Monday, April 19, 2010


Have you ever gotten to the point where you are stitching a piece and dreaming about what to stitch next?  Have you gotten down to the last stitches and started auditioning the next piece to stitch as you are putting those last stitches in?  Poor Freelove was an experience like that for me.  As I was stitching the last leafy motif in the bottom right hand corner, I started putting pics up on my computer of each Scarlet Letter piece I was thinking of stitching.  As each was considered for a while, I was feeling that anticipation of starting a new project.  But none of the pieces was totally grabbing me, and I felt I needed that kind of enthusiasm to get me going.  Finally I thought of -- 

But hey, I'm getting ahead of myself here.  I did get those last stitches put into Freelove Hazard.  Here she is.

Freelove Hazard by the Scarlet Letter
45ct Vintage Examplar
AVAS fibers

I must mention that the blue I used wasn't the blue called for on the chart.  It was the blue that was sent to me so I used it.  I must say I like the brightness of it.  I also used a different red for the border around Freelove's age.  I used a brighter red since that was what was used in the picture and I liked that bright red.  Not sure why the bright red wasn't charted.


Ok, now back to the story at hand.  As I was putting those last stitches into Freelove, I thought about the fact that I really wanted to stitch more A&E samplers.  And I also decided that even though huge samplers always take such a long time to stitch, I have so many huge samplers I really really want to stitch.  So I started thinking about huge A&E samplers.  And came up with this.

Ah yes!  The lovely Jane Atkinson, from the Scarlet Letter.  Sigh.  I'd forgotten exactly what the border looked like, and looking at it anew, I realized it really didn't look that terrible to stitch.  :D   And I started drooling all over the gorgeous reds in the piece.  So last stitches taken in Freelove, I immediately jumped up with great enthusiasm and pulled Jane from my stash.  I didn't even mind having to audition fabrics for her (which I usually hate).   I was happily stitching away on Jane by the evening.

Jane Atkinson by the Scarlett Letter
40ct Sugared Coffee by Sassy's Fabrics
AVAS fibers

Not much done, but I'm a happy camper!  I think I needed some enthusiasm for what I was stitching.  I'm hoping the enthusiasm stays!

In the past few weeks, I've won a few prizes from other lovely blogging ladies.  One hasn't arrived yet, but the other two are shown here.  First, from Barbara of Mainely Stitching, I won this chart.


I love Mary Garry, so I was thrilled to win!  Thanks, Barbara!

Next, I won the quilt prize from Jackie's blog, Jackie's Stitches.  

As you can see, I won a charm pack of the Blessings line from Brannock and Patek -- which I love!   And also a lovely pattern for using charms, which is perfect!  Thank you, Jackie!

Finally, Sherry of Blog It is having a chart giveaway, so go on over and visit her blog.

In other news, the dreaded NYSSMA audition is over and done with.   Found the audition location with no problems and the boy child had plenty of time to warm up and get all psyched for the big audition.  We think the audition went well.  The boy child's piece sounded wonderful and his pianist was great.  There may have been a stumble or two in the scales and the sight reading, but hopefully not majorly so.  And the nice thing -- for once, the adjudicator was friendly, happy, and seemed to be enjoying the whole process.  I'm hoping that means he's not one of those tough judges.  lol!   

Of course, the best part of NYSSMA being done for the boy child is ----   no practicing for a whole week!!  :D   He didn't have lessons this past weekend because of a mock AP exam, so nothing to practice!  He deserves the rest, that's for sure!  And truth to tell, after NYSSMA is over, his teacher usually goes easy on him for a few weeks anyway.  Yay!   We should get the scores back from his audition in a week or two.  From that we might be able to guess whether he made All State or Area All State or nothing at all.  We won't know for sure until the fall -- which is when the actual announcements are made.  Fingers crossed!  

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi.  I hope you have a great week!


BeckySC said...

Margaret, your finish is AMAZING!!! Just gorgeous and I LOVE your new start. I have an A&E Sampler in my pile (Mountain) of things to start :) I look forward to watching this one grow :)

Have a lovely week :)

Isadarena said...

Hi Margaret , I really love your finished Sampler and sure I love that next one as well as all your Samplers but ofr the moment, I never stitched one :-(
I feel a little different from you : when I have finished a project on which I was working for a while, I usually stay one or two days without any ideas is really curious and then suddenly a new idea is born in my mind ...fortunately ...LOL..!!
Have a great day ,

Anne said...

Margaret, you are such a speedy stitcher! I am in awe at the lovely work you turn out - consistently beautiful work.

Nancy said...

Your Freelove sampler is gorgeous! I love the border, and I agree, the bright blue is beautiful! Nice new start too, and I have been doing the same as you lately. When I only have a few stitches left in a piece I dream about what to start next!

Alice said...

Freelove is just GORGEOUS!!!! That blue in the border is very catching. I think of starting new projects all the time while stitching. Everyday I come up with something new to start and the next day I change my mind. Oh, that Jane is just too pretty for words!! That should keep you busy for a bit while us slow stitching folk try and finish something without being put to shame every week. : )) Nice goodies you won. What fun. I bet your son will enjoy the break.

dixiesamplar said...

Absolutely gorgeous finish on Freelove Margaret! And what an ambitious WIP...for me anyway! LOL!

Best of luck to the boy child!

And congratulations on all the giveaway are such a lucky lady!


Marion said...

Good morning!!
Margaret....absolutely stunning!!!
I love your new start as well, and look forward to the progress on this!
Have a great week!
Oh..and Margaret..."What do you do all day???"hahaha

Take care

KarenV said...

That's a wonderful finish Margaret, I love the bright colours! I get like that too about choosing a new start - I like to have something lined up ready for when I finish a project :)

Love your A&E sampler start, what a pretty design! I'm in awe of how many large projects you stitch, you are amazing! Glad your DS's audition went OK, fingers crossed for a good outcome.

Glenna said...

Wow, Margaret! You made an amazing amount of progress in just a week! And yes, as you know, I've been looking longingly at at Scarlet Letter charts too. I love the one you've chosen--just love that border.

My most hated part of auditions when I did them was the sight reading. Haaaaaaated it. So glad that your son did well!

woolwoman said...

AHHHH Margaret - Jane Atkinson is probably my FAVE A&E sampler in the world - As you may remember it is the inspiration for my A&E hooked piece that I showed a couple of months ago. I have wanted to stitch this myself but it just hasn't made it to the hit list yet. I will enjoy seeing it grow under your needle - I LOVE your linen choice. your Freelove is lovely - mel

Jules said...

Congrats on the finish and start!

I find my anticipation is more in the stitching as I am nearing completion, not so much in what to start next. I get a bit antsy when I am sooo close to finishing and just want it done, LOL!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Freelove is Gorgeous~~! I love it and your new start - wow! It reminds me a bit of AAWFAA. Glad your son did well - we're not at all surprised!

I used to think that if I didn't work outside the home for 10-12 hours everday that I might have more stitching finishes but the truth is, I don't think even that would do it. You are the most productive stitcher I've ever known and your work is always so beautiful! Well done, Margaret!

Melissa said...

Freelove is so pretty! I know what you mean about thinking of the next project when you are still stitching on your current one. I've been doing that with mine lately! You should see my space, with all the kitted stuff pulled out! oy what a mess!

I really like Jane! The floral border is really pretty and now I'm wanting to stitch something with a meandering floral border!

Glad the boy's audition went well! And congrats on your lucky wins! Love that Mary Garry!

The Scarlett House said...

Another wonderful finish for Miss Turbo Needle! Beautiful job as always, Margaret. That new A&E is going to be a stunner. I love me some red in that one, too.

Cari-in-VA said...

Congratulations on a beautiful finish! And I love, love, love your new start! I have a list of SL charts to purchase and this is actually at the top. I just need to find a few quiet moments to buy them - it's a sad day when a girl has no time to shop, lol.

I laughed as you described putting in those last stitches and dreaming of the next project. That is exactly what I have been doing with the Yellow House. I can hardly stand to finish it as I want to move to something new.

I am so happy to hear that your son's audition went well - what a relief to be done with that and I am praying that you hear great news very soon.

Congratulations on your wins! I just love the Mary Garry piece - haven't seen that one.

I can't wait to see more progress on Jane.

Enjoy your day.

Loraine said...

How do you manage to stitch so quickly! A whole sampler in a week?...I'm sitting here with my mouth open! YGG, you are very inspiring!
Lovely job on this sampler. I love you new project as well! So beautiful. I want to see you sampler wall!
Have a great day. (Finger's are crossed for you son. Hope he enjoys his break.)

Jan said...

Margaret, I dearly love your Freelance fini!! She is gorgeous, and I am going to have to acquire that one! Wow!! Love your new A&E start, those colors are drop dead gorgeous, especially those REDS!!!

Congrats on all of the recent wins!

I have been doing that lately too, dreaming and planning for new must be the Spring season, you know new beginnings, new life? Well, whatever it is fun to do!!

Glad son's audition went well, continuing to keep him in my thoughts!

Erica said...

Wow! Jane Atkinson is gorgeous! I have a lot of Scarlet Letter Samplers waiting in my stash, but not this one. I just may have to track it down.

Giovanna said...

Hang on, there was a lot less of that a week ago, lol! Congrats on the gorgeous finish! Yes, I've been auditioning these past few days, as I'm very close to finishing two projects, but the short list is mainly WIPs... Love the new sampler, great start.

Cari said...

Oh Margaret, Margaret, Margaret....your Freelove sampler is beautiful, and stitches in the next one already.... I'm out of breath. Your work is stunning, as always, and so enabling. I'm working on Charlotte Clayton's A&E tree section, one more vase and one more HUGE cat and I'll be finished. Glad the audition went well for the boy child. Hugs... and happy stitching ! :)

valerie said...

Freelove is stunning! How do you do it all so fast?! I love the start on Jane...the colors are fab! I get antsy about new starts! I am feeling very ansty about my new start but I am gift stitching...almost done...I can't wait! lol

Hope DS's audition has happy results!

Katrina said...

Love your finish and your new start is so pretty too.

Great prizes and good luck your son on his audition!

Siobhan said...

I love love love your Freelove, Margaret! She's beautiful. I love the new start, too. I've been fondling this chart in my stash for awhile but haven't started it. I'll eagerly watch your progress. :)

Sherry said...

WOW! WOW! WOW! Freelove is stunningly amazing! I love your new start and how funny that is a A&E because I am thinking that will be my next new start also! I think I will finish up Independent Mind first though so it doesn't get forgotten in a pile. Love all your winnings too.

Cathy Lloyd said...

OMG! I love Jane Atkinson! And your finish is just spectacular. I, too, love the bright blue on that one! Always enjoy hearing about your life! Have a great week my friend!

Cathy Lloyd said...

PS...I have something all kitted up waiting on the sidelines until PL is finished...I hear you!! Can't wait to give it a go!

Catherine said...

Beautiful finish! And what a great new start - it's fantastic!

Congrats on the wins - enjoy the goodies!

Deb said...

Fingers crossed for your son, Margaret!!

I love Freelove! What a name - but your piece definitely came out wonderful as always. It looks like it was a fun stitch!

Now the SL piece on the other hand - that's a whole lot of stitching, but what a showstopper that's going to be! I can't wait to see your progress as you work on it!!

Melissa said...

Margaret-I love Freelove!

You will finish Jane before me, you have already stitched almost as much as I have and I started her a year ago!

corinna said...

you are already finished
wow- again
and your new start is a doozy
but i see you getting it done in record time

Laurie in Iowa said...

Freelove Hazard is beautiful.. I'm sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy stitching on Freelove. Congrats on your finish.
Oh boy... you've picked a wonderful A&E sampler.... YGG... I'm so looking forward to watching your progress on Jane.
Congrats on your blog wins. Nice gifts!

Anonymous said...

Freelove is beautiful and I can't wait to see Jane Atkinson grow. What an absolutely stunning piece. What I'm really blown away with though is the speed at which you stitch and your commitment. I'm such a flibberty-jibbet. All over the place. I need to take a leaf out of your book and concentrate a little more on one (or two) tasks at a time. You are an inspiration.

Best wishes to your son.

Jackie said...

Freelove turned out wonderfully. Jane is a gorgeous piece and I'm going to love seeing your stitching progress.

Enjoy the charm pack and pattern!

samplerlover said...

Hi Margaret,
Freelove looks quite amazing and is beautiful. The blue and the red that you changed are perfect for her.
Love your start of Jane. I shall look forward to watching you progress on this one. She is such a stunning sampler. Let me know of any interesting bits you find while stitching her - Sandra.

Anonymous said...

Freelove is wonderful! And you did it so quickly. I am sure that the new A&E piece will work up quickly for you as well. You do lovely work.

Hillery said...

You are fast, fast, fast. What a gorgeous piece.
Happy Stitching

Sherry said...

congratulations on your your start and you got a good start from the looks of it! Glad you can relax a little while you wait for your results (for your son)...sherry

SilkLover said...

I have Jane in my stash, too! It is a beautiful sampler. I'll have to follow your progress because it will be a while before mine sees the light of day!
I usually begin thinking of the next sampler about 1/2 ay through what I am working on. Makes for a frustrating experience.
Free Love looks great! Love the bright blue.

Lois said...

Congrats on a wonderful finish Margaret. As for your A&E, oh my, it is going to be gorgeous! I do tend to start thing about what I'll stitch next when I'm getting to the end of one. Sometimes I've something in mind, sometimes not. Well done on the giveaway for the Mary Garry chart! Glad your son's audition went well.

Nicole said...

Woo Hoo!! Congrats on finishing Freelove Margaret! It turned out so great. I just love the colors! Great start on Jane! Can't wait to see more!! :)

Carol said...

This really is one of the prettiest sampler finishes I've seen, Margaret! I truly love it...

Lovely start and lovely giveaway wins--Marry Garry charts are just so sweet, aren't they?

Glad to hear your son's audition went well--keeping my fingers crossed for him :)

Natalia said...

Margaret, you are one fast stitcher !! I love the finished sampler and the blue color is very nice. At this pace you'll finish your new sampler in a week !!

Kellie said...

Hi Margaret,
I LOVE Freelove!!! Congrats on your finish! She is beautiful. I am constantly auditioning designs in my problem is I don't wait to finish one before starting another. LOL!

Nice start on Jane. That fabric is really pretty. I am looking forward to watching your progress on it.

Glad your son's audition went well. Fall seems a long time to wait. But I am sure he is glad to have the audition itself over with. It sounds as if his break is well deserved. :)

Sharon said...

Oh Margaret, that is just gorgeous, and I just love your next start. I do the same thing, usually as I am starting something I am already thinking about what I will stitch next. LOL You stitch so quickly and so beautifully. Love it. Lucky you to win that chart, how wonderful, I love Mary Garry too. You can't find it anywhere, Enjoy dear friend I am so happy for you. Best of Luck to your son. xoxoxox

Littlebit said...

Oh, Margaret..My goodness you are ambitious! Love the way Freelove turned out. I can hardly wait to see your progress on the A&E. What a beauty that will make!!

Bertie said...

Freelove is lovely, I admire your stamina to stitch all these large samplers, but you don't give me startitis on any large item LOL.

Karoline said...

Freelove is gorgeous, congratulations and your new start is lovely

Susan said...

You stitch way too fast - not half done on the 12 and finished on the 19th. You go girl!!!

I like the new stitch project - never have enough A & E. - and that's a pretty one. Can't wait to see your progress pics.

Happy Stitching!

Conny said...

I love your finished Sampler! It's gorgeous and how fast can you stitch? Also congrats on giveaway which you win.

Jeanne said...

Congrats on yet another great finish Margaret. I just love the border on the new piece you started....I don't do A&E samplers for a couple of reasons but I could imagine that border done with something else in the center. It's gorgeous! I will be watching it 'grow'.

Suzanne said...

Freelove is such a beautiful finish and completed so quickly. Oooh, I love the new start, the colours really appeal to me.

Congratulations on your wins!

mainely stitching said...

Oh my gosh, Margaret!! Your Freelove finish is incredible - your color subs are inspired - and your newest start just blows my socks right off!!

So glad the chart made it to you in good shape and that it went to someone who really likes it! :D

Tanya said...

Margaret, such a lovely finish! I can't wait to see your progress on Jane.

Stitch By Stitch said...

Woo hoo to you! What a beautiful finish! I am also looking forward to seeing Jane Atkinson progress. It is a stunning sampler. Congrats again!

Michelle said...

Freelove is gorgeous - congrats on the finish. I love the bright red you used too...good call.

Brigitte said...

I'm awefully behind with blog reading so I saw this post only now.
Congratulations on a wonderful finish. And yes, I can relate to what you say. Whenever I'm about in the second half of a piece I start dreaming about my next project and pull out charts and magazines in order to create a little folder to choose from after finishing my current piece, lol.

Michele said...

Hi Margaret,

Your work is simply GORGEOUS. I am constantly admiring your work. I am also in NY. I do have a question and was wondering if you would be kind enough to contact me.
m01ms at msn dot com