Monday, May 2, 2011

A very musical weekend, framing, TUSAL -- in short, a long post

Lots to talk about with this post.  First off, a Susan Rambo update.  The flower borders are finished!  Yay!

And I made sure to check to see if the bottom border meets -- it does!  Love those little chickens (or whatever they are).

Next, a quick TUSAL report for May's new moon.

Love all the colors!

I forgot to post about my framing in my last post.  Duh!  Went to my LNS a couple of weeks ago, and got a couple of pieces back.  Here is Jane Tindall.  Love her!

Here's a detail of the frame.

And here's Guarding Eden.

And a frame detail.

Definitely a senior moment when I forgot to post!

We had a very busy, musical weekend this weekend.  Friday was the boy child's final NYSSMA audition.  We counted the number of times he's done NYSSMA -- it came out to 7 times, from the first year he took double bass in 5th grade.  Pretty amazing!  Only two of the years were actual All State auditions, this year and last, as only juniors and seniors are allowed to take part in All State.  Both the boy child and I feel he didn't do as well this year in his audition -- he messed up on a scale, and felt he was a bit shaky at the beginning of his audition piece.  But it sounded pretty good to me through the door.  Of course one can never hear very well through a door.  lol!  We should hear in a week or so what his score was.  Fingers crossed!

Sunday was the boy child's non-orchestra concert in NYC.  It was at Avery Fisher Hall -- the second time he's performed with his orchestra there.  Here's a very blurry picture taken with my cell phone.  (Cameras weren't allowed, despite the fact that cameras were actually everywhere.)

You might recognize the Avery Fisher Hall stage from things like Live at Lincoln Center.  The boy child is second from the front of the stage in the bass section.  Very successful concert, sounded wonderful as always.

Before the concert, the father type and I got to wander the city a bit.  We wandered over to Central Park, and I was thrilled to discover that we were only a little ways down from the Dakota building and Strawberry Fields, the memorial to John Lennon in Central Park.  So we wandered over there, and of course I had to take a picture.  My cell phone did a pretty good job!

If you want to read about Strawberry Fields in Central Park, there's an article about it in Wikipedia.  There's also an article about the original Strawberry Field (the one that inspired the song) in Liverpool.
Being a Beatle fan, I was very moved to be at this memorial to John Lennon.  When I told the boy child we'd gone there, he was totally jealous.  :D   (He's a huge Beatle fan too.)

The father type and I also went to the branch of the American Folk Art Museum that is close to Lincoln Center, and I got to see a small quilt exhibit there, which was very enjoyable.

Here's a picture of the boy child in his finery at home before the concert.

He was being silly, in case you can't tell.  :D

And finally a couple of pics of the two friends together.

Mia enjoying the open window, and looking back at the boy child through the window.

And the boy child and Mia tussling together on the bed.

Thanks as always for stopping by and saying hi.  I love reading your comments and visiting with you all. Hope you have a great week!


KarenV said...

Your framed pieces are gorgeous Margaret! Love your progress on Susan, those chickens are so cute.

Glad you had fun in NY - DH and I went a few years ago and took the same photo of the JL memorial in Central Park :) Great photos of your DS and Mia as well.

Mary said...

Oh my, you are just flying on Susan Rambo and I love the colours. Great choice of frames too Margaret.
Congratulations to the boy child on his musical achievements.
Mia is the most gorgeous little cat - love the photos of her and her friend.

Annie said...

Those are gorgeous framed pieces.

Isn't it wonderful when a border meets like that and you don't need to do any frogging or cheating!

Yea for your boy child!

Glenna said...

Love, love, love the frames! What a beatiful job your shop does! Also, every time I see your S. Rambo, I want to get mine going again.

Fun in NY, and such sweet pictures of your dear talented BC and his kitty.

Edgar said...

Beautiful stitching and gorgeous framing!!

Julie M said...

Beautiful framing Margaret and the stitching is just as beautiful!

Sounds like a good time was had in NY. The quilt exhibit would have been awesome to see.

Hope the boy child does better than you think!

Nancy said...

Susan is looking gorgeous! I love that flower border and the colors too.

Your framed pieces are gorgeous!

Nice pics of the boy child and also Mia.

Susan said...

Love the framed pieces! Good choices! Congrats on progress of Susan Rambo and that the borders will meet.
Hope your boy receives good news.

Happy Stitching!

Melissa said...

Awww, boy and kitty, such a cute couple of friends. Yeah, I can see him totally missing her when he goes to college. He looks very spiffy in the tux! What a great musical weekend you must have had - I'm totally enviously!

I am in awe of all the framed pieces - the newest and the older ones behind your boy. And Susan is zipping along beautifully!

♥marylin♥ said...

hello, your frames are gorgeous I love your embroidery especially one with Adan and Eve I love it too!
the frieze is superb with all these beautiful colors!
friendships de France

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Ooooh, Susan Rambo is SO pretty! The colors are just gorgeous!!!
Your framed Jane and Eden are just wonderful, too.

The BC and Mia are darling and sounds like a great time in NYC. I love the Beatles, too and JL is the BEST (well, he and Sir Paul).

Giovanna said...

Beautiful framing job on your samplers! And SR is coming along so fast, as usual, lol - she looks gorgeous.

Natasha said...

Your framed pieces are beautiful.. I love the detail on the first frame... And your Rambo piece is looking fantastic congrats on the borders meeting up, thats always my fear...

Congrats to your son.. as always love the pics of Mia,

Melanie said...

Sounds like a great time in NY!! I've been to NYC a few times and still haven't made it to Strawberry Fields. One day I will though, you can bet on it. :)

I just love those two frames, love. Just perfect.

Loraine said...

Your framed pieces are just wonderful. Love the frames, and dont' worry we all have those senior moments, but I blame them on being a mom!
Great progress on your Susan. I love the "chickens" too.
Your son truly has a wonderful talent, and I'm so glad you were able to motivate him and encourage him along. I will keep my fingers crossed for him!
Have a great day, and thank you for all your wonderful encouraging words to me!

Vonna said...

Oh dear Margaret your stitching is lovely as always...and your framed peices are just wonderful!
The boy child had an awesome weekend and your jaunts on the side...thank you for sharing them, I'm a big Beatles fan myself and always wanted to see the memorial to John's a great pic!
The BFFs are just adorable in the pictures too ;)

merumo said...

Great progress on Susan! I just can't believe you stitched that far already!! And all the framings look gorgeous, I especially like the Jane's one with some rustic touch? I will keep all of my fingers crossed for your boy child. What a wonderful experience for him to challenge to such a great thing!! And of course, Ms. Mia will pet him and say, "Well done, kiddo!!". I love the pic of two looking at each other through the windwow. Peaceful moment...

Michelle said...

Wow the framed pieces are amazing! (And wow at the framed pieces on the wall in the photo of the boy child!!!) Congrats to him on his musical weekend!! Susan is looking fantastic, yay for the border meeting up!

Catherine said...

Fabulous stitches and those frames are perfect!!

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend - loved the pics of Mia and your son!

mdgtjulie said...

Wow, that was a long post. Lots going on for you. I hope your son gets a good score for his music. I've never been good at playing an instrument, but before I got asthma, I used to be able to sing. Got an honorable mention at State one year, long long ago, lol. Now I'm just average, with poor breath control. But that's all right, I'll just sing along with the radio and be happy, lol. I'd love to go to NY. I'm not anywhere near, of course. And I love the framing you chose for both samplers. They're both perfect!!!

Nancy said...

That Susan Rambo border is gorgeous! Lovely framed pieces!

Glad you had a good weekend. Hope your son makes the grade. Both my oldest son and youngest daughter played double bass in school.

Mia looks like such a sweet cat!

woolwoman said...

Great that you and DH were able to visit Strawberry Fields - when I was in NYC a few years ago - We stayed in a beautiful apt about 2 blocks from the Dakota so it was an easy walk to see the memorial. Your framed samplers are gorgeous - I love the frame choices - both so perfect ! you are sure flying on Susan Rambo. Love the colors and here's hoping your DS makes all state. Have a great week! Mel

Marjorie said...

Your framed pieces are beautiful--you have a great talent for picking out the perfect frame! Congrats to your DS on his accomplishments too. It must be great to have musical talent--my DS, DD, nieces and nephews all play, I dropped my flute lessons in the 1st grade...

Nicole said...

Susan is looking great Margaret!! i love those flowers! glad you and your hubby had a good day yesterday!!

Alisa said...

Susan Rambo is looking great!

Your framed Jane Tindall looks fantastic...absolutely love the frame choice.

Your DS looks very dapper in a suit! :)

Deb said...

I love your framed pieces Margaret! I was wondering when you'd finally post them! :o)

Oh, how I wish that I was in New York now, but when I go in November I'll definitely have to check out Strawberry Fields. I am old Beatles fan and have all their things on my iPad. I don't think I ever get tired of listening to them.

Congratulations on your son for his musical achievements! Good for him and I know how proud you are of him!!

And thank goodness lined up! Were you sweating bullets up to the point when you knew they would?

valerie said... those Susan Rambo flowers and chickens! Your framing came back gorgeous as well!

Sounds like a fun time in NY. I never got to see Strawberry Fields on my visit. I must go back!

Siobhan said...

I love your framed pieces!! They are wonderful. LOVE the frame for Jane! Your progress on Susan--I just love those chickens!

Great photos of your DS & Mia!

Kellie said...

Your post today makes me want to stop whatever I am doing and start stitching immediately! :) Beautiful pictures. I love both of your framed pieces, and your start on Susan Rambo is fantastic!
Hope the boy child's audition went well. I always enjoy the pictures of his and Mia's antics. :)

Have a great evening!

marly said...

First of all, Rambo's border is killer!! Second, the frame on Tindall is exactly what I look for, both frames and samplers are beautiful. Third, fingers are crossed for BC, he looks dashingly playful, but I can't help oogling the samplers on the wall behind him!

Cari said...

Oh Margaret, I so love all of your stitching. You are such an inspiration to needlewomen around the world...I mean it!! Your work is amazing. Love the story and pics of the BC in NYC. Way too much fun. I know you must be so very proud of him. His sweet bestie Mia is adorable as usual. Have a wonderful week!! Hugs

Jackie said...

You know I'm convinced that you don't sleep, right?! :)

Jane and Guarding Eden look fantastic in their frames. You made great choices!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Susan R. looks fabulous and congrats on getting those borders to meet. That's always a huge relief.
I love, love, love the frames you chose for both your samplers. They look stunning.
Congrats to the boy child on his musical achievements. Glad you enjoyed your day in NYC.
Are those really chickens on Susan's sampler?

krayolakris said...

Margaret, what a wonderful post! Love the photo of BC & sweet. Your framed pieces are beautiful; you are such an inspiration!

Karen said...

Oooohhh, Susan is beautiful so far! Love your framed pieces; your framer does a nice job. And great pics of the boy child and his friend :-)

I saw your comment on my post about the squirrel; there are actually a lot of squirrels in this area but I've never seen many in the subdivision. I don't know why that is because there are many, many mature trees. Maybe they're just good at hiding.

Marion said...

Oh My!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! I love the frame choices!!
Boy child is quite handsome!!!
And Mia is a sweetie!!!

Take care

mainely stitching said...

Your framed projects, and current WIP, are just utter gorgeousness! WOW!!!

And your son looks so incredibly handsome in his spiffy duds. You must be SO proud! :D

Andrea said...

Oh Margaret, you are such an inspiration! I love your turbo needles and all of these gorgeous samplers you stitch!! Susan Rambo is coming along so nicely and your framed finishes are DROOL worthy!! OMG, never let me near them, as I swear, I'll drool over them!!! LOL!
I'm gathering supplies for Jane Tindall and hope to start on her soon, and of course, the others you've beat us all too, they're in the lineup too, lol!
Lovely stitching is an understatement!

Mia and the boy child are so cute together. And boy child....well, you'll have to start calling him man child soon, he's getting to be so grown up!!


Isadarena said...

Margaret, your framed stitchings are so gorgeous! I also Love your progress on Susan Sampler, these chickens are too cute.
Have a nice day,

Carol said...

You've got to love those chickens amongst that beautiful border--too cute :) And your framed pieces are stunning, Margaret--great choices on the frames themselves...

Hope your son gets good news about his audition :)

Natalia said...

Margaret I love Susan !!!! Beautiful border colors. Your framed pieces are gorgeous too !!! I love the frames you chose. Sounds like you had a fun day in the city :-) Let us know how your son did.

Dona said...

Margaret, stunning framed pieces! Are't you so proud of them! I especially love the frame for Jane.

Your son looks so handsome in his suit. Glad you and DH had time for exploring!

Solstitches said...

What beautiful frames you chose for your finished pieces.
Love the latest WIP.
Congrats. to your boy on his achievements.


Kathy Ellen said...

My goodness, Margaret, but you have been one busy lady! "Susan Rambo" is coming along the colorful flowered borders. "Jane Tindall" is truly beautiful...absolutely love the verse, and your framing selection compliments the piece so nicely. "Guarding Eden" is also lovely, and you have chosen the perfect frame for it. Congratulations to your young son upon being so musically talented. You must be so proud of him. Great photo of Strawberry Fields too!

BrendaS said...

Susan looks beautiful with all her pretty flowers. Your framing is gorgeous too. Great choices o the frames.

Congratulations to your son o his concerts. Cute pictures of him with Mia

Joy said...

Beautiful framed pieces! Great choice of frames...and wow, the floral border is wonderful!

NYC trip sounds fun. BC and sweet.

Sally said...

oh wow I love your WIP Margaret! The colours are so beautiful.

Your framed pieces are gorgeous.

What lovely photos of your son.

Marsha said...

Rambo has the most gorgeous border. You are quite an inspiration for sampler stitching. Jane Tindall looks great too. Love the frame.

Rhona said...

Fabulous stitching...what a relief when the borders meet!
Framed pieces look awesome too.
As for the boy must be very proud!

Sherry said...

Jane Tindall and Guarding Eden are stunning! Susan is going to be breath taking with that border!

Karoline said...

Your framing is stunning Margaret and Susan is looking gorgeous.

Good luck to the boy child in his auditions

BlackCat said...

Your finished pieces are gorgeous and you are making awesome progress on your current piece. Love the pics of your son and mia the cat.

The French Bear said...

Love the work so are so amazing!!! Of course I have serious eny for all your beautiful stitchery, but I will love it through photos.....really it is just a pleasure to see all the finished pieces......glorious!!!
What a wonderful honor for your boy child, that is a very impressive hall.......well done for him!!! I love to see the pics of him and Mia, that's the sweet side, don't tell him I said so.......but he is really cute!!!
What a great tribute to John Lennon, how touching!
Sad to think what might have's nice that they made such a lovely place to visit to remember him....
Happy Mother's Day!!!!
Margaret B

Susan said...

Margaret, all of your stitching is gorgeous. Susan Rambo is looking great, and I am enamored of Jane Tindall. Great framing!

This must be a bittersweet time for you with your son's high school activities winding down. I hope he was successful in his audition!

Suzanne said...

Susan is looking great. It's always good when the borders meet, lol! Both of your framed pieces look lovely.

Sounds like a nice weekend in NY. Congratulations to your son!

PS. Your son looks very handsome in his suit.

Katrina said...

Oh your framed pieces are gorgeous. I especially love Jane, I may need to move her up on my list, LOL. Susan is coming along nicely too.

Glad you had such a fun day with your DH too.