Sunday, August 13, 2017

This is going to take a while....

I figured I'd dash into the ole blog and put up a post.  The time is flying, and I just keep not blogging!  Poor neglected blog.  I'm trying to stick to once a month at least, and I think I'm managing that.

Anyway, here is my current project -- it's Marie Wallin's Fair Isle Club 2 blanket, and it's big.  If you go to the link, you can see pictures of the whole thing.  I've finished 3 parts (the parts came out monthly) and am currently knitting the 4th part.  Here are the first 3 parts.

I'm going against how it's supposed to be knitted (which is to knit each part flat) and knitting each part in the round with steeks.  Hopefully I won't run out of yarn this way!  I just can't get my tension right when I knit color work flat.  The purling -- just can't do it!

Here is where I am currently.  Why am I knitting a big blanket during the summer months?  Hot!!!

I'm really enjoying the knit though.  The color work is easily memorizable as you knit a row, and it's a pleasure.  As the blanket grows, I have a feeling I will start flagging, though.  I hope not!

Before I started this blanket project, I finished another project -- I needed a mindless knit after all the sweaters I'd been knitting.  So I picked up that lovely double skein I'd shown in my last post, and knitted the Tale as Old as Time Cowl, with the La Belle et La Bette yarns from Must Stash Yarn.

It's fun to knit self striping yarn!

During the month of July, the father type and I managed to go see Hello Dolly on Broadway.  Sadly, it wasn't Bette Midler in the lead role that day, but it was still a wonderful performance.

And we got to go out to dinner with the girl child for my birthday too.  it was very nice!

Mia and the boy child have been getting along fairly well recently.

Hope everyone's summer is going well!


Rugs and Pugs said...

That blanket is going to be breathtaking!!!
Great family pictures.
Happy Sunday :)

Vickie said...

Wow! What a project! I don't think I could ever use it though!!

deb said...

Oh my oh my ... what an *incredible* project - so beautiful! I continue to be in awe of your fair isle work, it is amazing. (and when you said 'blanket' I thought of something the size of a throw or an afghan - my jaw dropped when I followed your link and saw the size of this!)

Ann at Beadlework. said...

The blanket is very impressive Margaret, I love how it looks. Mia is such a sweet little cat who obviously adores her "boy". Poppy is just the same with my son - he's very much her "boy".

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Knitting in the summer is like rug hooking with wool in the summer! Beautiful results! Am happy to see Mia and your son are still best buddies.

marly said...

I love those stripes. I didn't think I could be more amazed at your ability, but there it is. The new project just boggles my mind.

Brigitte said...

You always come up with the most stunning knitting projects. This blanket is just gorgeous.
Great colours in the yarn you knitted that cowl with.
Great to see some family pictures. And Happy belated birthday!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Thanks for the link, that blanket is going to be stunning! Oh how I wish we lived closer so we could have a knit night together. Sigh.

woolwoman said...

OH WOW - your Fair Isle blanket looks stunning. Love the subdued colors. are you using the Felted tweed ? one of my very fave Rowan yarns. the cowl is so fun! happy knitting Mel

Vicki said...

You always choose the most gorgeous patterns to knit. I'm always amazed and in awe of your talent and your eye for color! The scarf is pretty and with all those colors will go with everything - fun! The blanket is stunning. I'm eager to see your progress on it. Just beautiful!

Carol said...

Oh, is that one gorgeous blanket, Margaret!! I am always in awe of what you create. I know nothing about knitting, but I do know it looks quite detailed and complicated and something that only an advanced knitter would be able to do :)

Your cowl is lovely, too--so glad you got to relax with some mindless knitting. That is how I feel about PS stitching--just so easy and rarely a color change.

Enjoy the last half of August--fall will be here before we know it!

Jackie said...

Oh my! I don't remember seeing a pic of the finished product. What a heirloom you are making!!! Smart girl to knit in the round and steek. Brave too!