Monday, April 14, 2014

Two classes! (loooong post)

I will show my progress on the current known projects first.  Here is my latest Fussy Cut Star, number 15.  I used another Judie Rothermel fabric for this one and love it.

And here are the City Sampler quilt blocks I made this week.

(The top two are butt ugly IMO.  lol!)

Sadly, A Parrot has been put aside for now.   But I have good reason.

On Tuesday, I ventured back into NYC to go to this shop, String.

I went there to take a class in Fair Isle!  I've wanted to learn how to knit fair isle and intarsia forever.  After all, I've been a huge Kaffe Fassett fan ever since he first came out with those magnificent huge intarsia sweaters years and years ago.  Our class project was this piece, the Mobius cowl from Vogue Knitting Magazine.

It was a great class, and I came away having learned a great deal.  Afterwards, I wandered around a bit.  Here are a few sites I saw.

This is a cupcake ATM!  lol!  The screen on the left is where you make your choices and purchase, the door on the right opens to reveal your cupcakes all boxed and ready to go.  No, I didn't try them, just watched.

This is the food market in Grand Central.  An amazing place!  Full of everything you could want -- fresh produce, baked goods, fresh meats and seafood, prepared foods to take home, cheeses, nuts and legumes, -- everything!  I loved strolling through to see what was available.

I met the father type in Grand Central, and we went to the food concourse and ate at Junior's for dinner.

Junior's is most famous for their cheesecakes, so of course, we had to have dessert.

In the course of our telling each other about our days, I discovered that the father type went to a talk and book signing for an author at Google.  (Google is constantly getting famous people to talk and/or play music at their site.)  I plotzed when I found out who the author was -- Emma Donoghue!!!!

Unbeknownst to the father type, I am a huge fan of hers, having read many of her books.  And of course, I just started her latest book, "Frog Music."  But of course, her talk was around the same time as my class anyway.  Ah well.  The father type has a signed copy of "Frog Music" somewhere in his office space now.  Lucky guy.

Now here are the results of my fair isle knitting once I was home.  First up, a start on the Lidya scarf from Rowan magazine number 48.  (I got the yarn for this one when that magazine first came out years ago, in the hope of being able to knit it one day.)

Then it was back to the class project.  My progress so far.

Still working on tension.  I think I'm mostly good, except perhaps for the longer floats in a few places.  And the Koigu yarn is a pleasure to work with, much more forgiving than the Rowan yarn for the Lidya scarf.

As if that weren't enough, on Saturday, my friend Kathy (no blog) and I headed down to NJ, almost to the Pennsylvania border, to attend a class with Catherine Theron!  So exciting!

There she is, standing in the blue sweater, which I've been told was hand knitted by Catherine herself!

In the foreground of the picture, you can see my friend Kathy's sewing box (which Kathy is digging into), which she stitched (it's a design by Cathy Campbell of Primitive Traditions).  I've always admired it.  Here's a pic of the top.

Anyway, back to the class -- here's the class kit!

We also could buy two smalls kits, one for a needlebook, one for a scissor holder and fob, complete with tiny Bohin scissors.  I, of course, bought them.

It was a great class, and the best part is the finishing looks easy.  I like easy.  lol!  I don't have much progress to show, just some nun stitch on the border of one piece.

This is what happened when I got home from class.

Mia jumped into my stitching bag as I was unpacking it.  Of course.  It was also a beautiful day, so Mia was enjoying the open windows and doors.

Thanks as always for stopping by and saying hi.  I hope everyone has a great week!


Vickie said...

Wow! That is really cool, those two new projects you are making. Good for you! Feels good to finally get that done, doesn't it?!

Laurie in Iowa said...

You've been one very busy lady! Everything looks fabulous and I'm so jealous that you get to stitch all those Theron projects and I don't!

Loved seeing all the photos of NYC. Brought back wonderful memories of when I used to live in civilization.

Mugwump Woolies said...

Is there anything you can't do with a needle and thread/yarn? The fair isle is coming along beautifully! Gorgeous! What a great place to work...that Google! I love NYC...have you ever eaten at the Burger Joint? It's tucked behind curtains in the lobby of a hotel and is always packed but worth the wait!
Have a great week,

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

WOW! All of this sounds wonderful--the classes, the book signing, the cupcakes. Mia missed you and she is adorable--such a sweet kitty girl.

Kim said...

Thanks for all the pictures!!! I want to go to NY someday!! Love all your projects, love those quilt stars!!! Enjoy seeing all the love you have for needle in hand!!!!

Anonymous said...

great post,pictures, crossstitching, knitting and quilting ♥♥♥

Melissa said...

Mia says I'm exhausted from all the exciting photos and that bag! lol.

What fun to have had 2 new classes to go to! And Emma Donaghue - how fun is that! I just got Frog Music from the library too.

A cupcake ATM! How cool is that?! Thanks for sharing your fun week with us!

Brenda in WI said...

What a great post - love your wonderful day in New York - the class ( I have loved Kasse since he began also) the market - would love to have been there - all that good stuff and then your class with Catherine Theron - I should be so lucky. Love your kitty too.

Vera said...

Hi Margaret, your latest star is a beauty. and your classes -- so jealous - lol. I've loved Kaffe Fasset designs since forever...have some pattern books with his designs, but have never attempted them - heck, I can't finish a single color sweater for my son that I started 1.5 years ago! Your fair isle knitting looks beautiful. and a class with Catherine -- busy, busy times for you. Glad you are having such fun. I now have to go Google that author (never heard of her).

Annie said...

What a fun week you've had. Those colorful KF designs have always appealed to me too..both knitting and needlepoint. Your fair isle work is amazing!

And then a second cool class too after allthat NYC fun! Lucky girl and I bet I would never have resisted the cupcake machine!

Elaine said...

How lucky to be able to take such great classes! Fair Isle is something I want to learn too.

cucki said...

Super sweet pictures
Cross stitching
Knitting and quilting ❤️❤️❤️
Love xx

Linda said...

Looks like you had a great time Margaret. The quilt squares are really nice. Love the pics of Mia.


woolwoman said...

that cupcake ATM was kinda Star Treky wasn't it - like the food thingy where they picked up their meals LOL - WOW Margaret - two classes in one week - you are one lucky chick and look at that progress on your two fair isle projects - YGG - awesome !!!!!!!! I think you are doing great and you are sure giving me the bug to do that dang cowl on the cover of VK - bad Margaret - So cool your husband met a famous authoress you love. Hope your week is quiet enough to fit in all your needle desires. Oh also - your star is lovely! enjoy Mel

Krista said...

Another wonderful trip to NYC! Always so much to do there. Love your new knitting project, so very colorful! I think Spring is here for good, Margaret!

Jackie said...

It looks like an absolutely delightful weekend! I'm still not sure I'd ever buy a cupcake out of a ATM machine.

valerie said...

It's so fun to see your NYC adventures and learn where I should be shopping on my next visit! LoL Lots of exciting things! I am so intimidated by fair isle and insartia knitting. It looks hard and complicated. The classes sounded wonderful!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

What a great post Margaret, I love to see the great places you visit and lucky you - two classes. Fairisle knitting can be fun - I started the Rowan scarf ages ago and consigned it to the never to be finished basket. Does Mia ever go out - if our two had an open window they'd be off!!

Wanda said...

Wow Margaret, what an amazing week! I am so impressed with your many talents and have been enjoying the progress on your quilts (your stars are incredible!) Your knitting is so impressive - what a great class to take. What a great opportunity to take a class with Catherine Theron and what great projects! Great pics of Mia! Have a great week Margaret.

Melody said...

Wow, what an amazing post! I am awestruck by your knitting! It is amazing. So very pretty. Your fussy cut star is very pretty too. How wonderful that you were able to take a class from Catherine Theron!

Beth said...

What a PERFECT day Margaret. So many fun activities - knitting, food, window shopping! It makes me long for another Big City Adventure.

Cari said...

Oh my gosh Margaret…one of these days I just want to be in your bag and head on into the CITY ….move along sweet Mia, move along. HUGS

Chris said...

Wow! Wow! Wow!!!
So many wonderful things, I love this weeks star. Your fair isle knitting looks amazing and I need to get back to NYC and explore. I am think that Rich and I need to take the train and make it an adventure. Love Emma's books.
A class with Catherine Theron too!! Woohoo, she is such an amazing designer. Love the class pieces.
What a great week :)

Giovanna said...

Love your Fair Isle knitting, the colours are wonderful. Looks like a great class too - enjoy the kit.

Carol said...

How nice to live so close to NYC and take advantage of all that the city has to offer, Margaret. Your Fair Isle knitting is so wonderful--what great colors. And your class with Catherine Theron looks great, too.

I'll tell you, a cupcake ATM sounds like a genius business idea :) How much did each one cost?

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Wow, Margaret, you've had a fun busy week since our last visit. I love both your knitted starts. I can't wait to watch them grow. I love the piece from Catherine's class too. Awesome! Hope this week is just as much fun.

Mary said...

Margaret, I love it that you're brancking out so much! What a fun post.

a Fair Isle project is on my knitting bucket list. So glad to see you've stepped up to the challenge!

Evelyne said...

Great projects you are making!
I love the Theron needlecase, I'm not able to follow a class, it's to far away for me, that's too bad!!!!
You star is great.

have a nice week.

Ali said...

Wow you've been a busy and productive lady! Your blog always makes me smile I have just shown my kids the picture of the cupcake ATM they were tickled to bits with that lol.I love your fair isle projects something I've never done looks way to complicated for me but I will enjoy seeing your progress pics. I love the scarf pattern looking forward to seeing your finished piece. You've reminded me that I've a Kaffe Fasset needlepoint book around here somewhere..
I am green with envy of your classes that you have near you they look such fun thank you for sharing.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Such a great day for learning and taking us window shopping. Those adorable French Bulldogs-would match Mia :) Dinner looks yummy - and can even tell what the desserts are this time ! LoL

Anne said...

So much to comment on Margaret! What a fun filled week you've had. Love that fussy cut fabric...I think it's my fav so far. I had to laugh at the 'butt ugly" comment...Lol. That String shop looks so cool!! The classes you went to looks like they were exciting to attend. I hope your man gives you that copy of the signed book!! A cupcake machine?! What next?!! Of course Mia's in a bag...why wouldn't she be?! Hugs!!

Manuela Albanese said...

Thank you for your lovely post !!!

Teresa S. said...

Your class project is lovely and so is your friends sewing box!

Love that beautiful knitting and maybe there is hope I can get better at it :)

Carolyn Boutilier said...

Your fussy cut stars get prettier each week. Your fair isle knitting is wonderful. Great job. Love Mia.
we have a cat that rules.

Carolyn B

Kaisievic said...

Love your two new projects. There is so much great knitting going out there at the moment. Sounds like another great NYC outing to me. TraderVic and I had lunch at Juniors at Grand Central Station when we were in NY in 2012. We shared a Cobb salad. Grand Central Station is so beautiful.

Karoline said...

Those class projects are gorgeous, I keep meaning to take a colourwork class.

Your quilt blocks are lovely.

MartyG said...

Margaret, what will you do with all your fussy cut stars. I love seeing them each week.

Sally said...

Awww I think Mia missed you!

What a wonderful post full of lovely photos, crafting and progress. Love what yoh are knitting. I was bad and bought a pattern and some wool from my friend who has just started her own small business from home. I planned to start it over this weekend but it hasn't happened lol!

Sherry :o) said...

Wow - I had about three months to catch up on - I have been behind on blogging, reading blogs, etc. Computer issues, new job, etc...

Have you ever been busy - couple visits from both your kiddos. And the classes you've been taking. Knitting up a storm! Your quilting has really been moving fast too. Love your stitching and went all the way back to the Yellow House (Plum Street, I think). I hope to get a post done soon, although my progress has been much less impressive.

I have missed reading what is going on in your life. I've missed you! I must keep up better.

Your son coming home for summer? I bet Mia will be almost as thrilled as mom -LOL.

Thank goodness spring has sprung for you too - it is finally slightly warmer here in Michigan. Hope you have a marvelous week to come.

Sherry :o)