Tuesday, January 29, 2019

New Year

Here it's the end of January, so I am back to update what I've been up to.  I guess I will go in order -- thank goodness for my ravelry project page!

First, I finished the Le Massif Scarf, by Diana Walla, using a kit from Espace Tricot.

Such an enjoyable knit, and I love the result!

Next I finished the Happily Ever After Mitts by Susan B. Anderson, using a special yarn by the Cozy Knitter -- her 2018 Advent Stripe yarn.

My dear friend Laurie (@laurieandowen on instagram) sent me the leftovers of her advent yarn, so I had to make these mitts out of them!

Next, I made a block of The Shieling blanket by Kate Davies.  I used her Milarrochy Tweed yarn as called for.  I don't have enough yarn to make a whole blanket, but I might make some more squares with what I have.

I finished a Sockhead Cowl that I had started last year.  Nice to have this one finished and done with.  It was my soothing knit during a time of major family crisis.

Lastly, I finished the Poza cowl by Ysolda Teague.  I used the yarn called for, Floating by AVFKW in the Red Pear color.

I'm currently attempting to swatch for the Fabiola by Gudrun Johnston.  It's a Brooklyn Tweed pattern using BT Loft.  This is my swatch in leftover yarn from another project.  The colors aren't what I will use in the sweater.

I am having trouble meeting gauge, a common problem for me somehow.  We'll see if I succeed and cast on.

I went to Vogue Knitting Live in NYC for what I think was the third time (4th?  Something like that.) on Saturday.  Didn't take many pictures though.

Mia likes to give the impression that she's erudite.  :D