Monday, July 14, 2014

Too many projects....

Here is my Hornbook Bestiary.  Sorry I left my needle in the fabric.  lol!  Bad habit!

I left off the D is for dog  and the angel in this pic, but you've seen them before.  I love the goose -- doesn't he/she look mad?

Here is my fussy cut star for the week.  This is a fabric from a Robert Kaufman collection called Fusions.

I started to baste a bunch of Liberty Tana Lawn hexagons, 1/2" to a side.  They are for a hexagon purse I'm hoping to make from a pattern by Brigitte Giblin.  I love her work!

And I got a lovely surprise early birthday present from my friend Nicola (Stitching by a Cornish Sea Shore).  Look at this lovely strawberry emery!

It's made by Cyndi Foore -- it's heavy and lovely to handle, and all ready for my pins and needles!  I decided to hang it off of my current Lori Ann Corelis pincushion which is on my stitching table.

Thank you so much, Nicola, for my lovely present!

The boy child got some last bits of cuddling with Mia in

before this happened.

Yup, he's back up in Boston again.  He has been promoted to supervisor at his campus job, which means more pay and more responsibilities.  He's been working on some music as well.  He's doing great -- hooray!

This also happened this week.

Silly Mia.

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi.  I hope everyone has a great week!


Annie said...

Great progress as usual. The goose does look kind of angry, now that you mention it.

The hexagon purse sounds interesting and will be beautiful I'm sure.

Love that strawberry. Looks like the bunny is quite surprised by the new decoration!

Nice to see your son doing so well. Hard to let him go though, huh?

Miss Pants said...

What a kind and lovely gift. I have always loved strawberry pin cushions. They remind me of my mom. She probably still has one sitting in her neglected sewing basket.

Kathy Ellen said...

You must be enjoying stitching those cute animal designs....they are really unique. The goose is especially one of a kind character!

That fussy star looks like it must have taken a lot of "fussing" to piece the fabric so perfectly...gorgeous!

You must have a lot of patience to make each one of those beautiful hexagons. Can't wait to see the purse that you make from them.

Ooooh! I love, love that beautiful velvet strawberry pincushion from Nicola!

So glad that your son is doing so well at his campus job that he already has been promoted! You must be so proud of him.


Laurie Arp said...

I love your new header!!! Your hexie purse is going to be gorgeous.

Ummm... did the goose meet up with Mia???

Fabulous strawberry and it looks wonderful attached to your bunny pincushion.

The Inspired Stitcher said...

I love that strawberry! I collect them. What a thoughtful gift. Love the progress!

Vera said...

Hi Margaret, your new header with PLL looks wonderful! And WOW! what a lot of progress you have made on the hornbook - amazing. Your star is incredible and love the strawberry from Nicola - what a fabulous gift. Poor Mia, she will be missing the boy child again.

Mary Ann said...

Wonderful stitching progress, and such a lovely gift!!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Love your new header--It's beautiful! And that fussy cut is awesome.

Congratulations to boy child and his promotion--he's doing great.

Miss Mia will miss him

Lisa said...

I love your new header, too! Love seeing all of your work. It inspires me to stitch, but I don't make nearly as much progress as you make in a week!

Jackie said...

I think this week's fussy cut star is my favorite. I know, I know, I say that a lot! It reminds me of topographical lines on a map.

Congrats on your son's promotion!

What a wonderful gift from Nicola!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

The hornbook is an amazing design, such fine work. I do like the fabric on this fussy cut star, very visual. The pincushion is very rich looking in colour and design. The pincushion you're hanging it from is adorable. Hi to Mia from Poppy and Rosa.

Amanda said...

The new header is spectacular - especially when you know how small the piece is! The strawberry pin cushion is charming. I love Nichola's blog. A stay at Poldhue Cove is high on my "If I ever win the lottery..." list.

Whoever designed that goose must know geese. They pretty much come out of the egg with that attitude. My grandfather had a pet goose. We figure it outlived him about 3 hours; Granny, a very no-nonsense farmer's wife, had roast goose at his wake. Tough, but we enjoyed it. We really hated that bird. Getting goosed by a real goose hurts!

Anonymous said...

stunning sampler

Mugwump Woolies said...

All your efforts are wonderful! The latest star is...stellar! Love the new header with it's luscious colors and beautiful bird. Bravo to your lad...well done. I get the feeling you are all high achievers at your house...Mia as well.
Have a great week,

marly said...

Wow. What a nice header! All those tiny stitches - I would be as mad as that goose. Beautiful gift and happy pre-birthday! Congrats to your son.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Summer fun! I agree - the goose looks like the old fox better beware!

Ellen said...

Love your new header! Not that I didn't like the older one, but change is good, especially when it is so inspiring.

You are making amazing progress on your hornbook. This is such an incredible project. I got to see Lisa P's completed one on Saturday-WOW! Will you be looking for a hornbook frame also?

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Love the Bestiary and you're making great progress. Those stars are just wonderful and each one you do, I think "Oh my, this is my favorite". I love them all and they all look perfect.
What a lovely gift from Nicola and a cute pincushion you hung it from, too!
Cant' wait to see the bag you make!

Linda said...

It looks gorgeous and great progress Margaret.

Awesome gifts.


Anne said...

Your blog has changed!!! It's white and where's the collage?!?! I do like the new look but I thought for a moment I didn't click on you and found someone else's blog!! You are flying through that hornbook!! The goose is giving the fox a warning to not come near! Love the fussy cut and so nice you had the boychild for awhile. Lovely gifts from your friends. Happy Birthday when it comes!! Hugs! Oh give Mia a scratch for me :D

cucki said...

Congrats to your son dear..
The sampler is so beautiful and you received a very sweet gift :)
Big hugs x

Krista said...

Wonderful work on the Beastiary! The tent stitch must be a quick one, you are flying along. What count fabric are you working on? Looks so tiny! What a dear gift from Nicola. Have a wonderful week!

Carol said...

Really lovely progress, Margaret--that goose does look like he's hissing at the fox :) And, wow, your newest fussy cut is amazing!!

Great news about your son--sounds like he's doing so well and really enjoying his summer in Boston :)

woolwoman said...

LOVE your new blog header. This is one of my fave SL samplers. You are so lucky to have a pincushion from Lori Ann - I was lucky enough to be gifted with one of her small mousie ones from a DF. You do have a lot going on but making great progress on everything. Hope your week is going well. Mel

Carolyn Boutilier said...

Your fussy cut star is fabulous. Wonderful birthday gift of the strawberry pincushion. Your rabbit pincushion is magnificent. Of course Mia is tops.
Carolyn b

Penny said...

That goose looks like it is ready to pinch someone. :) Lovely stitching progress ~ I really love this sampler. Your quilt is going to be so pretty. And I love hexagons! I can't wait to see the purse. What a pretty gift from Nicola! Glad to hear your son is doing so well! I always enjoy seeing what Mia has been up to. :) Love the new blog look too.

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Bestiary...LOOKING GREAT!!! And I had a goose...different color think me this summer on my bike in that exact angry necked stance! I almost fell off my bike he scared me so!
BRAVO to the boy child!!! YEA!!!
And what a darling gift from your friend!

Beth said...

The optical effect of your fussy star is something else - I get dizzy just looking at it! You are stitching up a storm - with Mia's able assistance I see!

Melanie said...

Oooo, what a funky star this week......and also fussy, I'm sure, to match the lines up. It's great.

I'm epically jealous of both your strawberry pincushion and your rabbity one. What a sweet little bun. *pout*

Melody said...

Great progress on your stitching. Also, the fussy cut star is wonderful again.

The strawberry pin cushion is so pretty!! Also, I love your larger pin cushion on your table too!

Vickie said...

Love that star!! And your header too. :) And.... that strawberry from Nicola is just wonderful!! On your fantastic pincushion. :)

Sally said...

You have been busy :).

Lots of lovely progress and a gorgeous gift from Nicola.

Hello Mia :)