Thursday, July 16, 2009

Country House Sampler start, the blahs

So I've started another project. I picked up the Country House Sampler by Brenda Keyes of the Sampler Company. I just love her work! I figured I've done a Moira Blackburn, now it's time for Brenda Keyes!

I'm using 40ct. Legacy by Picture this Plus, with an NPI conversion I got from a friend.

For some reason the camera wanted to take flash pictures today so the color may be a bit off. I think I need to take photography classes!

I've been feeling in a bit of a stitching slump recently. I guess the limited stitching time these days doesn't help. It's been sort of a bummer of a week as well. I thought the flat tire at the groceries last week was bummer enough, but then the father type got sick over the weekend. Of course it would strike Friday. By Saturday when he was pretty incoherent with a 102.8 fever, of course there were no doctors available. So to the emergency room we went (after making sure the girl child was taken care of with a ride home from a neighbor). He ended up with an IV for fluids, being dehydrated, and some IV meds for pain -- he had a super bad sore throat. And they of course gave him fever reducers and some antibiotics, in case the test for strep, which said he didn't have it, was wrong. By Sunday morning, his fever was a lot better, although still there, but the throat was still sore. Etc etc. Anyway, I think it was probably strep, because his fever seemed to respond so well to the antibiotics. And by yesterday the sore throat was mostly gone. Anyway, my point is, it hasn't been the best of weeks (or week and a halves) around here. I know, I'm spoiled. But I got freaked out by the father type's high fever and incoherence. I'm so grateful, especially when sickness strikes, for our general good health. I'm not good with sickness. :D

Enough of that. The boy and girl child are very busy with friends (and boy friend in the girl child's case), always out at all hours so I have to worry about their whereabouts. So what's new, right? lol! The boy child had to have a mole removed by a plastic surgeon on Monday -- it had grown back after being removed before by a dermatologist -- so he has stitches and will have yet another scar to show off once the stitches are removed. (He has a huge scar from the surgery he had to remove a lump in his neck two years ago.) This child is getting very used to having medical procedures, poor thing. In comparison, the girl child has had nothing, zero, zilch, nada. Now is that fair? The boy child also had surgery for strabismus on his 4th birthday (the only time available in the doctor's schedule). So he's had his fill of surgeries and such. (Strabismus is crossed eyes in case you were wondering.)

Sorry for the rambling. I think it's the blahs I'm having. :D Oh, and it doesn't help that I still haven't heard back about my Featherweight. Maybe that's why I have the stitching blahs. I want to sew a quilt instead. In the midst of all my trials and tribulations this weekend, I got a wonderful package of bright cheeriness in the mail. Look at these yummy twill stripes that I got from KwiltyKim!

They're from the Blackbird Design ladies, of course. Those ladies are so amazingly talented. And I discovered when I took a class from them at a retreat a couple of years ago that Barb is as big or a bigger fan than I am of Paul McCartney! Anyway, so these and other fabrics are calling to me to make them into something pretty. And no sewing machine. Sigh. But thanks, Kim, for cheering me up when I needed it! I have the twill stripes out where I can admire them.

Finally, there's another giveaway here at a blog that's new to me. So wander on over and enter!

Thanks for stopping by! It's so nice knowing you're out there!


Jennifer said...

I love Paul Mccartney too. Have a few songs on my blog by him.
Love your new start to by the way!
40 ct looks very challenging. The border is beautiful.

Jennifer Dalenberg

Cari said...

I just received two Sampler Company patterns a couple weeks ago and can't wait to start on them :-) Country House is one of them along with the Red House Sampler. I really like the fabric you chose.

I hope your husband is feeling better! And I hope this weekend is full of lots of quiet time (no illnesses!) so you can stitch, stitch, stitch!

Cari in Va

Glenna said...

Bummer on the blahs and your husband's illness. I'm not particularly good with illness either; I WANT to be one of those super capable people who knows just what to do to make the other person comfortable, but somehow I feel I fall short.

Love the stripey fabric and love BBD quilts--I saw a picture of one of their quilts last winter/spring when they were in France, and it was so beautiful. My quilt skills fall way short of the requirement though.

I suspect you need the kids to go back to school and their normal pursuits, and hubby to go back to work, so that you have time for stitching! BF was busily planning our weekend and I was thinking "but when am I going to stitch?!"

Glenna said...

Oh, and Paul McCartney--how big a fool was that dreadful Heather Mills, anyway? If I married PM, you wouldn't find ME complaining about not getting to party or that my life was dull.

Deb said...

Margaret - so glad to hear that your husband is on the mend. The first thing I thought of when I was reading that was that possibly he had the swine flu! But am so glad to hear that he's doing better.

Your Country House Sampler looks amazing. She has such pretty designs. I love her work too, but have never done any of them. And those fabrics from Kim. I had to fight myself real hard not to order any. I'm kind of holding out for the French General fabric coming out in September. Maybe by then I'll have my room somewhat assembled and can sew.

Boo on the sewing machine. I know how it is when you want to do something and don't have what you need to do it. I hope that you hear something soon!!!

Jan said...

Oh dear Margaret, I do so hope you cheer up soon. What a scarey thing to have happen to the adult male in your house. Do so hope he continues back to good health now.

I love your new start, and your new striped fabrics! Ohh, la-la! Now hoping that Featherweight gets there soon for you to create a beautiful quilt!

mainely stitching said...

Oh those blasted blahs! I hope yours will hit the road soon! Till then, best wishes for bright spots to diminish the grey.

Your stitching is gorgeous! :D

Karen said...

The twills do look nice all in a stack. I like working with the twills.
Another sampler! Waiting to see what this one looks like.

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

So glad the Father type is ok, that must have been very scary. Things like that can really upset our fragile schedules. Glad you feel you can tell us all about it. The fabrics are lovely, I'm sure they will inspire you. CJ ok;-)

Melissa said...

I just this very minute (no kidding) received that same BK sampler in the mail! I am not stitching it right away but will be looking forward to seeing your progress!

I hope things go better this week! The stripey fabrics are lovely!

samplerlover said...

Hi Margaret,
Oh another beautiful sampler on the go. Looking forward to seeing it finished (bet you are too lol).

My goodness what a time you have been having. You really deserve a day to yourself doing what you love.

So happy the husband type is a lot better, and I hope the boy child is feeling ok after his small operation. He sounds quite like my middle son. He had to have a birth mark removed off this thigh when he was around 7. Had to have 4 operations to remove it. Now all he has is a huge scar. He tells people "that's where the shark grab him" lol.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and that things are better for you this week - Sandra.

~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~ said...

Hi Margaret, greetings from the Rochester/Finger Lakes Region. My first visit, looks like I might be here a while:)

Sweet Stitching to You!

Katrina said...

What a yuck week and half! I hate it when my DH is sick mostly because he never is so it scares me a bit. He's a terrible patient, LOL.

Love your Country House, I just ordered that chart.

Cathy B said...

Hello Margaret -- love that PTP Legacy linen! Can't wait to see more of your sampler.

I've been in a stitching funk too. Can't wait until school starts again so that we can get back into our routine!

Sherry said...

Margaret, I am so sorry about your husband! I hope he is feeling better now! Strep throat is not fun! My youngest was the youngest case on file at his doctor's when he first got it and he suffered for years with it.

I love your new sampler start! I hope to pick my stitching up again soon but all this hectic-ness is driving me nuts!

Paul McCartney is THE BEST! I love Paul! I would like to start a new quilt top too but Fall is usually the best time for me to do quilting.

Loraine said...

What an ordeal with you Dad. I hope he is feeling better. Nothing worse that strep throat!
Love the new twills. Barb is the nicest person, isn't she? I love the creativity of these two ladies.
Have a better weekend. I hope you get over your stitching blah's!

Cari said...

It doesn't seem like you're in a stitching slump at all (well to me at least)! Love Love Love your new stitching start!!

Glad your family is feeling better. Those high fevers are scary. Hope all continues to be well for you and your family.

Hugs and Happy Stitching!!!

la JD said...

My daugther said me we are sister of stiches because we make the same work.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous "start" (you're almost half-done! did you say "slump"?) - it's a very pretty sampler.

Sorry to read about your DH's illness, and I hope he's better now.

Love those fabrics!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

I love your start (looks like a near finish, to me)! That border is so pretty and your needles are smokin"!

Sorry to hear about your DH being sick - a high fever can be very scary but throw in some incoherentness and scary has a whole new meaning. Glad he's feeling better.

woolwoman said...

slump - humpf - does that mean it will take you two weeks instead of one week to finish the Country House ??? LOL - just raggin' you a little ms margaret! It is lovely - I have it stashed - I love BK's work and have quite a few of them in my stash collection. The blahs can strike at any time - hope they pass you quickly - seems like you've been going thru quite a lot - hope you have a pleasant weekend! Mel

Anne said...

Sorry to hear about the mishaps to you and yours. I hope your stitching helps to keep you on an even keel. I find it gives me something to do while waiting in the ER or doc's office or whatever.

doris said...

Love your new stripes.

Despite the bad week you've had, your project looks wonderful. Hope things are on the upswing for you.

Jean said...

Margaret dear your stitching as always is fabulous. Glad your DH is doing better, at least it wasn't swine flu? Love the twills by the way..

Brigitte said...

Brenda Keyes and Moira Blackburn - two great designer ladies. It's always worth starting one of their projects.

Karoline said...

Lovely new start Margaret. I hope your DH continues to make a good recovery and that you can banish the blahs

Laurie in Iowa said...

Your Country Sampler looks fabulous Margaret! So sorry to hear about your DH's recent illness... let's hope he continues on his path to recover.

I got a bundle of those strippy fabrics from Kim too.... aren't they wonderful???

Solstitches said...

Your Country House Sampler is looking very lovely already.
Great that you are enjoying the British designers :)
My first ever sampler was a Moira Blackburn kit.
Gorgeous fabrics. I've never seen this line by Blckbird Designs

Alma Allen said...

Hi Margaret,

I'm thinking about you and hoping you are feeling a bit better. It's hard to be interested in stitching when the people you love are sick or need surgery! Take a break....drink a bit of hot tea and read a book just take a nap and be nice to yourself!