Thursday, July 2, 2020

Stitching and knitting both!

I missed posting in June, but I do have two finishes to show off -- one a stitching finish and one a knitting finish.

First, hot off the needles, is my BR's Moth by Kathy Barrick.  I used the called for fabric and NPI silks. 

And here is my stitching finish -- Ghost Horses by Boyland Knitworks.  I used Spincycle yarns in Rusted Rainbow and Retrosaria Rosa Pomar Pegulhar Yarn in color 1.

I did lots of tidying and cleaning up in June, and for good reason.  We have a full house again, at least for now!  Both kid-lings are home!  Here they are cooking together.  (Of course, the father type and I had the same reaction -- we can't leave them alone to cook in the kitchen!  lolol!)

It's so nice to have them both home!   Even Mia seems to approve.  Her new favorite place is definitely the boy child's bedroom.

I hope everyone is staying safe during these times.  Happy 4th to everyone who celebrates it!


Vickie said...

Margaret I am in LOVE with that gorgeous moth! And your sweater is so marvelous! What talent you have my friend. How did you ever work that out?! :) You are certainly blessed to have them both back right now! Yay! Good for you all!

Jackie's Stitches said...

Wow! The sweater is amazing - the horses!!! Must have been a very fun knit!

I'm sure you're glad to have the kids home! Enjoy the time the four of you have together!

marly said...

Both pieces are perfectly worked, as always. Nice to see your cross stitch again.

I'm sure you're enjoying the kids being home. Have a fun weekend!

sandi s said...

Your moth is gorgeous!! Beautiful colors. Hugs,

Vicki said...

Both finishes are lovely. Enjoy your family time and Happy Independence Day!

Dawn said...

Great finishes. Both are gorgeous!
How nice to have the kids home, special times.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Both the sweater and the stitching are beautiful! Love the kids cooking together. Hello to sweet Mia!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Beautiful finishes as always.
Welcome home to the kids.
Happy belted 4th :)

Vera said...

Wow! What gorgeous finishes Margaret. I particularly LOVE ghost horses. That is an amazing knit. Must be so nice to have your kids home! Enjoy the time together (and if they cook too, that's a bonus!!).

R's Rue said...

Love it so much

woolwoman said...

ghost horses is amazing - how did you like the spincycle? I visited a yarn shop (report in my blog) in GA last month and she had Spincycle - I wanted to buy things I had never seen or used before but I opted for the Farmers Daughter instead - I wasn't too sure about the "marled" yarn and what to do with the Spincycle. You've become quite the garment knitter my friend! love the moth - I had thought of purchasing that one when it came out but opted for the small quaker Kathy released at market instead. Like I need another quaker :) Kids home, wow I know you love that - enjoy
Take care Mel

diamondc said...

Margaret: I find that all my friends are happy to have their children home again, and to have your two cooking together is wonderful, the noodles look yummy.
Mia is adorable.
Moth is a lovely design.
Your sweater is beautiful.


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Beautiful finish on the moth. Are you going to stitch both moth's? Your knitting amazes me