I was a good girl, just checked out the new colors of Brooklyn Tweed yarn which had just come out that day.

Then the real treat.  The girl child (I need to think up different names -- she's not a child anymore!) took me out to dinner at the swanky restaurant where she waitresses part time! (Yes, she works full time already.  No, I don't know how she does it.  lol!)

Anyway, we had a lovely time, the decor was beautiful, the food was amazing!

On my actual birthday, we didn't do much.  But we did go out to dinner at a local Indian/Nepalese restaurant.  Delicious!

This past weekend, my father was up at my sister's house, so up we went to visit too.  The boy child came out from Boston too, so we got to see him as well.  It was a nice, relaxing visit.

(That's Lily the cat.)

The cousins

My father with Emily the dog.

The boys setting up a train.

We got home again Sunday night -- thus my not getting around to posting this blog post till now.  (And the reason I started the mitred square blanket -- much easier to knit on while visiting since it's pretty mindless knitting.)

Mia was happy to have us home, but I was sad to leave everyone behind, especially the boy child.  He will be home in a few weeks for a short break before the fall semester starts.

Thanks as always for stopping by and saying hi.  I hope everyone has a great week.

(Mia in her new bed, the box the present from my friend came in.  Nicely padded with bubble wrap.  Her new favorite place to sleep.  Still.)

Monday, July 13, 2015


I knew this would happen.  Get out of the habit of posting every week and several weeks go by.  Whoops!  A lot has happened since I last posted.  In terms of knitting, I've gotten the back of my Sous Sous sweater finished and have started the front too.

The color's washed out in the second picture.  See my Big Ben stitch marker?  Had to use that!

The father type got home from Dublin, of course.  Father type had two days off for July 4 weekend, so we took advantage and went into NYC on the Thursday before July 4.  Wandered around and ended up at the new Whitney and on the High Line.  A fun day indeed!

(Love that London has their iconic red double deckers and London taxicabs whereas NYC has the iconic yellow cabs.) (Couldn't help comparing the two cities the whole time I was in NYC.)

The boy child came home on July 3  -- his friend picked him up from the train station for a change.  It was just a short weekend visit -- some out of town family friends were visiting for the weekend and the boy child wanted to see them too.  We all went to Boscobel for the Shakespeare performance on July 4, had a picnic before the show on the grounds.  Such a  view from the grounds of Boscobel, right on the Hudson!

(He's old enough to drink!  Yikes!!)

The show was the Arabian Nights (not Shakespeare!).  The company stopped the performance for the fireworks that were taking place all around the Hudson.  We saw at least 4 different fireworks displays going on, the closest and most spectacular being across the river at West Point.

The tent under which the show takes place.

The next morning everyone got together for breakfast down at our lake.  The family from out of town is part of the playgroup that used to exist when all of our kids were tiny -- from babyhood on, these kids were friends, and still are.  So everyone from the old playgroup who was in the neighborhood came down to gab and visit and take pictures.

And then it was time to say goodbye to the boy child again late in the afternoon.  Back to Boston he went.

I was planning on writing a blog post after that weekend, but nothing doing.  That night, Sunday (July 5), Father type came down with uncontrollable shivers and a very high fever out of the blue.  When tylenol didn't seem to be helping, I took him to the emergency room.  We had a long night there, but were sent home around 1:30 in the morning with antibiotics.

It took all week, a couple of visits to the Father type's usual doctor, plus blood culture tests, to determine what was wrong.  The diagnosis went from pneumonia at the hospital (huh?  No symptoms!!), to gall bladder at the doctor's, to finally diverticulitis.  All the time, everyone sort of ignored that the only symptom had been a bit of pain in the lower abdominal region.

Luckily the antibiotics seemed to work fairly quickly.  The father type was down to a normal temp by Tuesday, and feeling almost pretty normal in general by Wednesday.  We are to watch him for a recurrence once the antibiotics are finished -- which happens this coming Wednesday.  Fingers crossed he will be just fine and dandy!

While I was tending the patient this past week, I worked on my Boxy sweater (the fingering weight, Mad Tosh Light one in Worn Denim) since I felt I needed some straight stockinette knitting during this stressful period.  Wimbledon was still going on too.

Yes, I followed two matches at a time at times.  How could you not when Murray was playing on one court and Federer on another?

This weekend was quite restful for us both.  Father type will be going back to work on Monday.  I am sad because Federer lost to Djokovic at the Wimbledon final once again.  :(

Thanks as always for stopping by and saying hi.  I hope everyone has a great week.