Monday, May 8, 2017

Lovely Miss Rachel, cable-y Ilia, tiny bit of stitching, and family

It's May!  So here is another post from me.  It's interesting how with both cross stitch and with knitting, finishing a project takes a while!  At least for me.

Anyway, here is my finished object -- Miss Rachel's Yoke by Kate Davies.  I love it so much!!

I used a kit from Kate Davies for the sweater -- love the colors so much!  I think I've finally learned that I don't need to go up a size when I knit a sweater -- just knit the size that is good for my measurements.  (Of course, I still went up sizes according to Kate Davies.  She likes little to no ease, which I don't.)

I actually stitched a tiny bit on a project I found languishing in a bin -- Adam and Eve by the Scarlett House.

I still get the urge to stitch once in a while!

And then I started the Ilia sweater, from Michele Wang's Capsule Collection -- a book from Brooklyn Tweed.  I'm using Brooklyn Tweed Loft in the Faded Quilt color.

I'm just an inch or so from starting the armhole shaping.

Easter happened in April, first time both kids have been home for it since Boy Child went off to college.  it was nice to celebrate together again.  No Easter baskets or Easter egg hunts though -- I thought they were a bit old for that.  :D

The Father Type also got to see the Girl Child this month more than I did -- she popped by his work once or twice.

We went to Crafts at Lyndhurst this past weekend, always a fun thing to do.  The boy child likes going, so go we did.

I sadly did not get the name of the artist who did these sculptures.  But how could I not take a picture of them?  The closest I will get to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, also this past weekend.

These are my purchases -- a lovely dish from Three Wheel Studio,  and an adorable monster (or interesting aardvark?) from Mary-Lynne Moffatt.

We also had to pick up a lovely blueberry tart from Dutch Desserts.   So yummy!

Boy Child and Mia have been doing their thing, of course.

Hope everyone has a great month of May!


Kaisievic said...

Congrats on your finished jumper - such lovely knitting and a great start on the cabled one, too. It looks like you had a lovely time with your family and look, some cross stitching, too. How lovely to catch up on your news, my dear.

Jackie said...

Congratulations on your finish! I love it and I love it on YOU! :)

I'm glad to see you picked up some stitching for a while. You are a beautiful stitcher!

Vera said...

Oh Margaret! Love your sweaters (the newly finished and the recently started ). Both are so beautiful. And stitching! I keep thinking about it, but that's as far as I get - LOL. The aardvark is wonderful!

marly said...

Wow. The roped cables are fantastic! And another spectacular finish. Just can't figure out how all those colors can be worked into intricate patterns without error. Nice looking sampler wall too!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Your sweater is beautiful! Your son and Mia have a special relationship

Evelyne said...

I love both you sweater and the sampler!
Have a lovely week.

Vickie said...

Your sweater looks beautiful on you Margaret. That next sweater is mind blowing. I have gone back and stared at it numerous times here! I always love seeing your samplers upon your walls. Just fabulous. So nice to see a bit of stitching by you again. :D

cucki said...

Love your sweater and sampler so much
Love and hugs xx

Vicki said...

Your sweater is gorgeous, just like everything else you knit! Good progress on your sampler. It's great that you could all be together at Easter. As they grow into their own lives those times become even more precious because they don't happen as often as when they were young!

Melissa said...

Oh I laughed at that photo of Mia on your boy's back! She's the Queen again and she is happy! ;-)

Love that sweater. You are such an amazing knitter!

This was such a lovely post to see all that you've made, are making, and catch up with your family! Happy May, Margaret!

Wanda said...

Happy Spring! Your finished and started sweaters are gorgeous! I love your sampler wall and hope one day to have one. You are so talented! The craft show looks like it was fun! Holidays with family are precious - happy stitching (in whatever form!)

Erica said...

Margaret, your knitting is amazing! I have only managed to accomplish the simplest of knitting projects. I confess that I am still befuddled about the sizing on knitting projects. When I buy sweaters, online or in stores, they always seem to be small, but when I knit them according to size, they turn out huge, even though the gauge is right.
I would love to knit a sweater in angora, but I have hesitated because of this. The angora is very pricey, and I don't think it would lend itself to frogging very well! LOL!
Maybe I need to take a course to learn about easing. For some reason I just don't seem to get it right.
Great photos of Mia! Kittens are cute, but as they get older, they develop such personality!
Love to see photos of your family! You can be so proud of them!

woolwoman said...

Miss Mia and her boy servant - how sweet ! LOVE LOVE the finish - wow what a beautiful finish and fit Margaret - love the colors too ! you'll get a lot of wear out of that one. The new Wang cable sweater is simply stunning. Nice to see a bit of samplering too. I'm trying to get limbered up for Camp Loopy - the announcement should be out this week - so I hear! you should join us this summer - you are such a fast knitter - it would be a piece of cake for you. Cheers Mel

Vera said...

Hey Margaret - just looking at this again on my monitor instead of my phone. Those cables are CRAZY! I love them. Are they a pain to do, or just interesting/fun? Also - very pretty bowl (I couldn't see it that well on my phone - lol).

Anonymous said...

Sweater turned out lovely! Oh I wish I could knit like you!

Sweet Sue said...

hi! beautiful everything, sounds like kids are doing great ~ you've been missed. wishing you a lovely may as well:) xo

Annie said...

The sweater is gorgeous and a perfect fit. Exactly the right amount of ease.

The cabling is fantastic. That would just take me forever. I'd love to see a video of you knitting so I could see how fast your fingers fly!

So nice to have the whole family together for Easter.

Fun treasures you brought home, both edible and non-

deb said...

Oh dear, I nearly missed your post! Your sweater came out beautifully and fits you perfectly - wonderful work. I love the scrunchy-bumpy thick pattern of the Ilia sweater, it looks like it will be so very snuggly. Oooh, and you're stitching!

Glad you had everyone together for a bit and got to enjoy your family.

Lynn said...

Hi Margaret. I LOVE every single email update I get from you. You are very inspiring and entertaining. Keep going..

Margaret Stickland said...

Hand knitted jumper , what could be better? Remarkable pattern and a lot of good tension to keep the patterns in place. Brilliant Great Wow!

Mugwump Woolies said...

Gorgeous sweater...the one in progress looks so interesting with those twisted cables...and the color is yummy. Glad to see you are stitching again, as well.
Your kiddos are the cutest!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your knitting just blows me away!!! Gorgeous.
Stitching, too. Nice to see.
Love your dishes. Is that Polish pottery?
Great pics. Mia and the boy child sure are best buds.
Hugs 😊

Dawn said...

Happy May to you too!
Love seeing your projects.

Carol said...

So nice that you were all together for Easter weekend, Margaret :) That may be a long time coming for us now that my oldest is in CA.

I just adore the color of your newest sweater--and wow! Those cables are incredible! And your new finished sweater is a real beauty--looks great on you :) Of course, I loved seeing a bit of stitching included in this post--very pretty piece.

Hope you get to see your kids again for Mother's Day on Sunday--have a lovely weekend!

Beth said...

Your fair isle sweater is lovely - and oh, your new 'twisty' sweater - that is going to be SO amazing! Love the photo of Mia on the boy's back. Nice to have everyone home together.

Brigitte said...

An eventful month, Margaret, and the best event (in my eyes) is the blueberry pie, it looks so yummy. I just love pies and whenever I am in the US I try to eat all sorts of them.
But I was only kidding, lol. The best event would be the finished sweater with its great pattern and colours. And the next is already on the needles and looks sooooo good. And you were even stitching a little bit on that awesome sampler.

Rachel said...

I can't believe how you manage to create such beautiful things in such a short amount of time (compared to me at least:))! Love the colors in both sweaters, and your sampler. Perfection.

Elaine said...

Love your yoke sweater! I really like Kate's designs, I have a few queued!

Stitcher S said...

All your pieces are so lovely. Adam and Eve is coming along so nicely, glad you are still stitching, too.