Monday, December 13, 2010


After all we've been doing, I sort of feel like we're all convalescing.  lol!  But it's Mia who is the convalescent.  The poor baby had to have her spaying Friday.  It was so hard to leave her at the vet's.  I was crying, couldn't help it.  She had to stay overnight there -- standard procedure.  I picked her up Saturday morning, and boy were we happy to see each other!  The poor thing is definitely convalescing.  They don't give her pain meds so that she knows how she's feeling and knows to take it easy and not bounce off the walls.  She's gone from a bouncy kitten to an old cautious codger, poor thing.  Hopefully she'll be back to normal soon.

But before we get to all of the Mia pics, here is Guarding Eden.  First a pic where it looks like it's done.

Ah well, you can see a bare corner there. So thus you see it's not quite finished yet.

It's getting there though, slowly but surely.  Thank goodness for audiobooks and Christmas music to push me along!   As you can see, I decided I needed to do the fill in around the verse.  I'm glad I did.  I like it with the fill in a lot better.

On Saturday, I stayed home with our convalescing Mia to make sure she was ok (she'd just gotten home from the vet's) and the two boys took off north to our favorite Christmas tree farm and cut down our Christmas tree.  They were aiming for a modest sized tree this year and they succeeded compared to other years.  But it's still a nice size.  We got it all in the house and decorated, Mia being very curious the whole time.  Here it is all decorated with a large boy child standing in front of it.  (We left the breakable decorations off this year just in case.)

(Yes, the boy child is wearing one black sock and one white.  He's decided he likes to wear mismatched socks.  lol!)

Here's what Mia was doing during a lot of the tree decorating.

Poor baby needs her rest.   But she does take time to do some of her usual activities.  She loves the father type's coffee.  Unfortunately for her, the father type's mug doesn't allow for very good licking.

She's so cute!

I won a couple of prizes recently -- both were comment number 3, so I guess 3 is my lucky number.  First from Bunny Hill Designs I won some charm packs of Anne's new Lily and Will fabric line.  Anne also sent some yummy candy.  Mia wants some.  lol!  Thank you, Anne!

Next, from the Thread Gatherer, I won a lovely stash of Cecelia's yummy products.  Look at all the wonderful things!

I have to find a use for them all!  Thank you, Cecilia!

Finally a quiet week ahead.  Just a couple more weeks and the boy child will have Christmas break.  The girl child should be home this weekend -- but of course she hasn't told us her plans yet.  :D

A final picture of Mia.  Thanks as always for stopping by and saying hi.  I love our visits!


Vonna said...

Ellie wants me to tell you Margaret, "Aww your kitty is so cute" :)
She loves looking at Mia pictures...
Your tree and boy child are so handsome! LOVE LOVE LOVE your stitch....Oh I love it!

Sherry said...

Guarding Eden looks wonderful and you are so fast! I noticed your son's socks and thought "that's a teen thing"! Poor little Mia. Hopefully she will be active and mischievious again soon.

Laura said...

I am having my cats, Buddy and Pal, say kitty prayers for dear little Mia! I hope she recovers and is back to 100% by today!!!! My heart hurts just thinking of her being in any pain!

Love your fill in work on A&E! That was definitely the right choice!

Susan Sullivan said...

Guarding Eden is wonderful! Congrats on the almost done!
Love the child's use of mismatched socks - no worry there!
Love pix of Mia as I can't have cat as I have an allergy - so I adore from afar!
Are you in the 15 challenge? What have you chosen to stitch?
Happy Stitching! Finishing!

Deborah said...

Guarding Eden is beautiful! I hope that Mia will be back to her old self soon.

Laurie in Iowa said...

Ahh... poor little Mia (and her Mom). Hope she's all healed and back to her usually self in no time at all.
Guarding Eden and your Christmas tree look fabulous.

KarenV said...

Poor Mia! I hope she'll be back to her usual bouncy self very soon!

Katrina said...

Very pretty, love your A&E piece and the decorations are gorgeous. Mia is such a sweetie. Hope she recovers from her little procedure quickly.

Alice said...

Oh yes, the filling in on your Examplars A&E is totally worth it. Wow, nearly there Margaret. ; ) I have come to a standstill on my project. Just too much happening. Mia will be good as new real soon. Animals heal much faster than us humans. It looks real festive in your home.

Natasha said...

I love these pictures of Mia, she is a cutie.

The tree is beautiful. Growing up we always had a fake tree I always wanted a real one so when my DH and I had our first Christmas we got a real tree, it was lovely but I was picking needles out of the carpet for months, now I appreciate my Fake 'O :) I miss the smell so I get a real wreath to hang on the door.

Merry Christmas and happy stitching you A & E piece looks wonderful!!

Isadarena said...

Hi Margaret, your Guarding Eden looks wonderful and you are stitching it so quickly !!Poor little Mia, I hope she will getting better really fast but I am sure you are a very nice mom for her .
I wish you a Merry and Blessed Christmas to you and all your family:-)

Kelly said...

So glad Mia is back home with you. I know spaying is standard procedure, but I always worry about it. My vet gave my girl, Motoko, pain killers then told me to not let her rough house and jump up and down. I admit to laughing in his face at those directions.

BrendaS said...

Guarding Eden looks great.

Hope Mia is feeling bettter soon:)))

Your tree looks very nice. Good idea to leave the breakables off this year.

Thanks for sharing.

Bertie said...

Oh poor Mia, and hope she recovers soon, am not surprised she feels poorly.

Wow Margaret your GE is great, I need a few lessons in quick embroidery LOL.
Love your TG threads, a favourite of mine, especially the ribbon. Like your tree and Mia can sniff hers too I am sure :))
Happy Christmas

woolwoman said...

poor Mia - hope she is returning to her normal teen age self. Your Guarding Eden piece is awesome. Congrats on the wins - you are lucky it seems! Have a good week! Mel

Siobhan said...

Awww, poor baby girl! I remember when we left our beloved Ginger June in to be spayed--we were both sick at being away from each other. I hope she recovers quickly!

Guarding Eden looks great! You'll be done soon. :) The boy child looks very handsome! My son went to school with mismatched socks last week. I was mortified since he DOES have matching socks, but--it's a teen thing!

Deb said...

Poor Mia - but I'm glad that she's feeling better after her surgery and you know that probably by the end of the week she'll be back to her old self. Bailey's got rescheduled for after Christmas. I didn't want to spoil the holidays for him - LOL

Guarding Eden looks wonderful. I might have to sneak that one into the list for 2011.

And I'm cracking up over Eli's socks. My daughter does the same thing. It drives me nuts on wash day because I like socks to come out in pairs, not a random sampling of different socks!

Kellie said...

Sweet Mia! I hope she is feeling better. Guarding Eden looks gorgeous!!!! You are almost finished! :) Your decorations are lovely. Mismatched socks seem to be the thing lately. The kids' socks at my school never match, and I have noticed my six year old niece picking up on the trend. :)

Catherine said...

Guarding Eden is looking fabulous! Wow! The fill in is great!

I noticed the socks before I even read about them - too funny~

Hope Mia is back to her perky self soon!

Cari said...

Oh I so look forward to 'Margaret Monday' post !! Your Guarding Eden is beautiful. I agree that audible books are the way to go!! Your tree is beautiful!! Mine is up but only 6 paper doves are adorning it!! Soon enough. Hugs to sweet Mia...yes...she'll be bouncing around in no time. She is a darling doll. We love our pets don't we? Hugs Margaret....

Jackie said...

Congratulations on your wins!

I had a feeling you'd do the fill in on Guarding Eden. You're such a fast stitcher. It looks fantastic.

Mia has surely grown and this surgery will probably slow her down a bit. She'll have her moments of full on kitty mode though, no doubt!

My son does the mismatched socks. It's not a fashion statement for him. He just doesn't want to search for the match (he does his own laundry)!

Karen said...

Hope your kitty is feeling chipper again soon! Your A&E is looking great....not too much more to go!

valerie said...

You are so close on Guarding Eden! You'll be done before you know it.

Hope Mia starts feeling like herself soon. Love the photo of her trying to fit her head in the coffee mug. So Cute!

Melissa said...

awww, you had the separation anxiety thing with Mia. I had to laugh! That's attachment. I find I am more attached to my kitties now that my kid is no longer a kid!

Your Guarding Eden is looking great. You are doing well filling in all that background!

Hope you get some quiet time!

Berit said...

That fill's looking great--love the pattern you're getting from the overdye! :)

Sweet Mia--she looks wary there under the tree; seems like she'd really like to try climbing if only she felt better! :(

Also love that cat ornament dangling nearby--is it Prairie Schooler?

Sherry :o) said...

I hope Mia is better soon - she looks so cute in your pics. Love the tree pic with your son - my niece's wear different socks and say it's a very popular thing to do at their school (my son's too). I can't believe how fast you are finishing up the verse and the, fast stitcher! Enjoy the time with your kids on break - I know we will here (ahh, not much homework to be done)!!

Mary said...

Guarding Eden is lovely and the end result will be worth the effort. Poor little Mia she certainly does look subdued, but I am sure she will be fine in a day or so. I notice she has her own cat pillow and even a cat decoration hanging on the tree.

Lois said...

Poor Mia. I hope she feels more like herself soon. I've seen the mismatched socks thing in my house too!!! Nice tree!

Wonderful progress on Guarding Eden!

Giovanna said...

The tree looks beautiful! And the sampler is simply gorgeous - not much left now!

Carol said...

I'm sure Mia will be back to her frisky self very soon, Margaret!

Congratulations on your wins and your progress on your latest sampler--you'll be done by your next post, I bet!

Give Mia an extra cuddle for me--I sure miss my kitty...

Linda K's Creativity Works said...

I found your Blog and I just dearly love your Blog.

I love your Photos too.

I love your WIP's and your finishes. You do beautiful stitching.

I am now one of your followers on your Blog.

Here is my Blog:

I hope you will be one of my followers on my Blog. I would love for you to be one.

Take care & Happy Stitching
Hugs :) from Cold Snowy Northern Indiana
Linda K, Railroad

trillium said...

My granddaughter has chosen to wear mismatched socks for 3 years now.

Natalia said...

Oh poor Mia, Margaret !! I see that you are a softie for animals too. I've also cried when I've had to leave my doggies at the vet. I hope she recovers quickly...
I love Guarding Eden !! It is coming along so nicely and you have it almost finished.... I can't wait to see it all framed.
You gave me a great idea about audiobooks while stitching !!! How come I hadn't thought about that??? I am going to the library today !!
I have enjoyed watching your projects all year and I look forward to many more next year.. I wish you and yours a wonderful Merry Christmas.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Wow, Margaret! You are one productive woman! I love the A&E and will definitely add it to my stash! I really like the look of the fill-in, too! Tedious but worth it, I think.

Your son is darling, mismatched socks and ALL!

I hope sweet Mia is feeling better, soon!

Have a Merry Christmas, Margaret!

Roberta said...

Glad that Mia is home and looks to be feeling better, she is such a love.

Tree looks great and love the odd sock thing!!1

Great little goodies you won, congrats.

Enjoy the Season.

Michelle said...

Mia should be feeling better soon and back to her old self. Guarding Eden is looking fantastic - I like it with the fill in too!

Marylin /Poussy said...

I love your stitching, ....
marylin France

Lurline said...

ancewOh, I think your little girl will be fine - she deserved a little rest! Love your sampler and Boy! don't you ever move it!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Nicole said...

Great progress on Guarding Eden!! I'm sure you are finished by now! ;)

Hope Mia is fully recovered - the poor thing!!

Diane said...

Guarding Eden looks fabulous! The background around the verse definitely adds that certain something.

My daughter wears mismatched socks, too. It's because she's lazy and her loads of laundry consist of whatever she can scoop up in her arms and she wears whatever is clean - LOL!

I hope Mia is feeling better and bouncing off the walls again in no time.

Loraine said...

Your sampler is fabulous! Wonderful pictures as well. So sorry I've been MIA this past month. Too much to do for the holidays!
Oh BTW, I signed up for the Toy Chest class in July. Can't wait to start it!

Karoline said...

Poor Mia, I'm sure she's feeling better by now.

Guarding Eden looks lovely, great progress

Brigitte said...

Very nice progress picture and yes, the filling in looks really good. Have you finished it in the meantime?

Susan said...

I'll bet by now Guarding Eden is all done. I like the fill-in, too. What are you listening to while you stitch?

The French Bear said...

Margaret, thanks for stopping by and always saying nice things. I love your stitching, you are really fast, how I long for the days when I can spend the whole day stitching, I might actually finish something!!!
Mia is so cute, what a so is the boy child!!!
Margaret B

Marion said...

Good morning!
How is Mia doing?? I'm sure she will keep your Christmas interesting!
Take care