Saturday, December 29, 2018

Goodbye 2018

It's the last post of 2018, and I have to say I'm happy to see the end of this year.  Let's just say 2018 has not been a good year.

I can now show the secret knitting since Christmas is over.  I knitted a replacement Mawson hat for the father type -- the first one I knitted for him is somewhere in the subways and trains of the city, lost forever.  Father type requested another, so that was his Christmas present for this year.

This is the first year I have actually purposefully knitted Christmas presents for everyone.  The Little Burr hat was for DS (although this pic shows it on father type).  It has a double brim and cables, which should make it nice and warm for Buffalo winters.

I knitted DD the Pine Bough cowl, which she really likes.  Stupidly, I didn't get a picture of her wearing it.

So that's it for Christmas knitting.  To continue on with finished objects, I finished the Galloway hat by Jared Flood using Peerie yarn.  Sadly, it came out a little on the short side.  I  will have to tackle it at some point and make it a tad longer.

I also finished my Advent project, which was a kit/advent calendar from Jimmy Beans Wool.  It's the Get Together Wrap by Joji Locatelli in the Sugar Plum Fairy color way.  Sadly, they decided to give me 4 different dye lots of the main grey color, which meant I ended up having to rip back twice (not realizing the dye lot problem).  I have discovered that super wash and garter/lace shawls like this aren't my thing, but I'm glad to have finished the project.

I'm currently knitting the Le Massif Scarf by Dianna Walla, which is part of the Chalet Collection put out by Espace Tricot.  Yes, I'm back to color work, which seems to be my happy place.  I'm using the called for Kelbourne Woolens Scout yarn in the called for colors.

I'm to the middle "lice" section of the scarf -- which is the boring part.  Hopefully I'll manage to plow through.  I do love how the scarf is essentially a very long, fat sleeve with two ribbed cuffs.  Fantastic!

We had a good Christmas, which was too short -- poor DS had to travel back to Buffalo the day after Christmas so he could go back to work.  But it was wonderful having both kids at home for Christmas, even if it was just for a few days. 

We made dumplings on Christmas Eve Eve since DS won't be home for New Years (and neither will DD, I believe).

We made the usual Christmas cookies on Christmas Eve as well.

This year, we had our first artificial tree.  The kids don't like artificial trees, but this year they let me have my way.  I compromised by getting a little tree, just 4 1/2 feet tall.  I love it!  Unlike Carol of Stitching Dreams, who went all out to make sure everything was perfect and decorated for having all her kids home for the holidays, I went easy and went small on the decorating.  lol!

The kids on Christmas morning.

Mia, in her usual spot, being disgruntled, on Christmas morning.  lol!  She doesn't like interruptions to her routine!

Christmas dinner.  We had ham, mac and cheese, biscuits, and a throwback from my childhood, green bean casserole (with cream of mushroom soup and French's onions!).  And apple pie for dessert!

I did manage to get a picture of DS in his Little Burr hat, building one of his Lego kits.

I hope everyone who celebrates had or is having a wonderful holiday.  All the best for a happy, healthy, wonderful New Year.


Vickie said...

I love getting caught up with you and the family. Your knitting is fantastic Margaret. I had to laugh at the last picture of Mia. Whatever is she staring at?!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Happy New Year to you and your family. Your Christmas sounded magical. My son will be leaving tomorrow - boo hoo- but it was wonderful having him here. It is hard to see them go, isn't it?
Your knitting always leaves me in awe. Your daughter's cowl is magnificent.
Always good to hear from you and looking forward to more visits in 2019.
Hugs 🎊

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Your knitting is Amazing! Loved seeing all your framed needlework on the walls. Christmas comes and goes so quickly, Mia will be happy to re settle into her routine.

Susan said...

Loved hearing about your family and your knitting! It looks like your son is stitching in the photo of him on the couch holding a cloth with blue on it.

Didn’t want to ask on Instagram where everyone can see your answer, but where did you go to college if Wawa was part of your education?

Ann at Beadlework. said...

You have knitted an amazing mix of lovely knits in 2018 Margaret. I love them all and admire the projects you are able to tackle. As always Mia looks so cute and cuddly.

Vera said...

Looks like an excellent holiday Margaret. Ahhh, dumplings...been too long since I had any. Your knitting is an inspiration - gorgeous! And sweet Mia. She is ready for a calm entry to 2019!

marly said...

What great gifts! Glad your family was there to receive them. Do like the newest project's colors very much. I can't believe they gave you four different dye lots! But of course, it came out beautiful. I do like Mia's latest photo! Happy new year to you and yours.

Catherine Peacock said...

Love all your knitting projects. They are gorgeous.

Jackie said...

Happy New Year!

Neither of my boys were home for Christmas so it was different for us this year. My sister brought a friend who would otherwise had been alone so it was nice to chat with her during the day.

Beautiful knits for the family! And more color work! Gorgeous!

I hope that 2019 is kinder to you than 2018. Hugs friend!

P.J. said...

Beautiful knitting for your beautiful family. Oh Mia♡

diamondc said...

Margaret: What a sweet tree, it is adorable, very pretty.
I am loving your knitting, you must have needle and yarn in hand always.
Your dumpling look yummy.
You have a beautiful family.

Happy New Year


Merilde said...

Hi Margaret! I enjoy reading your blog and IG posts. Wonderful knitted gifts. Isn't it nice when our family likes our knitting! Wishing you and your family a great 2019. Lori

Vicki said...

Happy New Year, Margaret! Looks like your family Christmas was cozy and relaxing. I am in awe of your knitting skills. Each project you complete is my favorite, until the next one comes along and then it's my favorite!

Carol said...

Well, 2018 will be over in just a bit under 8 hours, Margaret, so I do hope 2019 is a happier year for you... Ours had it's ups and downs--nothing really outstanding like the wedding last year.

So sorry about the missing hat, but maybe some poor homeless man is keeping warm. Your hats and the cowl for your husband and kids are fabulous--lucky them!

I like your little artificial tree :) We had to go to artificial when my middle son's allergies got so bad about 15 years ago and I love it--it is so sturdy and holds all of my ornaments with no issues. Not sure a real tree would be up to the challenge :)

I look forward to more of your beautiful knitting in 2019, Margaret (and the glimpses of those gorgeous samplers on your walls in the background of your photos!).

Happy New Year ♥

Annie said...

Looks like a nice family holiday. I love it when someone loses something I made for them and then they request another. Really shows they liked what you made. Happy New Year and hope 2019 brings bring you all good things, both knitty and otherwise!

Evelyne said...

I love all your knittings Margaret
Love the familie pictures as well!
Wish you and your family a happy 2019.

woolwoman said...

glad to hear you had the kids home for Christmas and that it was a lovely time. I'm glad you can move on with 2019 with beautiful new projects. Love that scarf you showed - beautiful! happy new year to you - Mel

Dawn said...

Happy New Year!
So nice to have the kids home and be together. Such beautiful Knitting.
I love your little tree!