Monday, March 20, 2017


Happy birthday to my sweet boy child.  I love your sweet, gentle nature and good humored, easy way.  Still can't believe how old you are.....  Love you.

PS: Mia, I think he loves you best.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Once a month, I guess....

Here it's March and I thought I'd better post before the month escapes me.  I finished my Firebirds!

Firebirds is a kit from Virtual Yarns.  The design is by Jade Starmore, Alice Starmore's daughter.   I love the sweater, but boy, I definitely feel I could have done better if I'd had more experience with the various techniques used.

Father type and I went into NYC to Tender Buttons to find the buttons for my sweater.  What an amazing store!

I decided to reinforce my button bands with ribbon on the inside.  And here are the buttons I chose.

While in NYC, we managed to see our sweet girl child as well, and to grab some yummy food.

The last pic shows some mini cupcakes -- so yummy, and just the right size for a bite!

I have since started the Second Grace sweater by Bristol Ivy.  It uses Fiber Company Cumbria yarn.  (i'm actually farther along than this picture shows.)

Back at home.....

I hope everyone has a great week/month!  And let's hope this huge blizzard that's coming isn't as bad as they say.  Ugh.