Monday, May 28, 2012


Here is Never Let You Go all finished.

Never Let You Go by Heartstring Samplery
40ct WDW Straw
GAST and WDW called for

I did use the darker color over the lighter color for the grass fill in, thus having my two major grass colors be more similar in tone than if I'd used the lighter color that is under the rooster.

I also put the father type's and my initials and this year instead of what was on the chart.

I like how it came out.

I did pick up a WIP to work on as well, but no pictures of that yet.  Why?  Well, I have a good reason, I promise.

I had surgery on Thursday and am slowly recovering.  I will know the results for sure this week, but the doctor says everything looks good and that she thinks I'm all fixed up.  So yeah, I haven't been stitching much since my surgery.  I did manage to pick up needle and thread yesterday, but only stitched a bit.  Frustrating since I'm not good at being an invalid.  lol!  Hopefully my recovery will speed up -- I have a graduation to go to very soon!

The boy child had his school jazz ensemble's jazz fest the night before my surgery.  Here are a few pics.  

The man with the grey hair is the boy child's jazz director.  A great guy, and an alumnus of the boy child's college too!

It's been nice having a long Memorial Day weekend.  The boy child has been enjoying time with school and neighborhood friends.  The girl child is off to Virginia Beach with her friends for some beach time before graduation. 

And Mia has been enjoying the bag that was given to me to hold my clothing at the surgery center.  lol!

Just wanted to send you to Marly's blog for a wonderful post so that we remember what Memorial Day is all about.

Thanks as always for stopping by and saying hi.  It's going to be a crazy time around here for the next few months.  Oh boy!  Have a wonderful week, everyone!

Monday, May 21, 2012

TUSAL and never letting go

My progress.

I just have the grass to fill in and the over one words to stitch.  I'm saving the over one for last -- seems to be what I do recently.

You'll notice one of the grass colors is very different from the others in my dye lots.  Oh well.

There are 3 colors for the grass.

And here is my TUSAL for the month.

It's sitting among my stitching and other treasures on my table next to my stitching chair.  The sewing caddy is from the same man who made my spool cabinet (in my last post).  The cat is a thimble holder from Scarlet Letter.  And my brass pear is my treasure from the local craft fair.

Mia usually sticks to licking the coffee that is left in the father type's mugs (don't worry, she doesn't get anything but the essence of the coffee), but the other day, she became curious about the boy child's glass (which had only had water in it) instead.

Such a silly girl!

Thanks as always for stopping by and saying hi.  I hope everyone has a great week!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Another long post -- and a pretty wooden thing!

First off, my new project.  Seems a lot of us in the stitching blogger's world have started this one!

Never Let You Go by Heartstring Samplery
40ct WDW Straw
GAST and WDW fibers as called for

It sure is hard to capture the linen color -- in real life, it looks very different!  I had a hard time choosing the fabric, but I think I'm pleased with what I chose.  I just wish I could convey the color better.

Before anything else, I have to show you the lovely spool cabinet I spoiled myself with.  It is for many special occasions -- Christmas, Mother's Day, anniversary, birthday, -- you name it.  lol!  I was so thrilled when it arrived!

Isn't it wonderful?  This beauty was made by Richard Hyers.  His work is wonderful!  He also made that spool caddy I showed in an earlier post around Christmas.  His website is here.  Here is a closer up picture of the front -- sans my pincushion collection.

And here is a pic of the back -- Richard sent me this picture before he sent it out to me.  Isn't it cool?  My cabinet is made of cherry btw.  One of my favorite woods.

I love it!  Thanks again, Richard, for your lovely workmanship!  

I also picked up some framing this past week and dropped off tons more to be framed.  Here are the two I picked up.  First, Ann Wheatley by Needlework Press

Here's a closeup of the frame.

And here's Ann Smith by the Scarlet Letter.

And the frame.

We spent part of the weekend rearranging samplers on the walls so my new A&Es would fit.  I will have to show you the results sometime.

I rarely show pictures of the girl child on the blog anymore -- cause she's never home anymore.  lol!  She is graduating college this June -- unbelievable to me -- and starting life in the big world.  It freaks me out to think of that.  Anyway, I could only get a small picture of this poster, but here is a picture of a poster featuring the girl child -- another dance show.

I love how she has been featured for posters for at least a couple of dance shows.  :D  My beautiful girl.

So yeah, the boy child graduating high school in late June, the girl child graduating college early June.  And a summer of equipping both kids for their new ventures.  You think we're going to be busy this summer?  lol!

Of course I can't let a blog post go without a pic of Mia.  Here she is with her boy child lolling around on the bed.

Isn't she cute?

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!  I hope everyone who celebrates Mother's Day had a good one yesterday!  Have a wonderful week!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Almost there

Ann Rayner is almost there.  Sort of.

Just the grass to finish.  But the grass is going to take time.  Especially with those over one sheep.  As Deb told me, they are a pain.

Please ignore the lumpy stitching.  What the heck, am I that bad?!  Anyway, see the tiny sheep?  Ugh.

Love the couple though.  Funny how Deb and I each did our own thing with their hair and ignored instructions.

Over the weekend, we went to the big craft fair.  We used to go all the time when the kids were younger. The girl child loved the face painting.  The boy child tagged along.  That was quite a few years ago.  Well a few days ago, the boy child saw a post card for the fair in the mail and said we should go, so we did.  I didn't take any pictures at the fair of course.  I never remember to do things like that.  But I'll show you what treasures I found there.

Cool, huh?  The pumpkin reminded me of the pumpkins Valerie found and showed once on her blog.  The cool round thing that's painted is a gourd -- isn't that cool?!  And the pear is made out of brass and is veeeerrrry heavy.  I love it!  Happy Mother's Day to me!

We also got the father type a man purse for an early Father's Day present.  He's always carrying his iPad around -- now he has something to carry it in.

Blurry picture -- sorry.  But you get the idea.

The boy child just enjoyed walking around and looking at all the pretty things.  He kept saying he couldn't get anything since he was going to college soon and wouldn't have anywhere to put things.  :D  (He's very, extremely, enormously excited about going to this college of his.  I think he's a bit obsessed about it.  lol!)

Now of course, for Mia.  Here she is with the boy child in one of her least favorite positions.  The boy child loves to grab her and hold her against her will.  She will only tolerate it from him.  And only for short snatches.  lol!

And here's Mia perching on the boy child's school backpack.  It has a nice mesh pocket in front that she's very fond of.  (Cat lovers will understand why.)

Thanks as always for stopping by and saying hi.  I hope everyone has a wonderful week!