Monday, June 22, 2015

Last day in London

Saturday we decided to do the V&A.  Plus some other stops.

This is London's definition of a subway: a subterranean walkway to the museums from the tube station.  lol!

We saw this exhibit.  No pictures allowed.  We also saw the fashion gallery where there were many many examples of fashion through the years.

(Can you tell which era I'm not that interested in?  Insert it here.  lol!)

Yummy lunch at the museum -- cheese and chutney sandwich, with a chickpea salad and a carrot salad.

Then we made our way to Islington, London and Camden Passage, where I went here!!!

Loop London!  What a great shop!  And I got to meet Anna Maltz, a talented knitwear designer whose first day of work was happening that day!  (She is sweaterspotter on Instagram, a fun feed to follow.)

The colors -- so beautiful!

(Yes, I did buy something.  I think I'll cover stash in another post.)

On the way back, we stopped at the Marble Arch (Trooping the Colour had happened earlier in the day.).  There were some protesters there.

And we found Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park, although no one was speaking that day.

Speaker's Corner is another of those places you read about in books (including in Dickens).  Amazing history.

We walked back to the flat through Hyde Park.  We even saw an English Magpie.  Didn't get a pic of it though.


Vera said...

Oh dear, I have Loop Envy!! - LOL. This has been such fun your weekend posts on my phone and enjoyed them just as much. Can't wait for the "stash report" -- I bet you have some beautiful things to show. Glad it was such a fabulous trip for you both, you made it to some amazing places.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Great trip--I loved every minute (post) of traveling with you. Yes, please share your stash acquisition! I especially enjoyed traveling to the V&A!

Vickie said...

That "Shoes Pleasure and Pain" poster is something else!
What fun you two had. The next post will be fun to admire as well. ;)

Melissa said...

Another great post, Margaret! The V& A must've been so interesting. Loop London! The funny thing is, I'm not a knitter but I recognize that little doll figure in the window from ads I've seen! Looking forward to your stash report!

Annie said...

I love how you guys organized each day so well. I always seem to flounder around so much if I'm not actually on professional tour.

Quite a fashion statement in and of itself from DH at Speaker's Corner!

woolwoman said...

OH LOOP LONDON!!!!! and the V&A - how magnificent - I don't guess there was any needlework on display or maybe photos aren't allowed in there. I enjoyed the posts of your trip to London - I'm sure you had so many memories it was hard to recount them. Hope your DH is home from Ireland - I'm sure he has more tales to tell. Hope you have a great week ! looking forward to that stash post. Mel

Barb said...

What a wonderful anniversary/vacation celebration for you two! So fabulous! Thank younsommuch for sharing these wonderful pictures and your hellish with us - I loved it.

And yes, please, do share your 'stash' with us - can't wait to see it :-)

Beth said...

A special day Margaret. You did great at the V&A picking and exhibition and specific gallery to see - otherwise those big museums just become overwhelming I think anyway. I am glad you were able to find a fun knit shop and walk about London too - you see so much more that way.

Teresa S. said...

OK-I'm ready to go back to London. I missed so much in 1984!

Mary said...

Waiting for the stash report Margaret - I'm sure it will be astounding!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Loop is on my list of shops to visit at some point Margaret, lucky you:-)
You certainly packed a lot into your holiday, so many memories of a special trip.

samplerlover said...

Wonderful photos of the V&A. I also enjoyed it when I was there. It's very sad that they don't have their samplers there anymore.
You really did do well and covered quite a bit in your time there. Love England. It feels like home.

marly said...

Thoroughly enjoyed these posts Margaret. And...thank the model for his contributions.

Kaisievic said...

Another great post, Margaret. Can't wait to see your stash from Loop.

Jackie said...

Those dresses! Can you imagine wearing them? I can't without air conditioning! I think that era would have been fun only if you were rich.

The shoe exhibit had to be interesting too!

I love the tea stained look of the afghan in the window.

Brigitte said...

Oh my, what a reat exposition the one about the shoes must have been. What a pity that you couldn't take pictures. But you can show pictures from the fashion exhibition. So interesting to have such a walk through the centuries. And I must say that I'm glad that I am living now and can wear whatever I like, lol.