Sunday, June 30, 2019

The days are flying by....

And as usual, I can't believe it's almost July!  How did that happen?

First, I guess I finished Bressay in June.  So here's a finished picture.

Once I finished Bressay, I moved on to a couple of other projects.  First, I started some socks, because we went on vacation to Maine (of which more later).  I'm still knitting the first sock, but here is as far as I got.

This is the Simple Sock 1 from the Simple Sock Collective by Melody Hoffman.  I'm using the called for yarn, which includes a strand of mohair -- love the fuzziness!

Then once we were home again, I started a Navelli by Boyland Knitworks for my sweet girl child.  She picked out the yarn colors herself from Purl Soho when I went down to the city for a day out with her.  (Note the difference between the color work section and the top section.  I blocked the color work section, so it looks much more smooth and plump and finished!)

I'm actually a bit farther along than this picture shows now.  I can't wait to finish it and give it to her!  I'm using Brooklyn Tweed Peerie.  The pattern calls for a super wash yarn, which Peerie isn't.  So I'm having to make small adjustments to the pattern as a result.

As mentioned above, we went to Maine on vacation in the beginning of June -- much earlier than our usual time.  We went up with my sister and her family, plus my father and stepmother.  The father type brought to our attention that it was the 20th anniversary of our first vacation up in Maine.  That first time we were just with my sister's family.  All the kids were tiny then!  Sadly, the pictures from that trip aren't accessible, but I do have pictures from this trip.

And yes, the last couple of pictures show I did manage to get to a couple of yarn stores as well.  I didn't get a picture of Clementine in Rockland, Maine, but I went there and also to the Cashmere Goat in Camden, Maine.  Both lovely shops!

And here are some gratuitous Mia photos.

And just one more thing:  WIMBLEDON!!!!!  Yay!  :D


Vickie said...

Your Bressay sweater is so beautiful! And your Navelli is looking amazing!!! Speaking of amazing, 20 years of family vacations in Maine is really wonderful!!

diamondc said...

Margaret: The sweater is beautiful, the colors are so perfect together.
Your daughter pick out some lovely colors also.
Mia is so sweet looking, Blondie the Cath says hello Mia.
Its always wonderful to get together with family we will be doing the same in July.

Have a beautiful week.


Vicki said...

Wow, what a beautiful sweater! The sock looks warm and cozy. I'm eager to see your daughter's sweater completed - such awesome colors. You are so talented, Margaret!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Maine sounds heavenly.
Lovely knitting as always.
Is that big heart Mia's derrière? Sweet kitty ❤️

Vera said...

Beautiful knitting Margaret, as always. And Maine! Do you stay at the same place each year? It looks so nice to be right by/on the water.

sheila said...

i am in awe of your knitting!

Carol said...

Well, for a quick month, you certainly were very productive, Margaret! Your sweater is breathtaking--such amazing colors! Really can't say enough about how in awe I am of your knitting. I know nothing about it--but that looks so complicated!

Your daughter is one lucky girl to have her very own Margaret-knit :) I'm sure she appreciates your work!

Loved the Maine photos. I was just telling my mom today that I really want to get back up there (haven't been since we got married 42 years ago). I'd love to got to Acadia and then on to Nova Scotia some day :)

Have a wonderful July! Stay cool...

Jackie's Stitches said...

Just love your sweater Margaret and love what you're knitting for your daughter! I've never heard of mohair being used for socks. How clever!

I'm going to get back to Maine one day. I was a child when I went and I've only been there the one time. Your photos look so beautiful and relaxing. I can always use some of that!

Hope you have a happy and safe 4th!

woolwoman said...

never been to Maine but would love to get there one day. I thought of you earlier this week when passing thru a restaurant where Wimbleton was on the TV. Love your DD's sweater - color is lovely very striking design. I love your Bressay finish - awesome ! You have inspired me yet again , I ordered the yarn for the new Genner cowl from Rowan 65 - a Arne & Carlos fair isle design. They knit in Cotton Cashmere which is a DK and actually a very do-able choice for FL wearing. I have started with the huge number of CO stitches and I'm off on the ribbing. Always delightful seeing your posts. Happy July knitting - Mel

Sandy said...

WOW...your color work on the sweaters is amazing. AND looks very involved. Not something I could do in front of the tv sipping wine, lol. Looks like vacation was great. Never been to Maine.

Sandy's Space