Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Dance Time! And snow......

I just put the final stitches in Sarah Woodham.  Yay!  I think I'm extra happy because this means I'm finally -- FINALLY! -- through with that over one verse in the middle!  lol!  Here she is!

Sarah Woodham by Shakespeare's Peddler
40ct Vintage Maple Sugar linen
Fibers called for (Gloriana, Belle Soie and Thread Gatherer)

If you look closely at the verse in the middle, you may notice a pinkish cast to the linen background.  Isn't that lovely?  That's from the Belle Soie Rose of Sharon used for the verse.  I'm planning to try taking a soft toothbrush to it, thanks to the advice of my friend Joy.  
Whew!  That's a relief!  I just had to share!  Now I'm feeling that overwhelmed feeling again.  What to start next?  New start or WIP?  Or should I try to tackle one of the quilt projects I keep dreaming about?  The market stuff doesn't help.  I've added even more projects to the "I have to stitch this now" category.  Not good!  

In other news, yes, indeedie, we got walloped (finally) with a real winter storm Thursday into late Friday night.  Two, count 'em two, snow days from school.  Although the district did mess up sending the kids in at first.  Whoopsie!  We lost the TV/internet service for Friday, which was a hardship.  :D   But we were extremely lucky.  All around us, including just next door and up the street, people were without power for days.  Next door, they're still hoping to get restored today.  I think that's the worst, losing power.  We had that happen back with that April Fool's storm.  Remember that one?  Ugh!!!  No power for days!  So we were lucky this time!

The reason for all the power outages?  The snow was very very heavy, and stuck on all the trees and wires.  There were sounds of falling branches all night Thursday into Friday.  We got over a foot of snow too.  Here are some picture of the debris from the storm -- these are just the branches that fell on our driveway.  There are plenty more throughout the yard.  Oh, and keep in mind that a lot of the snow has already melted.

(Thank goodness for the neighbor with the chainsaw.)   

And here's a good one.  A branch still stuck up in the tree.  

Can you guess where this lovely "widowmaker" -- as my next door neighbor calls it -- is?   Well, look at the next picture.  See the branch?  And now you understand. 

Hmmmmm.  Of course, the father type, being the father type, insists it won't fall.  Me?  I called the tree service.  They're coming, hopefully tomorrow, to pull the lovely thing down.  I haven't told the father type yet.  :D 

So that's it from here.  Hopefully I'll be making a decision sometime soon on what to tackle next.  Decisions, decisions!

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!  I love our blogging community!


Jules said...

Yeah, I think I would have called the tree service too. Good luck!

And, Congratulations on your finish! Very beautiful!!

corinna said...

you stitched up a storm of delight,
the snow -----hmmmm--- not so much

Valerie said...

Congratulations on a beautiful finish! I noticed the pinkish cast to the linen behind the verse. This may sound deft, but what will using a toothbrush do? Did the Belle Soie leave fibers behind while you stitched?

Now for what to start next...I am sure whatever it is it will be gorgeous. You always pick the most lovely pieces to stitch.

Glad to hear that you survived the storm safe and sound and with minimal damage. Good call on using the tree service. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Looking forward to seeing what you choose as your next project!

Catherine said...

Sarah is stunning!! Way to go!

Ummmm...yeah...I'd call the tree service too. If it was my place, then luck would have it fall on me!

Can't wait to see how you frame up Sarah and what your next start will be!

Deb said...

Glad you called the tree service. I never trust anyone when they say it won't fall. A good stiff wind and it could fall!

A huge congratulations on finishing Sarah! My gosh girl, do you never sleep? I can't believe how fast you got through this. It looks absolutely wonderful. I'm sorry to hear that the fiber "bleed". Not good, and will have to make note of that. I've never liked those fibers anyway, so would have to do a conversion.

Now, what's calling you the most - perhaps the new SP A&E????

valerie said...

Congratulations on your finish! Sorry to hear that the Belle Soie ran. I've had problems with their silk before too. What will the toothbrush do? I hope you share your results with us!

Can't wait to see what you start up next. I'm glad to hear that the storm didn't affect you too much.

Natasha said...

Wow Sarah turned out great! I especially love the trees.

I woudl have to say losing power for more than a day would be the pits. We lost it when we were up in the mountains last month Everything ran on Electric thankfully we had a fireplace and lots of wood to burn ;)

I cant wait to see what you decide to stitch next.
Take Care and saty warm. Watch out for that tree

Siobhan said...

Sarah looks great, Margaret!! Woo hoo!! I can't wait to see what you decide to work on next.

My father type would have said it wouldn't fall, either. I'd have called the tree service, too. LOL

Cari-in-VA said...

Men, they are funny creatures aren't they! And yours sounds very similar to mine, what would they do without us?

Sarah is just beautiful, Margaret. What a lovely piece to hang on your wall. I have yet to use Belle Soie, but I keep hear negative comments about it. Thanks for giving all of us the heads up. I wonder what the model stitcher did to avoid this problem?

Can't wait to see what you pick next and you have SO MUCH to choose from.

Enjoy your afternoon browsing thru all your stash.

Nancy said...

Wow, your sampler is gorgeous! Congratulations on finishing a true masterpiece.

I hope Mother Nature realizes that spring is on the way!

Melissa said...

Oh, she's a beauty, Margaret! One day I will stitch Sarah too but you've made it look so easy. If it wasn't for the over one bit I probably would've started in on this! Love love love your finish!

The snow? Yikes - that was a close call with the branches! I hope better weather comes soon!

Kielrain said...

Yeeep! That really is quite the widow-maker there.

Your finish is stunning. I just love the pictures you have taken of it.

donnatl2004 said...

Another beautiful finish and yes I too would call the tree service...Donna

Cari said...

Glad you're safe, sound and warm from that silly storm. And, that you've safely called a tree removal service.

Now - those stitching fingers are smokin' once again! Sarah is just stunning! Your work is AMAZING Margaret. Thanks for being an enabler to THE MAX!! Hugs and can't wait to see what you stitch next!!

Karoline said...

Sarah is gorgeous, congratulations.

I think I would have got the branch sorted as well.

Kathie said...

this is just sooo beautiful
wow, I am so impressed
I hope your keeping this one for yourself.
and yes good for you calling the tree service!
good luck.

woolwoman said...

Your Sarah is WONDERFUL - so gorgeous. If you feel you had fiber shed to cause the faint shadowing - I would be more afraid of using something so abrasive as a toothbrush - if I were going to go that route - i think I would try some type of tape to pick up the loose fibers and not risk disturbing the stitches like a brush might. just my 2cents! Thankfully no trees damaged your house and your were only out of internet and power for a short time - those pesky storms - wonder when they will go away - you now what they say "March roars in like a lion". Can't wait to see what's next - hummm - a quilt maybe??? Mel

doris said...

Nothing is worse than having your power out! I've been hearing about all of those people, and I feel so bad for them. Ugh, no fun at all.

Hope your tree service arrives in time! Good thinking on your part.

That Miss Sarah is absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful accomplishment.

Vonna said...

Oh Margaret my are my idol :) And I love, love, love Sarah and her wondrous sampler that your hands so deftly wrought. It is gorgeous!

Yikes about that limb....I'd have vetoed the father type too ;)

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

OMG! What a gorgeous finish!!! Margaret, you are somethin' gf!

That tree branch looks just like one we had after our little tornado last year. They are a lot bigger on the ground than you can even imagine looking up at them. The FT will be glad you called, if he sees it come down!

Alice said...

Sarah is gorgeous! Your needle is positively on fire!! Your area got the snow and we got the wind. Luckily our electricity is still on. I am looking forward to see what you are stitching next. : )

Laurie in Iowa said...

Sarah is a beauty! Congrats on your finish Margaret.
Hmmmm... I'm glad you called the tree service.
I vote for a quilt start.

Margaret said...

Thanks for sharing your beautifull work

Susan said...

Your Sarah W is just absolutely lovely. I like the pinkish bkgrd in the verse.
Decisions decisions decisions...what a happy time.
Happy Stitching on whatever you choose!

Sherry said...

Wow Wow Wow!! You have done it again. You just totally floor me with your stunning work and you are so quick! I can't wait to see what you decide to do next!

Good idea about calling the tree guy. That branch looks spooky just hanging there. The weather has called for a storm for us tomorrow. We'll see.

Jackie said...

I love your Sarah! I also agree that I would have called a tree service too. That is not the kind of mistake you want to make.

mainely stitching said...

WOW that looks amazing! You must be so thrilled! :D

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are speedy! It's beautiful and I think you should start whatever you want. A new sampler, a quilt, or BOTH!

WoolenSails said...

That is a beautiful piece, love that saying and the colors.


Lois said...

I'm happy dancing with you Margaret as Sarah is just lovely! What a gorgeous finish. All that over one stitching in the verse well, it was worth it as it's lovely!

Glad you called the tree service, I know my other half would have probably been saying the same and I'd have been doing the same as you!

Looking forward to seeing what you decide to stitch next!

SilkLover said...

You had a heck of a storm (like you didn't already know this).

Sarah looks beautiful, Margaret!

I'm glad Valerie aske about the tothbrush. Do tell us why you have to useit, and how you use it. I guess, of course, I could also click on "Joy" in this post. I am now taking mybrain to bed.

Giovanna said...

Congrats on finishing the beautiful Sarah W! I would be greatly relieved too after that verse. Have fun picking the next one.

Cathy Lloyd said...

What? You didn't want to shimmy up that tree and bring that branch down? I don't get it! LOL!

Sarah is beautiful! I'm keeping my nose to the grindstone on Paradise Lost. You, however, can choose from a wide variety! Can't wait to see what you choose next! Have a great week!

Nicole said...

Congrats on the finish Margaret!! It turned out so pretty! I'm so sorry about the Belle Soie fuzzing on you like that! What a pain! I find using a little Thread Heaven helps when using it. Tames it some. :) Congrats again!! :)

Michelle said...

Sarah is gorgeous! I knew it wouldn't take you long to finish her up. I hope the toothbrush works - another alternative is tape. I've used a little ring of scotch tape around my finger with good success. Wow - lots of snow. Glad you have the tree service coming. My parents had a big tree branch laying on their roof after the last big snow we had here - my dad was going to get up on the roof himself, but luckily my mom called the tree service before he could!!! Can't wait to see what you start on next!

Lizzie said...

Great photo's Margaret, we call them widow makers over here too, for us though it's usually after a bush fire not white stuff falling from the sky.
Have a great week and stay warm.

Sharon said...

Looks amazing! Congrats!

Suzanne said...

Congratulations on a wonderful finish, it's truely beautiful.

Not so good about the tree. I think I would have called the tree service as well.

Eva Hernández Tarín said...

Precioso (beautiful) , Congratulations (FElicidades). FROM SPAIN

Stef said...

Margaret, Sarah is just gorgeous! Your stitching is so beautiful, congrats on a lovely finish! I'm curious about the soft brush also, does the Belle Soie shed?

Katrina said...

What a gorgeous finish, love it and huge congrats.

I am with you, tree service would have been called :-). They say we are setting up for a snowy March, we'll see.

Kim said...

As usual, another beauty whipped out in no time! It's awesome, Margaret!

Carol R said...

Stunning finish! I won't use Belle Soie because of the 'bleeding'