Monday, November 7, 2011

A family post, and a present

I hope you all don't mind, but since my last post was on Thursday, and I want to save the big reveal of Ann Smith for when I'm actually done with her, this is just going to be a family post.  If you're just interested in the stitching, you can skip this post.  :D

First off, would you like to see the huge branch on top of my car from the nor'easter?

Please note, all those bush-like things away from the house are not bushes.  They are fallen branches and limbs.  Get the picture?  lol!  That's not all the limbs and branches that fell either.

Before I get into the family stuff, I wanted to show you a present I received from Isabelle in France.  Isabelle has started a lovely new blog about Japanese embroidery.  I'm embarrassed to say I can't find the link right now despite the fact that it should be in my reader.  Sigh.  But here is the link to Isa's other blog.  When I find the right link, I will post it.  It's so worth looking at -- Isabelle's Japanese embroidery is so exquisite!  And Isa's first blog is wonderful as well!

Edited to insert link to Isabelle's Japanese embroidery blog.  Thanks for understanding, Isabelle!

Anyway, I became the first follower of Isa's new Japanese embroidery blog, and she gave me a present just for that!  Isn't that amazing?  And here is what arrived.

Look what was inside!  A lovely note pad made by Isabelle!  Isabelle makes the most amazing things.

The inside.

Isn't it wonderful?  Thank you so much, Isabelle!  You are so sweet to give me such a beautiful gift!

Back to the family.

Now here's what the girl child did for Halloween at college.  She was Link from the Legend of Zelda.  Cute, huh?

Now for the boy child's school play.  The company did Noises Off.  It was absolutely wonderful!  The cast did a great job, as did the crew.  Look at this set!  Keep in mind, the whole set has to spin around so you see the back of the set for Act II.

And it was a massive set!  I'm going to show lots of pics now, so I hope you enjoy.  The boy child, in case you know the play, played Tim Allgood, the stage manager.

Here's the back of the set in Act II.

And the front again.  It was fun watching them spin the set around between acts!

The three burglars.  :D

The boy child taking his bow.

And the whole cast.

After the show.

And a rare smile.

Congratulations to my boy child.  I'm so proud of you!

Sunday was the memorial service for my FIL.  It was a moving, special event.  It was so nice to see the old Unitarian church again where the Father type went as a child/teen.  And the old friends too.  FIL was greatly loved, and you could tell by the tributes given at the service.

I hope you didn't mind this family post.  I will be back to stitching next time.  Thanks as always for stopping by and saying hi.  Hope everyone has a great week!

Now I have to go find the girl child's glasses and overnight them to her.  She forgot to take them back to school with her.  Silly girl!  lol!

(Mia with a face towel from the girl child's room.  She loves to rummage through and attack any of the girl child's possessions.)


Bertie said...

Your house looks so lovely in the snow, except for the tree on the car of course!!
Your family is so talented, including you M:) But what does Mia think of it all I wonder LOL
Have a great week.

Bertie said...

Forgot to say what a lovely present you recieved:)

Giovanna said...

What an exquisite gift from Isabelle! Take care in that weather.

Laurie in Iowa said...

Loved looking at all the pics of Eli's play. OMG... the storm was worse than I imagined. I'm so glad you made it through relatively unscathed.
Isa's gift is beautiful. Lucky you. I'd love to have the link to her Japanese embroidery blog.

Mindi said...

OMG, your poor car! I hope it wasn't damaged too much. Isabelle sent you an wonderful gift.

Jackie said...

It's amazing you kept power. All those fallen branches! Must be a pain to clean up.

The set sure is elaborate. I can't imagine the work that goes into performing. Congrats to your son!

Isadarena said...

Ho Margaret, I had seen the news of your snow storm at the french Tv but I could't think that you had problems with your car . My gosh, I am very impressed by this photo.
I am glad to look at your boy child who is smiling after his show: I guess you are very proud of your dear son. And our little Mia who is always so cute ...I just sent you an e-mail with my blog link but I write it again :
I wish you a nice week and a weather much better .Isabelle

Annie said...

Gorgeous gift!

Ugh.. what a clean-up effort you have ahead. I have friends in CT who struggled without power or water for a week. Didn't Mother Nature understand it was still October?

Jenny said...

What a great post, Margaret! Those bushes look wild... oh, wait, they are branches!? Again, so glad that you are all well! I can not be;lieve all the snow you have either - and I was whining about having to scrape the car windows theo ther day...

The play looks fantastic! I can not believe how much work they put into the set; it looks so "professional" for the lack of a better word.

And Mia is too cute! She attacks your daughter's stuff - that is too funny! Isn't it odd how many things cats can get away with just because they look adorable? Bet that comes in real handy most of the time! LOL

Oh, and congrats on your beautiful new note-book - it is really lovely!

Lene said...

I like hearing about your family:) Thanks for sharing. I can't believe the snowstorm, though. We still have not had any snow here. I hope it will wait a while... Beautiful and talented kids, beautiful gift! and a beautiful and naughty kitty:)

Cari said...

The SNOW...oh my gosh. I have been living way too long in Florida. I forgot what an early snowstorm can do to a yard and auto. What a huge mess.

Pics of the family are great. Love the pics from the play. It looks like it was a great one!! Thanks for sharing your sweet family.

Hug to you and sweet Mia too!!

Lizzy said...

Oh, what a lovely post, Margaret! Such Beautiful children and the boy child's play looks magnificent ~ and what a wonderful Set! Congratulations on a wonderful performance ~ and that smile is priceless...

Oh my, but look at the snow ~ it is beautiful~ but can be destructive ~ all those falling branches ~ I am sorry about your car and glad to read the damage was no worse than it was and y'all are safe and sound...

And what a lovely gift from Isabelle~ I hopped on over to her blog and had a nosey~ how beautiful... she is a very talented lady! Mia is adorable as always~~~ Blessings always in stitches...

Penny said...

Sorry about your car, and all of the damage around your house is just unbelievable! It seems so early (too early) for this type of thing.
What a lovely gift you received from Isabelle!
That set looks great, very elaborate. Congratulations to your son! :)
Mia has such a sweet little face, that it's hard to believe she has a whole other side regarding your daughter. :)

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Now I understand about your car! Holy Cow, girlfriend!!! What a neat present to receive too.

Anne said...

Oi yoi yoi! Those branches just missed your beautiful home! Sorry to hear about your car. That journal is gorgeous! She is very talented. It looks like that play was pretty good! You must be so proud of your very talented and lovely children! Mia's so huggable :D

Nancy said...

Sorry you got hit by that storm! What a mess to clean up!

I know you must be so proud of your son! Glad the play went well!

Your daughter is beautiful! Know you are proud of her too!

That was a lovely gift you received! Such a nice thing for Isabelle to do for her first follower!

Mia is so cute as usual! Just love seeing pics of her!

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness all that snow! And all those branches!! Whoa! Loved the family post - it's nice seeing the boy child awake. LOL! The play looks like it was fantastic. How fun. And I'm glad to hear the memorial service was so moving. Can't wait to see Ann!!

Mouse said...

well i spotted the branch ... fantastic set and that was just at school ?? wish I could have been to see the show looked good from the photos :) and mia's going haha I've killed it love mouse xxxx

Lizzie said...

It's your blog and you are able to show whatever you want, you know me, I'm a chatty blogger and I love chats and pics :o)
Love the snow shot, shame about the trees and hope your car survived.Thanks for showing the procuction, it looks fabulous and a great pic of your boy child smiling, love it..
Have a good week..

Stitchin' Sweet Sue said...

Nice of you to share a family update. Geez, when is that bad weather karma gonna give you a break, so sorry about your car and all the mess. A lovely gift and a nice diversion which I'm sure you appreciate:) Have a sweet day...

Melanie said...

Ouch. Those poor trees. :(
I hope this isn't a preview of how the rest of the winter goes!

The play looks fantastic. What a GREAT set. Sounds like everything was very well received. Congrats to him!! :)

Ranae said...

Wow! what a winter wonderland with the snow, not the damage.
I love snow, now I can't wait, lol
Pretty pretty present you received.
Great photo's

Catherine said...

Crazy storm! So close to the house - lucky none went through the house!
I know you had a full weekend. Thanks for sharing the photos - that sure was an elaborate set!
Great gift!

Chris said...

Wow Margaret! Lots of snow!
It looks like you had a great busy week. Your son's play looks like it was a lot of fun.
Your daughter did a great job with her costume.
Hugs to you and Mia!

marly said...

What a storm. I hate to think of winter coming. Enjoyed the family photos! Mia has the same look in her eyes as mine does before she draws blood!!

Siobhan said...

I'm just laughing at Mia!! Duffy loves to go into the kids' rooms and take something from them--though he prefers to make sure that they notice while he grabs whatever it is and then they have to chase him. LOL

The play pictures look great! I can't get over that set--wow! Kudos to the boy child.

I'm glad that FIL's memorial service went well. I know it's always such a bittersweet time. Big hugs for all of you.

The nor'easter--oh my gosh!!!

Carol said...

I had no idea the storm was that bad for your family, Margaret!! Good luck with the cleanup and all the insurance stuff having to do with your car. I loved the photos from the play and your daughter's Link costume. I'll have to show that one to my son--he was a Zelda addict when he was a little boy :)

Sherry said...

Look at that beautiful snow! The damage isn't so great though. I hope it is all clearing away so things can get back to normal for you.

What a lovely gift. I always enjoy your posts with or without stitching!

Ellen said...

Wow, Margaret what a mess you had with the snow storm. So glad that you didn't lose power.

The set for your son's play was incredible. Hard to believe this was a high school production. You need to get him to smile more--he looks so handsome with that smile.

And then your wonderful gifts from Isabelle--how exciting!

Joy said...

Margaret, I love reading all your, home and gift. Hope your car isn't totaled and your home is safe. Did make for a lovely photo.

Lois said...

Beautiful gift from Isabelle! That snow does look nice but, my goodness, all those fallen branches! Really enjoyed your family post and all the pics. Looks like a fantastic production!

BrendaS said...

Oh my word -- what a mess you had to clean up. I'm so glad you didn't lose power though!

Nice pictures of your children. Very interesting to see both sides of the set.

Thanks for sharing

Cathy Lloyd said...

I saw that play at the Swan Guild's retreat this summer! Hilarious! I can tell the boy child had fun participating! Sorry 'bout all the snow and broken trees! Lovely gift! Enjoy your stitch time while the snow melts...or stays...we've got some here too but not near as much as you!

Kajsa said...

quite a storm you got. Looks like a great play and that they put a lot of work into it.

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

Oh vos photos sont magnifiques
bisous bisous

Brigitte said...

Wow, isn't it incredible what wet and heavy snow can do to trees? I know the situation very well as tehre are lots of forests in the surroundings of our little town. And it can be so dangerous when you drive on a road through one of these forests.
Congratualtions to your son! It's always alot of work that the students have to do when they join the school theatre group.

Karoline said...

What a lovely gift, glad the boy child's play went well.

Suzanne said...

What a mess the storm left. I hope there was no damage.

You have such talented children!

Love the gift you received it's magnificent.