Saturday, September 26, 2009


I've been stitching away on a new project but have neglected to post any pictures. Here she is in all her unfinished glory, Frederika by Carriage House Samplings.

I love the fall colors! But boy, the border takes a lot longer than you would think! I'm using the recommended NPI fibers and linen (40ct Vintage Pearled Barley).

I also neglected to post the latest picture of my Sail Away. I desperately need to finish it up -- I have only the last lines at the bottom to do.

How many of you are excited about market this weekend? Do I hear a chorus of "me me me!" I know I'm excited! I can't wait to get my hands on so many things, which is not good news for my pocketbook! Ah well.

In other news, I have a few pictures from the father type's birthday. The boy child was good enough to take the pictures.

I should have bought those number candles for the cake to say 50, but I didn't, so I just put 5 candles on instead. Here's an action shot. :D

And then the boy child decided to see how bright the flash was by turning it directly on himself and his eye. Here's the result on camera.

The result for his eye was some blindness for a few minutes. lol! Silly boy!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The bearded one

I've never seen the father type without a mustache and beard. He's always had at least some form of facial hair.

He's always had a character to match his appearance -- unusual, laid back, a stand out in a crowd. And he's usually bare foot. Even when he's climbing a wall.

He's always been a wonderful father.

He's been willing to do camping trips with the kids on his own so I could have a weekend to myself. (Don't ask me who the other kid is -- you'll have to ask the father type and the boy child.)

And he's been there through all the events of our lives. And enjoyed every minute.

He likes being the man of the house and doing the manly jobs, such as cutting down the Christmas tree.

And he's there for the others in his life as well. He served as best man for his widowed father at his father's second marriage.

And of course he was proud when our daughter graduated from high school and went on to attend our alma mater for college.

Now he's turning 50. He opted for a fancy gaming laptop to celebrate his birthday instead of a 50th birthday bash. That's his style. I think he's going to enjoy it.

We've been together over half our lives. Happy birthday, my knight in shining armor. I'm looking forward to growing old with you.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yay!! and busy

Yup, Rebecca Robinson is done! Yay! I feel like I've been working on her forever!

I used 40ct Heritage from Picture This Plus with the called for AVAS. I love how it came out!

Now to get it framed. Along with my growing pile of samplers. Sigh.

In other news, we took the girl child back to college this past Saturday. Her school starts so late -- classes start the 17th! She's all happily ensconced in her single room (whoever heard of a sophomore having a single?) and excited about starting the year. She even got a new position with her job at college! After we unloaded all her stuff in her room, we went for lunch in town. Here's a poor quality picture of the girl child and me from the father type's cell phone.

Last night was the start of the new orchestra season for the boy child. He moved up to the high school level (10-12) orchestra, which means a symphony orchestra. Yay! I love symphony orchestras! I'm hoping the symphony part along with harder music will make the boy child more enthused about things. (He's really a rock and roll kinda guy at heart.) The youth symphony rehearses on stage. Here they are rehearsing on their first night. Only 4 basses! Another yay!

Basses are always easy to spot -- they always stand in the back on the right. And when the conductor asks the orchestra to stand, they don't have to do a thing -- they're already standing!

Speaking of music, 9/9/09 has passed. And our house shows it too. The boy child has Beatles Rock Band and has been playing it with his friends. A stereo limited edition set of the remastered Beatles CDs has somehow made its way into our house as well. :D It's nice that my children have inherited my love of the Beatles.

US Open is over. A new men's champion, a gentle giant of a guy. So young too! (Hate to say it, but it was nice to see someone new win. Sorry Roger! You're still my favorite!) Controversy on the women's side, and a mom as the champ. Yay Kim Clijsters!

I was bad and didn't post last week. How sad! But I wanted to post a finish and the finish didn't get finished till just now! Hope everyone has a good week. Or what's left of the week! I keep thinking it's Monday! Thanks for stopping by. I love reading your comments. :D

Friday, September 4, 2009

Stitching away, school

Well, I reached the point that I wanted to reach on Rebecca Robinson before I put her down for a while. The top portion is done. I just have the bottom portion below the houses to go.

I'm having such a hard time not picking her up to work on!

But you see, I'm getting behind on the Sail Away SAL. The next assignment for weeks 5 and 6 came out, and I hadn't even started the 4th week's assignment. So put Rebecca down I must. And I did. I just put the last stitches into the 4th week's assignment -- involving those dreaded over one letters. Now I just have to do the next big assignment! But that one should be fun -- it's the actual landscape part of the piece.

In other news, school started this week for the boy child. It's going to be a huge adjustment sleepwise for him. He's turned out to be very much like his sister -- in other words, a night owl. So going back to getting up at 6am in the morning is not going to be easy! For that matter, it won't be easy for me either, even though I am much more of a morning person than he is. I'm not a morning morning person though. 6am is tooooo early!

The girl child won't be back at school till next weekend. We will be taking her back to college on the 12th -- and she won't begin classes till the 17th. It will be so weird not to have her around again after a summer of her being at home.

The US Open is going swimmingly, with wonderful weather. We're enjoying that weather up here as well -- I love it! The best part about US Open coverage this year is that they are offering free online live streaming on 5 courts -- how cool is that? I'm a happy camper. :D

Enjoy the three day weekend, everyone in the States. Labor Day Weekend usually means school is about to start. I guess it's sort of nice to have school already started. Maybe. I think I prefer school starting after Labor Day though.

TGIF! Thanks for stopping by!