Monday, April 29, 2019


I've been knitting on a couple of items, all in preparation for the bigger item.  First off was the Scalloway Tam.

Next was the Burra Cowl.

These are both patterns by Marie Wallin, one of my knitting heroes.  Both are serving as gauge swatches for the big piece, the Bressay sweater.  These are all from the book Shetland, and use Jamiesons of Shetland Spindrift yarn.  I have since done my stockinette gauge swatch for the stockinette portion of the sweater and have cast on.  Yay me!

I took a ride into the city last week to meet up with my sweet daughter.  We went to enjoy the beauty of spring at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.

It was glorious, and a beautiful day! 

In case you didn't know, Mia loves bubble wrap! 


Ann at Beadlework. said...

I think your Scalloway Tam is one of the nicest things you've knitted - the colours and pattern come together beautifully.

Vicki said...

Your knitting amazes me - as usual! What beautiful gardens, and a great place to spend time with your daughter.

woolwoman said...

gorgeous photos of your DD and the trip to NYC. just lovely ! Bressay is FAB! I know you are happy it's knit in the round so many of hers are knit flat. I saw an email that you probably saw where she was asking for test knitters who would knit flat and I know that probably let you out. Plus who has time to test knit fair isle LOL ! beautiful hat and cowl - you are still my rock star idol Margaret - take care Melody

Jackie's Stitches said...

Your color work amazes me! Maybe I'll try it one day on something small. Winter is too warm here for a sweater.

NYC looks beautiful! We have started the summer season here with high temps. I don't like it one bit!

Dawn said...

What a lovely day with your daughter in the gardens!
I admire your beautiful knitting, looks like a fine, fine gauge.
All amazing!!

sheila said...

i always look forward to your blog--your knitting is unbelievable--love to hear about your family and sweet mia

Vickie said...

Your knitting is so fine! The gardens are just glorious. How funny that Mia likes bubble wrap. ;)

Sandy said...

The design in the cap and cowl are really intricate. WOW! The flowers are beautiful. Bubble wrap, I like to pop it, I like the noise; but that's pretty funny the cat likes to lay on it.
Sandy's Space

Rugs and Pugs said...

Beautiful knitting!!!
Love the botanical garden pics. So pretty. Mia, too 😊

Evelyne said...

Beautiful knitting! What a lovely dat with your daughter!
Have a Nice week

Carol said...

Now, that's a first--a cat who loves bubble wrap! So cute! Your knitting is stunning, Margaret--what a lucky family you have :)

The botanical gardens look amazing--there is nothing like freshly blooming spring flowers, is there? We just got back from San Diego last night and saw the most breathtaking fields of ranunculus in absolutely gorgeous colors!

Happy May tomorrow, Margaret!! I don't know where this year is going?!

marly said...

The beauty of spring indeed. Lovely colors in your intricate knitting too!

diamondc said...

Margaret: The photos of the garden are beautiful.
I love the tam and cowl are beautiful.
Thank-you for sharing, my cat loves bubble wrap, I think because it warms up so fast and keeps her warm.
Have a beautiful week-end


Vera said...

Oh my Margaret - your knitting is just such a pleasure to view. So beautiful and I love all the colors. You picked a great day to go into the city - the blooms are wonderful, aren't they?

Does Mia like bubble wrap as much as tissue boxes? (I seem to remember her loving tissue boxes...)

Sandy said...

Me popping into say hi as I make my blog rounds.
Sandy's Space