Tuesday, July 31, 2018


ETA: Oops!  I didn't remember that I hadn't shown my finished Strathendrick.  Here it is.

I do love it.

I also started the Lucerne hat by Jared Flood.  Had to stop because I ran out of one of the yellows in the kit I got from Brooklyn Tweed of the Peerie yarn.  BT came through and sent me more, so sometime I have to pick that up and finish it.

Now back to where I started before.

Here is my current WIP -- Like a Cloud by Joji Locatelli.

I'm using the yarns specified in the pattern -- Shibu Cima and Shibui Silk Cloud held together.  The combination really is like a cloud.

This past weekend, the father type and I went to see the Punch Brothers in concert, along with a pre-show Q&A session.  What a treat!  The best part of the experience (we were lucky enough to be in the third row center from the stage) was when for the second encore, the band performed unplugged -- no electric, no amplification, just them.  It was magic.  (They came right up to the edge of the stage.)

These guys, and especially Chris Thile, are my heroes.  Such talented, intelligent, fun musicians.  Yes, I'm a big fan girl.

Mia had a nap in father type's hat.  Silly cat.

Can't believe tomorrow is August!