Monday, August 4, 2014

wedding bells.....

First, here is my Hornbook progress.  I'm currently working on the O block but haven't taken a pic of that one yet.

And here is my fussy cut Friday star using a Saltwater by Tula Pink fabric.  I copied eefs Needle -- she used the red version of the fabric.

No stitching done since Thursday, for a very good reason.  On Friday, our family, along with all our extended family, descended on Cincinnati for a very special event.

Cincinnati skyline
It was my oldest half brother's wedding!

There was the gang, all together again.  Us,

my father and stepmother,

my sister and BIL,

my nephew (my niece is at music camp, and sadly couldn't come) (and of course that's my father and the boy child),

my two half brothers,

the middle half brother (with my nephew and the boy child), and the younger half brother,

and of course, my oldest half brother with his beautiful wife (here as his future wife).

These pics were taken at the rehearsal dinner, which was pretty amazing.  Saturday was the wedding itself.

It's a bit blurry, but there's the happy couple with my two other half brothers and my father and stepmother.

Here is the happy couple being photographed before the wedding.

photo by the girl child

Waiting for the wedding.

The wedding was wonderful.  It took place at the Cincinnati Art Museum.  The wedding itself was outdoors, and the reception was inside.

My stepmother painted the lantern, which had the couple's names on it.  My father seems to be drawn to women who are artists.  (Both my mother and my stepmother were/are artists.)

We had a lovely dinner at the reception

followed by a bit of dancing.  Lots of rock and a slow dance or two.  I got to dance with my sweet father type and also with my boy child.  Girl child got to dance with my father, boy child got to dance with my stepmother, -- we all got to dance and have fun!

girl child dancing with a motionless boy child.  Father type, sister and nephew watching.

Sunday we flew home again.  Boy child flew back with my sister and BIL as he had flying out to the wedding.  He's still working in Boston for the summer, so flew back to Boston.  Girl child flew back with us, but we had to drop her off at the subway so she could go into NYC for some tango followed by the ride home on the train to NJ.  So it's just the two old folks at home once again.

I did get one book from a lovely used book store while in Cincinnati.  It's an old salad recipe book from the Heinz Company, dated 1925.  It was worth the price just for the vintage pictures, inside and on the cover.

And while at the airport in Cincinnati, I found these lovelies for the ride home.

I'd heard of Goo Goo Clusters as being a Southern delicacy, so I just had to try one.  I split it with girl child -- we both approve!  (They don't exist in New York, sadly.)

leaving Cincinnati

Can you see NYC in the fog and mist there?  So nice to be back in New York!

Oh, and a funny thing happened at the airport.  We needed to get from one end of the terminal to another to get to the car.  Father type asked this airport official for directions -- he was leaning against an electric go cart.  And he said he could drive us!!  Wow!

It was so much fun!

Mia was extremely happy to see us home again.  Although she did have to give me her complaints about being left alone for the weekend by mewling for a long time before she would welcome me back.

Don't worry -- Mia is always closely supervised around plastic bags....

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi.  I hope everyone has a great week.


Barb said...

Beautiful family - congratulations to the lovely couple and to your entire family!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely trip. The wedding venue looks perfect and the couple looked so happy together. Poor Mia would be feeling so sorry for herself being left behind:-(

Evelyne said...

Lovely family pictures and I see you did have a great time together!
But after all it is always nice to be home again!
Your Fussy Star is great lovely colour too.
Thank you for mention my name.

Have a nice week,

Vera said...

Hi Margaret - great family pictures. Looks like everyone had a fun time. Love the bride's dress and love the lantern that your step mother painted - it is gorgeous! Poor Mia...they do always seem a bit dejected when you first get home, don't they? Great progress on the Hornbook and love your fussy star.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Ahh Beautiful--all the wedding and family just added a bright spot to my day!

Those fussy cuts just keep getting better and better

Am sure Mia was thrilled her people were home again--sometimes kitties can be quiet vocal about their feelings

cucki said...

Aww such sweet family photos and very lovely memories..
Big hugs x

Ellen said...

How much fun, particularly for me, to see wedding photos taken right in Cincinnati. Our daughter almost had her wedding reception at the art museum. What a beautiful location! (Out of 8 places we visited, our daughter and and son-in-law narrowed their reception down to the art museum and the Lyceum which was much closer to the church. They ended up going with the Lyceum.)

I tried to figure out the location of the rehearsal dinner, but wasn't successful.

Do the newlyweds live in Cincinnati? If so, let me know if you ever come to the area so I can meet up with you (hopefully).

Vicki said...

The wedding must have been gorgeous! What a cool place to have it. Good progress on your stitching and another fantastic star.

Vickie said...

Wonderful! And those flowers meet my approval! ;)

Annie said...

Love that you can still make good progress on your projects even with the hoopla of a wedding.

Must have been a weekend for weddings. I went to my cousin's wedding on Saturday. Your photos are lovely and great for remembering that special occasion with such a happy, beautiful couple!

Kim said...

lovely photos, what a nice venue for a wedding!! Looks like a great family time was had by all. Those times are so very special!!!

Mugwump Woolies said...

What a wonderful and fun weekend for all of you! And you still managed to get some stitching in...great progress!
Have a great week,

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

What a lovely family and wedding! Love the bag of Mia! LOL!

marly said...

Thanks for sharing the family with us. How nice to get together for an event. Your stitching? Amazing.

Isadarena said...

What a lovely post and what a marvellous family !! Thank so much for sharing with us your wonderful trip.
Mia is always very cute :)
Have a nice week,

woolwoman said...

well you certainly had a great time visiting Cinci and attending the family wedding. Beautiful bride and gown. Another lovely star and great progress on the hornbook. Enjoy your week - Mel

Melissa said...

What a wonderful event! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos!

krayolakris said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful family photos. Love the hand-painted lantern; what a nice heirloom. I used to have to buy GooGoo Clusters for my dad at Cracker Barrel and ship them to Ohio LOL.

samplerlover said...

Wonderful wedding photos Margaret. It's lovely to see more members of your family. Looks like you all have a wonderful time.

Your Hornbook is coming along nicely and is looking lovely. Are you going to frame it or are you going to see if you can get a Hornbook for it to go into. That would be interesting :).

I love seeing your progress on your Fussy Star and look forward to seeing what it looks like when it's all put together. It's going to be spectacular for sure. - Sandra.

Jackie said...

It looks like a beautiful wedding! It's always nice to get the family together too!

I think Mia is trying to say "take me with you!" and "I don't take up much room!" Poor thing - everyone leaving her!

Krista said...

What a fun weekend you had!! Congrats to the happy couple. What a unique venue! Looks like a fab time with family. Have a great week!

Linda said...

Your hornbook looks great Margaret. Lovely pictures of the family.


Teresa S. said...

I loved this post, Margaret. I thought it was you in the black dress from the back. But that was your sister???

Teresa S. said...

Whoops! I forgot to add maybe the next wedding family reunion will be the girl child? :)

Brigitte said...

Great family pictures that you show here. A wedding is always such a welcome reason for a family reunion. Congrats to the lovely couple and the whole family.

Your Bestiary Hornbook is looking so great. And I can't believe how fast you stitch. Sweet little Mia with the letter K :)

Beth said...

What a wonderful weekend! There is something about weddings isn't there? So great that most of the family was able to attend ad enjoy their time together. Good memories!

Hazel said...

Gorgeous post. Lovely pics of your family. The stitching is amazing! x

Katrina said...

Fun post!!!! Loved all the wedding pictures. Gorgeous fussy cut and the Hornbook is wonderful!!!!!!!!!

Carol said...

What a fun event and an amazing venue for the wedding, Margaret! I just love family weddings :)

Your Bestiary Hornbook is so awesome and the fussy cut star is one of my favorites so far--you do an incredible job on them!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Oh Margaret, if I'd known you were going to be in town I would have come to the city to meet you! The Art Museum is one of my most favorite places to visit and the perfect place for a wedding. Glad you had a good time!

Dawn said...

Your hornbook is so beautiful it looks like a painting. Looks like you had a lovely family weekend.

Cari said...

Love seeing all the pics of your wonderful family. It looks like the wedding was a great success !! Thanks for sharing.

Of course I love the pics of your latest star and your stitching. Hugs to you and sweet Mia.

Linda said...

Looks like a beautiful and happy wedding day! Wish I could have gone with you!! I am from a small town called Milford - about 25 miles from Cincy. It was fun seeing your pictures - but makes me homesick!

Linda in VA

Mary said...

What a great weekend you had! I love seeing all the family pics. Poor Mia - did she have to stay home by herself?

Annette-California said...

Lovely family photos. The brides dress is so beautiful.
Gorgeous progress on Hornbook!
I bet Mia gave you an earful when you got home:)
love Annette

Melody said...

It looked like a beautiful wedding! The lanterns especially are so pretty. How nice you could all get together to celebrate and have some fun!!!

Also, your hornbook is lovely as well as the star!

JoAnn said...

I didn't know if I could add anything after all the lovely comments, but I did want to let you know how much I enjoyed looking at your family photos. Especially your Father and StepMother. What a lovely couple they are and I also must say, your step-mum is one talented artist.

Donna said...

Oh my thank you so much for sharing all those photos, It brought a smile to my face. I really enjoyed it and our cat Bailey just loves the plastic bags too. We let her play for a while as we watch and then take them away :)

Donna said...

Oh my thank you so much for sharing all those photos, It brought a smile to my face. I really enjoyed it and our cat Bailey just loves the plastic bags too. We let her play for a while as we watch and then take them away :)

Melanie said...

Sounds like a great time. Everything/one looked so lovely. :) What a great venue for a wedding, too. Very fun. I would have gone mad designing favors around art themes and famous paintings and stuff. lol

Charlene ♥ SC said...

The Beast is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing the wedding with us. Nice to 'meet' your family. You and your sister certainly share features. I must tell you, there is a GooGoo option with pee-cans here in the South which I prefer! LoL

Sherry :o) said...

Looks like you had a great time. I love Cincinnati...Your stitching is beautiful. I have a question - H...isn't that a deer? What does it stand for then, as they have antlers, not horns...either way - lovely!

So glad both your kiddos were at the wedding. It looks like you were having fun.

Have a good week!
Sherry :o)

Kathy Ellen said...

Gorgeous wedding photos! It looks like all of your family had a wonderful time.

Beautiful progress on your hornbook designs and love the fussy star too...very pretty fabric.