Friday, March 6, 2009

More pictures

Second post today. Glenna asked for pictures of what Lois Minshall and Not for Us Alone look like as finished pieces. Good point, Glenna! Sorry! lol! Here's Lois.

She's charted for AVAS, so mine won't look exactly like this when done. I'm hoping I'll still like it anyway!

Not for Us Alone is a mystery class, so you're not supposed to know what it looks like. It's hard to find pictures online as a result. I hope that Lynn in Utah won't mind if I provide a link to her album. Click on her name for the link. Scroll down in the little side bar area and you'll see Not for Us Alone. Lynn does absolutely amazing work -- I always love to look through her albums!


Katie said...

This is a very pretty piece. Your color choice appears to be deeper. I like it!

Melissa said...

Hi Margaret!

Thanks so much for changing the comments option! I can now come and shower you with compliments! :-)

from a very happy blogger!

samplerlover said...

Lois Minshall is such a beautiful sampler isn't it. I finished mine a few months ago and have her hanging in my bedroom. I changed the name on mine though to my Mums though.
I love the other sampler you are also working on. It is beautiful. I love the people on the top. I look forward to seeing it grow.
I stopped by as I was attracted to your blog name. It is similar to mine. Congratulations on your blog it is beautiful as is your work.
I will put a link onto my blog so that I can drop by again to see your beautiful work. - Sandra.

Glenna said...

Oooooo--Lois is gorgeous! And I'll go look at Lynn's piece too--thanks! I just love to look over people's shoulders and see what they're doing!