Monday, April 6, 2015

Blue Queen

I finished my Messalina Shawl!  I do love it, and it was so much fun to knit.  Just the right amount of stuff to keep me interested balanced with plain stockinette for ease.  I used Clara Yarn Cormo 2.0 in Sky.  The pattern is by Kay Jones of the Bakery Bears podcast.  ( For those who are wondering, yes, I love that quilt.  But Mia has destroyed it by clawing it to shreds in huge areas.  I keep it folded up on the spare bed.  No, I didn't make it.)

I immediately dived into a pattern called the Handbrake Cowl, designed by Kay with her husband Dan Jones.  It's a pattern where the purchase price goes to cancer research, so definitely worth buying to support a good cause.   I'm using Fancy Tiger Crafts Heirloom Romney in the Blue Maize colorway.  Just a bit done so far.

I seem to have a theme of blue going on in this post.  I received a wonderful gift in the mail from Paula of Kelmscott Designs.  Paula has started a new line of products called Whimsical Edge Designs.  She knows I love all things British and British Royal, so she sent me her Blue Queen Threadkeep.  I love it so much!

I have it pictured here with two of Paula's scissors - both in red, of course!   The one on the left is the Storklette scissors and the one on the right is the red Roly Poly.  Can you tell I enjoy Paula's pieces?  Thank you, Paula, for my Blue Queen!  I love her!

I don't know if you've noticed, but knitting seems to have taken over for now, hasn't it?  Never fear.  For a while, I seriously wasn't even thinking of stitching.  As a first for me, I didn't even purchase anything from Nashville market!  Now this was a super bad sign -- I always go crazy when market rolls around.  lol!

But recently, I've started thinking about stitching again.  I even purchased a couple of charts from market, a few weeks after.  This one (Fractur Friends by Shakespeare's Peddler),

The Feathered Whisperers, you can leave out the border if you want.  But the border is the best part, IMO!  And Fractur Friends is stitched on 40ct silk gauze.  But obviously, you don't have to go that route if you don't want to.  I have provided links directly to where I swiped the pictures from.  I hope it's ok to have swiped them!

Anyway, all this is to say I have been starting to think more about stitching again.  I think it's just a matter of time.  So all you stitchers, don't give up on me yet!  :D

I removed one of the wool blankets from the bed this week and put it on the bench I'd placed in front of Mia's favorite window.  I think Mia likes having the blanket there.

Thanks as always for stopping by and saying hi.  I hope everyone has a great week -- and that those who celebrate had a wonderful Easter,  or are having a good Passover.


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Your knitting is as beautiful as your stitching. Sometimes we stitchers need a break. The time will come when you will return to stitching and looks like you have chosen some excellent designs.

Am sure Miss Mia loves napping on the blanket by the window.

Vera said...

Love your shawl Margaret -- gorgeous! I'm trying to knit sox, but I think I need a class on using DPN -- I seem to be a bit of a spaz - lol. And, great picks from Nashville's market. I still seem to be in a stitching slump, though seeing Marly's spotted horse convinced me to order that pattern...which led to ordering Sarah Esh as well. And -- my friend confirmed - we are on for the Maryland Sheep & Wool event the first weekend in May. Woo-Hoo!

Ranae said...

Your knitting is gorgeous, i have list must of my mojo too. Anna even came down to me last week to help me find it. Maybe it's just the warmer weather. I'm sure these two nice pieces will help. I didn't order anything from market until anna left and i ordered kathy barrick lazy bear mountain all kitted
Happy knitting! for now

Paula said...

You deserved a stitching break after "Sparrow."
Your knitting as always is beautiful!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

I always enjoy your posts, Margaret, no matter what you are working on at the moment. I'm just in awe of your knitting. So pretty! Have a good week.

Laurie in Iowa said...

Your knitting is beautiful... but please, please come back to the wonderful world of stitching again! I've missed you.

Vickie said...

Lovely! You work on what makes your heart happy! Mia certainly looks happy!

woolwoman said...

Margaret - I for one have loved having a "knitting buddy" for a while anyway. LOVE the shawl finish and the new cowl with the Romney yarn is yummy. I can see why you were attracted to that Fractur design, it has appeal for sure. I have no doubt you will return to stitching but knitting is just so perfect for the cold winter months. Hope you have a great week ! Mel

Melissa said...

It's lovely to see Mia enjoying her new bench, aka her new kingdom where she can watch the world go by!

Love the new knitted shawl! You are on a roll.

I love Fraktur Friends too. I think I may have to order it now! What will you be stitching it on?

Robin said...

Margaret, all of your handwork is lovely. I knit too so have enjoyed your projects. But, LOL, I miss your stitching because you are such a fast stitcher and it's fun to watch your progress. A few years ago I mentioned to you in an e-mail that I wanted to start a blog...well, I have finally started a blog after all of these years. LOL It will include stitching, quilting, and some knitting....and my grandkids will show up occasionally, along with my corgi.

Congratulations on your new vehicle! It's lovely. Take Care and keep your stitching coming, it's all so inspirational.
Robin in Montana

Giovanna said...

Congrats on finishing the lovely shawl. I agree about the border on the Barbara Ana chart, definitely the best part.

Linda said...

Congrats on finishing the lovely shawl Margaret. Love your new charts. Looking forward to seeing your stitching again. Cute pics of Mia.


Mary said...

Oh Margaret, no worries! I love you and your blog no matter what your working on. Can't help but think the nasty winter you've been through has more than a little to do with all the recent knitting project. All you need is a good spring thaw and the stitching will be back in full swing.Love the shawl!

llknbillburg said...

I could not agree more!! I LOVE the border on that piece!! I was surprised when I first saw the whole thing (most of the pics only show it without the border) and could not imagine leaving it off!! I have it on order too and will be kitting it as soon as it gets here! Laura

Melanie said...

Love the shawl! The middle stitch pattern and edges are very different from the usual flouncy lace shawls. Reminds of me the details you get on a fishermen's sweater pattern.

OOo, I kinda hate you for showing me those red scissors though because I MIGHT HAVE to get my hands on those. Stork scissors are my favorite anyway and that RED! GAH!

Beth said...

You've got a couple of interesting stitching project when the mood strikes you. Best to just wait and let it come naturally. I am sure Mia appreciates the warmth of her blanket perch.

Annette-California said...

Your shawl is beautiful! I bet it keeps you warm. Love the colors. And what pretty new charts & love Blue Queen Threadkeep. Lovely gifts. That Mia!!! love Annette

Evelyne said...

Your knitting is beautiful as always!
I love the queen threadholder and the scissors.
Fractur Friends by Shakespeare's Peddler,is a very beautiful stitching project.
Have a nice week,

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Lovely finish on the shawl Margaret, you're really into your knitting at the moment. It's good to go with what feels right when crafting. I like your new choices - Fraktur Friends is very appealing. Mia is so cute, as always.

Annie said...

The shawl looks wonderful. Nice to have for cool spring nights. The new yarn looks yummy.

Two very nice patterns for x-stitch. Those ought to be bring your mojo back. I don't think I've ever seen you do a Barbara Ana piece. I love her work.

Enjoy your fun gifts. You won't lose a red scissors!

Carol said...

Even though I don't knit, I so admire those of you who do, Margaret! Your shawl is just perfect--love, love, love the color of yarn that you used!

I'm glad to see your stitching mojo is slowly returning... I can't seem to settle on a design that I want to stitch next and am really struggling! I think it may be the time of year, but I hope I can figure things out soon.

Love your gifts from Paula--very special, indeed :)

Hugs to Miss Mia--ah, the life of a cat :)

Rugs and Pugs said...

Oh, Margaret,
Your shawl is beautiful. I look forward to seeing your next stitching project. Too many projects...too little time.
Hugs :)

Cari said...

All of your knitting is amazing Margaret. You are one quick gal…knitting or stitching. I love it !!

I also purchased Fraktur Friends along with the silk gauze. I really like stitching on the gauze and have done a couple of Erica Michaels pieces. I love the newest Barbara Ana design…especially the CAT. I have been sitting on my hands and fingers trying not to order…My stash is overflowing !!

Love sweet Mia too. Glad she likes the blanket for naps in the window !!

Have a simply fabulous week !!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

No matter what you're doing, it's always inspiring but will be thrilled to see you stitching again!
Mia looks so comfy and happy!
Your shawl is beautiful!

Brigitte said...

Beautiful knitting as usual. And although I don not knit any longer I love to follow you on your projects. But what an announcement: You are thinking about stitching again and have even bought some new charts. Great!!

Kim said...

Hi Mia! Your shawl is beautiful, Margaret! I hear ya on the stiate of the stitching. I so love that Feathered Whispers chart....border and all!

Krista said...

Awww, Miss Mia looks so sweet and comfy! Your knitting is quite beautiful too! I have picked up the same Fraktur friends, couldn't resist it. Finally catching up with blogworld after my move. Nice to see all you are up to!