Sunday, April 29, 2018

One of those months

First off, here is my Rams and Yowes all finished.  That border didn't work out, as predicted.  So after removing the offending border, I just knit an i-cord bind off directly to the color work and called it good.  It's living on my stitching chair now.

I also finished my Sockhead Cowl, knitted with a potluck Hedgehog Fibers skein. 

Then I tackled the Peerie Flooers hat by Kate Davies.

And I swatched for and started the Strathendrick by Kate Davies.

And then things screeched to a stop.  On April 14th, I somehow took a fall and injured my knee and arm, both on the left side.  I ended up going to the ER just to make sure things were ok.  The ER sent me home with a splint on my left arm, saying there was a possible "occult" fracture of my elbow.

Thankfully, come Monday (the accident occurred on a Saturday), I went to the orthopedist who said there were no broken bones.  Just take it easy and bend and flex three times a day.  So I started back in on knitting the day after that.  Slowly, just a bit at a time, cause it still hurt.  (My wrist was also affected by the fall.) 

So slowly but surely, I've been knitting and working on getting my arm back to normal.  I've gotten to where I can knit pretty normally.  But color work is too much for my arm still.  (I knit two handed with color work, so my left hand is used a lot more with color work.)

As a result, I've started a couple of new projects as I've been healing.  Here is my knitting basket.

I did manage a row or two just to try color work out.  So you can see my Strathendrick progress.  I'm waiting to work more on it.  My wrist and elbow need more healing. 

The first picture shows the start to my Polka Dot scarf from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas.  I'm using Isager Alpaca 1.  The second picture shows my start on Kirigami from Gudrun Johnston.  (I'm actually much farther along than this by now, but I haven't taken another picture recently.)  I'm using Brooklyn Tweed Arbor, my first time using this yarn.  Love Brooklyn Tweed!  The color is Sashiko.  It's a bit darker in color than in the picture.

Right now, the straight stockinette body of Kirigami is good for my arm, so I'm sticking with it.

Mia has had at least a day or two where she could enjoy the fresh air.  Spring is coming!

It's supposed to warm up this coming week.  I know Mia will like that!