Tuesday, November 26, 2019

A finish that could be a non-finish

Just popping in before the excitement of Thanksgiving for my finish, which might actually be a disaster.  It's the Greis Dress by Kate Davies.

It's a beautiful design.  But user error has interfered with this finish.  I believe the yoke is just too big for the dress.  No matter whether or not I swatch before starting a knit, my gauge on the actual garment is never the same.  The gauge on the yoke is, I think, just too big.  Once the garment is dry (it's currently drying from the blocking), I will see how it fits.  But I have a feeling this one will either be filed away in the closet of shame, or perhaps eventually I will have to reknit the yoke.  Not sure I'm up for that anytime soon.

ETA:  Well, I tried it on, still a bit damp.  It's big, but it's not an unmitigated disaster.  I think it will do.  I hope.

And now a picture to show you the realness behind the diva Mia.  lol!  Mia is one of those cats who has a human, and loves that human, and hisses at the rest of the world.  Yes, she's that cat.  I'm her human.  I'm the one she looks to for food, comfort, cuddles, etc.  DH has always been hissed at, and both kids are now in the hissed at category as well (they left her behind, so they are in her bad books).  DH managed to get a picture of her hissing at him the other day.  Just thought I'd show it off.  Mia looks sweet, but she's a terror in reality.  lol!  Oh, and if you're a stranger to Mia?  Watch out!

Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US who celebrate.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Well to this non-knitter, your dress looks stunning. I am in total awe once again. It is simply beautiful. Please let us know if it works out ok. All that work...sigh.
Mia...I am shocked. A little pit-kitty...lol. That picture is a hoot. How funny that your son is now on the hiss list. They used to be best buds.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Vickie said...

Oh my. I am just hoping for you after ALL THAT WORK that the sweater dress works!!!!
And Mia! I am shocked! That she would turn on your son is what shocks me.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Oh Margaret, that is such a shame. I used to knit garments when I was young and this type of thing happened on occasion - there's no rhyme or reason for it. Mia is a little comic as my mum used to say. Our Poppy can be a bit prickly too - she scolds rather than hisses and we do get the odd swipe and bite as well. Her sister, on the other hand, is an absolute teddy bear.

diamondc said...

Margaret: Your sweater is beautiful, the colors are perfect.
Mia is like my Blondie, I am her mom and only parent very rarely does she sit with my husband, when she does it is short lived.
Have a lovely Thanksgiving day.


Heritage Hall said...

I think the dress is beautiful and that
yoke is a tour de force....you do such
exquisite work. A blessed Thanksgiving
to you and yours.

Erica said...

That sweater is a work of art! Kudos!

Have to laugh at the photo of Mia! She is just like my soon to be 17 year old Gracie, who runs the house, the other 3 cats, and the 2 humans who live in it!

Vera said...

Love the dress Margaret. Hoping you can wear it. That picture of Mia is a hoot. I, too, can't believe she now hisses at your son!

Sweet Sue said...

hiya margaret, happy belated thanksgiving to you and yours. after all these many years, now we find out that mia is a hisser? who knew! that yoke is stunning on you, wear it proudly my friend!

marly said...

Happy Thanksgiving weekend! The pattern on that yoke is gorgeous all the way to the neck rib. Like everyone, I think the fit is fine.

Your Mia is a long time family member, and every family has an ornery queen. Or king.

Carol said...

I'm so impressed with your dress, Margaret--is there any article of clothing you have not yet knit?! I think it looks very nice on you and would be so cute with a cozy pair of tights :) Yikes! Mia is hissing at your son--didn't he used to be her favorite? Cats can be so fickle!! Hope you have a great week ahead!

Sandy said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving. I LOVE your sweater. The colors are beautiful and the pattern so intricate, but the joke looks great to me. If you've already blocked it, doesn't that make it harder to un-knit if you decide to go that route later?

Sandy's Space

woolwoman said...

I think the design look awesome ! You do such lovely work - glad it works well enough to meet your discriminating eye and taste. What's next? WHOOOO - Mia is a menace isn't she ! Hope your holiday season is brilliant and bright - Mel