Monday, November 8, 2010

And now for something - a bit - different

OK, so it's not what Monty Python said.  Close enough.  :D

First off, the sameness.  Here's more of the Richmond Sampler.  I've been wandering through her, doing the parts I can do at this point.

I must say, she's looking fine!

Added a few berries to the bottom border.

And worked more on the interior.  (Close up, those dogs look like llamas to me.)

And now for the different part.  On Saturday, I wandered down to my LNS to pick up Jane Atkinson.  I also picked up some stash, of course.  :D  Anyway, when I got home, some picture hanging and reshuffling took place.  Here is Jane.

Sorry, had to use the flash.  It's dismal and rainy out today.  Here's a closeup of the frame.  Hard to tell the colors with the flash.

Don, my framer, picked out the frame once  again.  He's got such an eye!

And thanks to the father type for helping me move my A&E wall.  Isn't it glorious?

From top left, it's Jane Atkinson (Scarlet Letter), Charlotte Clayton (Northwest Sampler Guild), Sarah Esh (CHS?), Paradise Lost (Plum Street Samplers), Know Ye (La D Da), Margaret Pence (Good Huswife), Fruit of the Spirit (Plum Street Samplers).  And there's a bit more room for a couple more.  :D

While at my LNS, I picked up Paulette's (Plum Street Samplers) Hallow Eden.  I also picked up some 28ct fabric for it, figuring I would do the piece over one.  But when I got home I discovered that yes, I had some 40ct in my stash too.  So I decided to use the 40ct fabric (River Willow) with the called for Crescent Colors fibers (except for one DMC).  Here's my start -- I couldn't resist, I need a quick piece for a change!

Here's what the piece will look like.  Paulette, I hope you don't mind that I grabbed this pic from your blog!

Isn't it wonderful!  I love the frame too!  I might be naughty and not do my ATS today.  :D

In other news, the girl child came home last week, but only for a few days.  She got reacquainted with Mia.

Well, you get the idea.  

The boy child had his Area All State concert last week as well.  Pictures weren't allowed in the auditiorium and we had seats that wouldn't have been good for pics anyway.  But here he is outside the theater after the concert.

(Should have cropped out the lady with the yellow coat.  :D   )   It was a rousing success.  Now for the All State concert next month!  

Oh, and the best part is that the boy child really liked this year's conductor.  AND, he likes one of the pieces they played enough that he wants to get it for his iTouch!  Now that's news!  lol!  Up to now, it's been total aloofness from classical music.  Maybe there's hope yet.  :D

A final picture or two of Mia for those who requested it.  She's growing like a weed, but she's still nice and kitten-sized.

I think we're settling in with each other quite nicely.

Have a great week, everyone!  Thanks as always for stopping by and saying hi!

(Pretend there's another pic of Mia here.  Blogger wouldn't let me add it.)


Giovanna said...

Spectacular progress on Richmond! And great start on the PSS too - turbo-needles as usual, I see :-)

The French Bear said...

Oh my God, beautiful......stunning! I love the way he framed it too!!!! I always laugh when you say, a quick have done at least forty to my one!!!!!
Gorgeous, gorgeous!!!!
Precious Mia looks so tiny, she is so sweet!!! Not sure if your daughter will be happy you posted her sleeping picture, he he!!!!

BeckySC said...

Margaret, I am drooling over your finished samplers :) I love the arrangement and that you got to add your latest one-it is GORGEOUS by the way and your progress on RS is lovely :) WOW!!! I love HE and can't wait to see if finished up :) As always such lovely, lovely work!!!
LOVE the pics of the kids :) Thanks for sharing with us :)
Have a great week, friend :)

Jan said...

Everywhere I look I see beauty, Margaret!! Even that lady in the yellow coat! lol

Wonderful progresses on everything and I love your new start on Hallow Eden.

Congrats to that handsome and talented boy child of yours, woohoo!!

Sherry said...

Wonderful progress on Richmond! I love your sampler wall! I can't wait to see it grow more. The PSS piece will be a wonderful addition to it.

Loraine said...

Oh my Margaret! What a fabulous post. You have me all excited to pull out my needle and thread today!
Your A&E wall is fantastic, and I love the Richmond sampler. It's all wonderful!
You are moving so fast on you new Plum Street sampler. It's nice to have a quick piece once in a while, huh!
Well, Hope you have a fabulous week. I'm still waiting for fabric for ATS. Hugs to you dear friend.

Kathy said...

Oh my but your wip is just gorgeous! I adore the colors in this. And your framed piece is spectacular. Actually your A&E wall is just beautiful!

Love the kitty photos. :) And glad that DS's concert went well. So what is the piece that he likes and wants on his ipod?

Melissa said...

Hello, Margaret! I'm just catching you and you have made super progress on the Richmond sampler. It is absolutely stunning and you are the Queen of queen stitches!

I saw Hallow Eden as well and thought it was mighty cute though I held off getting it for now.

Mia is so cute! She will come in handy during the cold months! lol.

Congrats on your boy's concert. Wish I was there with you as I miss my son's concerts though they'd be nothing at the level that your boy is at! I hope he keeps it up after high school!

Have a great week, Margaret!

ps Love Jane framed. I have the exact same frame for my BOAF Friendship sampler!

Siobhan said...

Fantastic progress on your Richmond Sampler, Margaret! And OH MY GOSH on Jane!!!!!!! I can't believe how fantastic that frame is--it's absolutely perfect. Love the new start, too! And hey, what's with that lady in the yellow coat? She shows up in a few of your other photos, too... ;)

anniebeez said...

Wow yes! Your A&E wall is glorious! Richmond is beautiful and Jane is to die for!! Thanks for all of the inspiration!

Robert said...

Your framed Jane looks wondeful Margaret. And all of the A&E's grouped together look fantastic. Now I must finish my Jane so that she can be a companion piece to my other A&E's. Plus need to save the money to get them all framed. Great work.

Deb said...

Oh my goodness - what a fantastic post. I just love the Richmond Sampler! How much longer do you have to wait to get the next part. I think that would be driving me nuts because it looks so nice I'd just want to keep going!

Love Jane Atkinson - love, love her. I got myself into a SAL starting in December for that one. I hope I can not be a lightweight as I usually am because yours looks spectacular and the framing is perfect.

Love your new start too. That one looks like it's so much fun.

Love the pictures of the kids and Mia (especially the one with the lady in the yellow coat) :o)

Cari said...

Oh Margaret, your Richmond Sampler is STUNNING....I so look forward to seeing your progress. It is just wonderful. And Jane Atkinson is gorgeous...I love your frame selection. And of course it's always fun to read about your wonderful children and Mia too. Hugs and have a simply fabulous week!!

Ranae said...

OMgosh love the JA and the frame is gorgeous. I am so jealous of your spectacular A&E wall, love it!!!
MY dd would kill me if I posted a pic of her sleeping like that, lol

Natasha said...

Wow it is really coming along nicley. I love that frame your framer picked, great job!!

You A&E wall, wow awesome. Best of all os that sweet picture(s) of Mia :) Love it

Deborah said...

Jane is stunning!! The frame is perfect. I love your A&E wall. Mia is growing so fast. She is very cute.

Bertie said...

"Look at the bright side of life" and you certainly do that Margaret LOL.
Your Richmond sampler looks wonderful and love your frame on Jane too :)) Your wall looks stunning.

Look forward to seeing your new sampler finished, and looking at it, tomorrow?? love it!!

valerie said...

Wow, there is so much greatness in this post! Love how Jane Atkinson is framed and your new A&E sampler wall configuration. Looks like there is lots of room to add onto.

Richmond Sampler is coming along and I've never seen Hallow Eden but I love it! Can't wait to see your progress on that one.

Congrats to the boy child on his concert and you shouldn't hide from the camera but I guess I'm one to talk! lol

Mia is so cute. My kitty resolve is melting!

Alice said...

Jane must be one of my favourite samplers you ever stitched. I personally would change the Adam and Eve because I like changing things, but it looks awesome on your wall. Very eye catching. The Richmond sampler is also really pretty and coming along at an incredible rate. I understand that need to stitch smaller things for time to time. Great work as always Margaret. I always enjoy the news about your family and just everything. : )

KarenV said...

Richmond Sampler is stunning Margaret! I really admire your dedication to these large projects, I know I wouldn't be able to focus for long enough LOL.

Love the PSS A&E start and your A&E wall is fantastic! Jane looks wonderful up there with that perfect frame :)

Katrina said...

Richmond Sampler is gorgeous and your A&E wall is absolutely stunning. I want it :-).

Marjorie said...

Your A&E wall is amazing, absolutely stunning! I like your new start too. And you are very brave, if my DD knew I'd posted a picture of her asleep she'd think of some horrid way to take her revenge..

Vonna said...

Oh your samplers Margaret...such lovely, beautifulness all around and the A&E wall....MIGHTY JEALOUS!!! I am :))))

I know just how you feel about the boy child and his talent...although my Katie has not reached the level of success that the boy child has...I know how pleased I am after one of her own clarinet performances :) Proud! And I know you must be pleased as punch and as filled with pride as I am! Hugs!

Sylvia said...

Oh, Mia is sooo cute! Love how your Richmond Sampler is coming along - she is a stunner.

I will be getting HallowEden and it is shoot right up to the top of my must stitch list - I love it.

Your A&E is is fabulous.... mine only exists in my head. I have two small A&E's done, but a wall that does not make. HallowEden will make it 3.... may then when I frame and hand them all I can call it a wall...LOL.

Andrea said...

Oh my gosh, I had to leave the computer and go get a tissue to wipe the drool off my face...your samplers are awesome and so inspiring!!! That Richmond sampler is just drop dead gorgeous...a masterpiece! And your framed A&E's are amazing...I love all of them!!
Do you frame them without glass? I didn't see any glare on them, so was just wondering. I never put glass on mine, but most people do.
Anyway, girlfriend, you've done some spectacular work and have so much to be proud of!
Your children are lovely too, as is Mia the kitty! You have a sweet family!
PS. I love that new Plum Street A&E :)

Carol said...

Your sampler wall is stunning, Margaret as is your latest framed piece. How lucky to have a framer with such a great eye--it really complements the stitching beautifully!

Dona said...

Wow! I'm in love with your Richmond Sampler. It is absolutely gorgeous! Exciting that you have your A&E wall started and that there's room for more, too.

I'm glad you're working on Hallow Eden and I love the fabric color. So, now I've added this to my to list, too.

Mia looks like she is posing in her last picture. What a cute picture.

Great update on the kids. Mia sleeps with your DD in the same spot she sleeps with my DD. Congrats to DS and I'm glad you didn't cut out the lady in the yellow jacket.

Lois said...

Great progress on Richmond and as for Jane?!?!?! Wonderful frame which just sets the piece off beautifully. I'm loving your sampler wall! Love your new PSS start. Great pics of Mia! Glad your son did well and looks like your daughter was enjoying the sleep!!!!

Lizzie said...

Your stitching, as usual, is superb Margaret and I love your wall of finished samplers. You know we're a dog family and not cat lovers but Mia could almost convert me I think, so very cute :o)

Nancy said...

Yes, your A&E wall is glorious! Your work is just beautiful on everything you stitch!

Mia is so cute! She is really growing!

Kajsa said...

Oh, jane looks fab! Good choice on the frame. Your richmond sampler is so pretty! It's great that your son is doing so good with his music.

Stephanie (Joie de Bayou) said...

Amazing stitching progress and some wonderful family moments

Natalia said...

SO BEAUTIFUL Margaret !!! I love the finished samplers and the Richmond Sampler is just looking amazing... I love the frames too !

Chris said...

I really like the frame you picked out for Jane. The Richmond sampler is amazing. You have gotten so much done.

Happy fall!!!

Karen said...

Beautiful work and a very nice frame job on Jane! I love your A&E wall

Margaret said...

It is nice to be able to sit back and admire lovely intricate works of art. I take my hat off to you the wall is a delight.

Annemarie said...

Goodness, I don't know where to start with my comment, there's so much to comment on! First of all: Jane is breathtaking! Ohhhh, that A&E wall... I'm sure you spend quite a bit of time in that corner of your house :o)

Progress on Richmond is astonishing!

Always smiling said...

Beautiful stitching and I love those finishes on that wall. Absolutely spectacular!

Chris x

SilkLover said...

The Richmond Sampler is gorgeous, Margaret! And Jane looks fabulous, especially next to Charlotte ;).

Your son must take his music seriously. Ok, as serously as a teenager can. I have a niece who is a violinist and attended The Boston Conservatory of Music (I think that was the name of the school). She makes a good living and does something she enjoys. So, after a long-winded way of saying it, good for your son!

Mia is so cute. She is such a sweet, pretty girl.

Isadarena said...

Hi Margaret, you made a wonderful progress on Richmond and how I love your sampler wall: just glorious as you said!
The photos of your children are so nice and I think you must be very proud of them !!
Have a nice day without rain !!

Le blog de marylin said...

Hello! oh my god your wall is very beautiful! you have progressed a lot in your embroidery, home is just wonderful! A little pat the cat that is seen near your child!
I send you all my friendship

BrendaS said...

Your A&E wall is gorgeous! Love them all. I especially like Paradise Lost.

Good luck on your new start. I'm sure you will have it finished in no time.

Thanks for sharing

Susan said...

Great work on Richmond. It looks wonderful.
Giovanna had it right - turbo-needles indeed! I wouldn't even have thought of using 40ct!
Happy Stitching!

Michelle said...

Richmond is looking amazing! And wow - Jane! Your A&E wall is looking fantastic. I'm just going to photoshop it into a pic of my house and say it's mine. LOL! Love your new start - that fabric is yummy!

woolwoman said...

What a great post Margaret - it was a special treat seeing Jane framed so beautifully and hanging on the A&E wall - smashing ! what a great selection of A&E's you have stitched and more on the way with Garden of Eerie! YEAH! fun piece. What can I say about Richmond - it is just spectacular and I can't believe how you are flying on it. the kids are so cute - including Mia - glad your son is pumped now about classical - very cool indeed ! Melody

Cathy Lloyd said...

I would love to just sit and watch you stitch Margaret! Fabulous Jane! Fabulous Mia, boy child and girl child! AND FABULOUS MARGARET!

Stitch By Stitch said...

Margaret your A&E wall is amazing! SO much work and all so beautifully framed. Jane is just spectacular in that frame! Just perfect! Yay for you:)

Nicole said...

Wow!! Everything in this post is WOW!! First, your framed Jane Atkinson is to die for! It's just gorgeous! I can't believe how much you have gotten done on your Richmond Sampler - you know you will most likely be the first one finished!! I'm sure of it! And Mia - sweet, sweet Mia. She is just beautiful!! I really want a kitten!!!

Kim said...

Jane is the BOMB!! But all your samplers are amazing. I just want to finish "1" big sampler before I die!!!! Your A&E wall is sweet, also love the new A&E by Plum Street. Visiting your blog is always a gift~ you keep on giving us all this eye-candy! Thanks!!!

Sherry :o) said...

all I can say is "sweet" on all counts in your post!

Kathie said...

the frame for Jane is almost as nice as the sampler itself, looks beautiful. your work is amazing.
I love your wall of samplers just beautiful.
one day I hope to make a few as well...
isn't it great having the DD home from college, two more weeks and she will be home again for Thanksgiving, yeah!
its been hard having her so far away for me. I miss all those concerts she used to be in as well.
enjoy every minute of them and yes a lot of classical music is on her itouch too!
It happens! they learn to appreciate the classical music

Laurie in Iowa said...

I can't believe how much you have stitched on the Richmond sampler...gorgeous.
The frame is perfect for Jane. Love the sampler wall.

Lisa said...

Margarent!! Your Jane is so wonderful!! your wall looks just great!!
I loved the pics of your family! (the 4 legged one too of course!)

Berit said...

Okay, my favorite part of the Richmond so far are the Llama Dogs and the Blonde Bricks. :D

You may have used flash, BUT the colors do look pretty accurate to me. Really seeing that nice, unusual shade of the linen. :)

I DO love that PSS with its gleamy roundy orange-fruits. :) I also think the frame for it is a must. :)

Karoline said...

Jane is stunning, fantastic framing. Your A&E wall is looking gorgeous.

Richmond Sampler is looking gorgeous and your new start is lovely.

Jackie said...

Love this post! Full of wonderful-ness!

You know how much I love your Richmond Sampler and Jane. Both are just absolutely stunning!

Your son is holding up really well with his variety of activities this season, isn't he? I know you must be very proud of him! Mia is starting to look rather grown up herself and I love the pic of your daughter sleeping. When I catch my youngest son sleeping (which is rare) I'm always reminded of him as a boy. It kind of surprises me that he's now 21!

Sherri said...

What a fabulous post! Your sampler are all so beautiful and I love the A&E wall. The Plum Street piece will be a great addition.

Susan said...

Love seeing your updates on Richmond! It's looking wonderful, but I don't envy you all those queen stitches and all the solid areas. Jane is beautifully framed and it looks like you'll have the Plum Street piece ready to go up on that wall in no time.

Congratulations again to your son. I'm glad he's getting to enjoy the rewards of all his hard work.

We're Monty Python fans in this house, too!

Evelyne said...

Who,your A&E wall is gorgeous and the Richmond Sampler is stunning!!What an inspiration!!
Complements also for the framer.
Have nice week, Evelyne