Monday, March 2, 2009

Stitching Saturday, Ruthie Sunday -- and rotation??

Saturday I got together with some of my stitching friends at my friend Kathy's house for a stitching day. The big debate, of course, was what to work on. I figured I wouldn't be able to concentrate on Not for Us Alone (see post below), so I brought the project I'd put aside for it, Lois Minshall. It was nice to do plain x's again! This is how Lois looks as of Saturday. Sorry for the darkness of the pictures -- it's a snowy day here with no sun.

I worked on the first flower in the interior -- nice to be done with that border! (There's still a bit more light pink to be added to the flower and left hand rose bud.)

Sunday was Ruthie Sunday. Those of you who read Paulette Stewart's blog (Plum Street Samplers) know that she and I started Ruth Bacheler from the Scarlet Letter together. We dedicate our Sundays -- or Mondays if Sundays are busy -- to the pretty girl. Well, yesterday we reached a milestone -- we started the letters! Yay!

We both quickly discovered that since each letter was a different color from the letter next to it, that it would be slow going with a start and stop for every letter. Yawn! By the end of the day, I had gotten almost to the end of the first row of letters.

Ruthie is pretty, but I have the feeling that these letters -- and there are tons of them! -- are going to be a trial! lol!

So I seem to be doing a vague rotation. I usually hate rotations. I find I do much better with a one-at-a-time sort of thing. But the Not For Us Alone class started online and I obviously wasn't finished with Lois Minshall. And I figured I could manage a Sunday for Ruthie. So rotation it is. I guess. Sort of. The worst of it is, since I've been talking to friends, both online and off, I'm so tempted by all these other pieces I want to do! It's taking all the will power I have not to dash off and start CHS's Adam and Eve.

There are a bunch of ladies starting an SAL for that one. I look at it and think, oh that'll work up in a snap! No time at all! Then I look at it realistically and laugh at my optimism. And that's just one piece that I want to start right now! There are so many others! Oh why can't I stitch faster? Why can't I not get distracted by everything I want to stitch and just be happy stitching what I'm stitching -- which, of course, was the something I really wanted to stitch before I started stitching it! lol!

So that's where I am this morning. Debating what to pick up to work on next. Be good and continue with Not for Us Alone? Be wicked and start one of those pieces that's calling to me? Be somewhat good and continue on Lois Minshall? Sigh. I'm in one of those flighty moods.

Thanks for all your comments. They mean a lot to me! Mouline Rouge will be lurking in the background --- still haven't decided which color scheme to use, but I have a feeling when I do pick it up again, I'll try out the newest combination. I want a masterpiece like Paulette's!

Snow day today. No school! Hubby working from home -- I'm always glad that's an option with these computer types. Everyone home warm and snug -- I hope that means some stitching time!


karenv said...

Both of your WIPs look wonderful! I love the pink flower on Lois, it's a nice combination of colours.

Enjoy your snow day!

Brigitte said...

Lois' sampler already looks so great. I love the colours of the rose in contrast to the colours of the border. Great! Ruthie is a great WIP as well, with quite a different colour scale.
Oh, I can perfectly relate to what you say about starting or not starting something new - that's the question always present and urging and lurking in the background, lol.

Jan said...

Awesome wips, Margaret. No matter what you decide on to stitch this day, I know it will be the 'right' choice. Those colors in Ruthie are ever so pretty, but I do sympathize the frequent color changes.

Siobhan said...

Beautiful WIPs, Margaret! Lois is lovely, and Ruthie is as well. You pick the prettiest samplers! I hope you'll join us with the A&E SAL but understand if you don't want to pressure yourself too, too much. Good luck with the rotation!

Margie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Your WIPs look great. :-)

Lisa said...

Ohh both of your WIP look wonderful! It will be kinda slow going with all the letters different colors, but the end result will be so worth it!!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Everything is so beautiful, Margaret! Your work is such a joy to behold!

Deb said...

Margaret, all your stitching looks wonderful. Both Lois and Ruthie look wonderful. I have to chuckle at your stitching dilemna with all the projects. I get the same way too. A&E is on the rods, but just can't get myself to start them yet.

Annemarie said...

Margaret, I just found your blog and I'm SO glad I did! My goodness, you have some fabulous projects on the go. I'm like you in that rotations don't work for me. SALs do, however. I'm following yours and Paulette's with awe!

Christine said...

Your blog is great. I love the colors and your stitchings are beautiful. I'll come back.