Sunday, June 21, 2015

Day 6: East London

The father type chose the next stop for us on Thursday -- East London, to see the artsy areas and the old Spitalfields Market.

Even place names give me a thrill.

Old Spitalfields Market.

A stall of hand knitted baby items.

English fast food, a pie shop.

This was across the street.

I love the old buildings everywhere.

We stumbled across this -- my first Etsy pop up shop!

So many talented men and their wares inside.

The father type got this little notebook specially printed with whatever word he wanted.  Love that little printing press.  Brings back memories of my junior high school printing class, still one of my favorite classes ever.

Love these baskets too.

This is outside -- I believe this area was the Truman Brewery Market.

Scenes from the walk back to the tube station.

If you called a number, the goat would talk to you to tell you his history and reason for being.

Love the look of this shop.

A shot of the Gherkin.  So many interesting shaped buildings in London -- the Shard, the Walkie Talkie, the Gherkin.  lol!

Saw this in the tube station on the way back to the flat.  The boy child loved the Mr. Men series as a child.

Chocolate from one of the Etsy sellers at the pop up shop.  This chocolate kept me going on the trip home!  So yummy!  I think I'm developing a taste for coffee.  Which is saying a lot for me!

One more day!


Vickie said...

Oh what a fun post! Love the English fast food. ;)

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Another great post Margaret, such variety in what you saw and did. That's a lot of knitted items on the stall.

Melissa said...

What a treat to see all those artsy things! It would've been hard to walk away without buying something! Another fun day!

Linda said...

Looks like another fun day Margaret.


Linda said...

Oh, I would so enjoy all of these shops and markets and sights! I would have to be dragged away literally from it all!

Linda in VA

Beth said...

Very fun area of London. I follow a blog you might enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! The goat phone ... it kills me! LOL!!

Annie said...

What a great way to spend the day. I knew nothing of that area.

My oddball takeaway... they let girls take printing at your Jr. High? That was strictly for boys at my school. You went to a more progressive school I guess or else the age difference between us reflects the changing times.

Cathy B said...

What a wonderful trip you have had? A great way to celebrate your anniversary! Thank you for sharing the sights of London with us?

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Oh Margaret, what a magical day you had! It's so fun to see the sights you saw.

Kaisievic said...

Such a fun day, thanks for sharing.

Brigitte said...

I love these kinds of markets a lot and whenever we are somewhere where they exist we go there. Such great places for all kinds of vendors to sell their homemade food or art articles.

DonnaSews said...

Thanks for sharing your trip. So glad you are having a great time. I really love all of the projects you have chosen to do. Have a wonderful day...