Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stitchy pictures

Another A&E finish.  I really like this one -- it's Know Ye by La D Da.  I used 40ct vintage Pearled Barley and the called for NPI.

Know Ye by La D Da
40ct vintage Pearled Barley with NPI silks

I think it's so sweet.  And I love the colors!  (Sorry for the wrinkles.  I don't believe in ironing.  lol!)

A bunch of us decided to have Quaker Fridays a while back.  I was sorely tempted to start Ann Grimshaw, but I was good and pulled out a WIP/UFO.  Can you guess what I picked to work on on Quaker Fridays?  Yes!  My nemesis, also known as the three times started Mouline Rouge!  Here's where I am as of the last Quaker Friday.

Mouline Rouge by Long Dog Samplers
40ct Antique White with NPI 636

It really is pretty, and I'm finally convinced that I like this red.  (It took pulling it out after a year to convince me.)   But I'm having a hard time sticking to it!  I have a feeling Quaker Fridays are distracting me a lot from sticking to what I'm stitching.

Speaking of distraction, after finishing Know Ye, I so wanted to start one of two projects that have been calling my name -- very loudly.  But I told myself I really need to finish one of the WIPs that I have going before I can even think about starting something new.  Sooooooo, first I tried pulling out And All Was For an Appil.  And was totally unsuccessful.  After all, I'm a very long way from a finish on that one.   So if I wanted a finish that was reasonably close, I decided I needed to pull out Beneath the Waters.  Agh!  Back to over one!  But I got into it.  And here is where I am.

Beneath the Waters by Carriage House Samplings
30ct Legacy Custard Creme over one
NPI silks

I think now that I'm getting animals with color in, I'm enjoying the stitch again.

Isn't the snail cute?   :D  I have to fill in that area inside the snakes with more sea creatures. 

In other news, the father type just called saying that he's stuck in the biggest traffic jam ever on the highway to work.  It's snowing, albeit lightly, and there's an accident somewhere.  Poor father type was bored so he called to see if school was still on.  And it is!  I'm hoping it stays on, but I'm not looking forward to driving in the snow.  This week is exam week for the boy child at the high school.  Which means he only goes in for the exams he takes.  Which means I have to be driving him back and forth to school for his exams.  Which means that the boy child is still asleep, and probably will be asleep till he absolutely has to get up for his 1:15 exam.  Agh!   He's got an exam today and one tomorrow and then he'll be done with his exams!  I sure hope he does/did well!

The girl child is home this week for the break between semesters.  She'll be going back to college on Sunday to start the second semester.  Poor thing was so tired when she got home.  She had to work on an internship application too, but that's done and now she's relaxing as much as possible before the grind starts again.

And of course, the other news is the Australian Open!  You think I forgot?  Nooooo!   It's been very interesting so far.  And now we know who is in the women's final -- Serena Williams and Justine Henin.  I have to agree with Peter Bodo --  I don't think it would be good for women's tennis at this point for Justine to win the title.  What, so Kim Cljisters and Justine Henin can just waltz in after a few years of retirement and grab slam titles for the taking?  (Cljisters won the US Open after coming back from retirement in just a few months of playing.  Henin has just returned to tennis after retirement, again only just a few weeks into playing.)   It wouldn't look very good for those who've been playing all this time while they were gone.  Sorry, just my opinion, and also that of Peter Bodo.

As for the men, Andy Murray is in the final, and tonight/tomorrow, Roger Federer and Jo Wilfried Tsonga will play for the last spot in the final.  I'm rooting for Federer to go to the final, of course.  The final?  Well, I like both Murray and Federer so it'll be interesting to see what happens!  Federer is in his 23rd straight slam semifinal.  Pretty impressive.  Ok, I'll be quiet now.  :D

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!  Hope it's nice and sunny where you are!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work. I just love your collection of samplers all folded up. You must of had some great days stitching. Keep up the wonderful work and thanks for sharing.

Vonna said...

WOWZERS Margaret...your like the energizer keep going and going and going! :)
LOVE LOVE LOVE La-D-Da's A & E and I just got this pattern. COOL! :)
Your Noah, ah sweet Noah, is wonderful, and I love the Moulin Rouge :)

Amy said...

Just beautiful!! I love that Moulin Rouge. I love redwork.

It is a treat to visit your blog.

Have a nice day.

Melissa said...

Good morning, Margaret!

Your LDD A&E looks really cute. It looks way better than what I've seen of the chart online! Isn't that always the case?

And Beneath the Waters looks great. I have that one and now want to stitch it because of you! Does it call for NPI or did you make that up yourself?

It's funny - I don't watch tennis. However, last night, DH was mentioning who won the latest tennis match thingy and he said Roger...and I said Federer! (did I get that right? never mind, you know what I mean!)

Hope the snow ease up and good luck to the boy on his exams!

Deb said...

You know Margaret, that chart for Know Ye didn't really do a darned thing for me until I saw your finish! Wow, does it look great! I just can't believe all the great things that you're working on. Beneath the Water is prettier than I thought it would be - I do love that snail and Moulin Rouge is gorgeous.

Laurie in Iowa said...

Your La-D-Da finish is wonderful Margaret. I really like the Noah sampler over one too! YGG I'll keep my fingers crossed that you will continue liking the red you've been using for MR... I think it looks wonderful, for whatever that's worth. lol
Take care driving in the snow.

Giovanna said...

Great finish! And your WIPs are gorgeous too, love the red you're using for MR.

KarenV said...

I was thrilled when I saw that Murray was in the final! Yay!! Guess who's going to be glued to the TV on Sunday morning? ;)

Your A&E finish is gorgeous and I love that CHS WIP, even though I would blanch at the thought of stitching all that over one! It's looking wonderful so far and good for you for picking up an existing WIP instead of starting new! :)

Love to Stitch said...

Know Ye looks great! Such a fun little stitch, and a great addition to the wall! I like seeing the different color linen, it is amazing! (Gotta love V Pearled Barley too) Moulin looks fabulous in Red, and will be something when it is done. Noah is looking terrific too.

Lois said...

Margaret, your Know Ye is lovely! Congrats on the finish! As for Beneath the Waters, just a little bit more working on this and you'll be reporting it as a finish very soon. Yes, that snail is cute. The whole piece is great, love the colours and the fabric. I have to admit to being pretty useless at setting specific days aside to work on specific things but I do wish you luck with your Quaker Fridays.

I'm another tennis fan who's been enjoying the Australian Open. Hope your son gets on okay with his exams and that your daughter enjoys her last few days before she heads back to college.

Cari said...

Wow, Margaret - everything is beautiful!

I have Know Ye in pile - I just couldn't figure out what fabric to use - I love your finish!

And Beneath the Sea is one of those I passed on but seeing yours really changes my mind.

I am going to have to drag out my Mary Wigham and join in the Friday Quaker SAL. Your MR is fantastic!

Sounds like you have a full house and a busy week. I am working hard to complete my homework so I have a free weekend to stitch.

valerie said...

I second what Vonna said! Energizer Bunny for sure. :D Love that LDD finish! I've never seen that pattern before. I love your Moulin Rouge!! Don't let it languish for another year. All your projects look great!

HollyXSing said...

Well, Margaret...I see you pulled out Mouline Rouge, again....I did that several times while I stitched it! I started in I think 2005 or 2006 and finished in late 2008! Good Luck with perservering!

Keep up the beautiful work! I love reading your blog!


Sherry said...

Wow Margaret! You just amaze me! I was looking at this design yesterday while making my wishlist. You did a beautiful job on it too. You have hooked me on A&E designs (like I really need another addiction). Love the red on MR too. I sent you a little something in the mail and hope you get it soon. Hmmm - I hope I sent it to the right address!

Cari said...

There you go again Margaret...just zipping through the stitching!! Love your latest finish!! I've had Moulin Rouge for a 100 years...I really should stitch it. So much in the stash. Oh well..all I have is time, and more time. Have a great week.!! Hugs

woolwoman said...

Hi Margaret - OH MY - I was SO excited to see you pulled out MR again - I agree with you - I think it really does need a red. I am tempted to restart mine in a red and see if I can make a go of it this time around. It will take 100 yrs for me to finish it but I have always loved it very much. Your little LDD finish is darling and I just looked at Beneath the Waters on CHS Etsy site but instead went with Kingdom Come something I have wanted for years and Peace and Plenty I think - gosh I lusted after so many and limited myself to 2 - I was a good girl dont'you think ! enjoy your tennis Melody

Lizzie said...

Gorgeous work on those samplers Margaret, you make me want to start stitching again (almost)! I'll think of you while I'm watching the tennis over here. Melbourne is always 'buzzing' when the Open is one and I have to admit I do try to avoid the city, just too busy for me (this country girl likes the quiet now)at these times. Enjoy the finals.

Michelle said...

Congrats on your Know Ye finish. Now I want that one too - you've got to stop tempting me!! Beneath the Waters looks amazing, you'll be done in no time. And Mouline - oh so breathtaking in the red. I can't wait to get my fabric!

Kim said...

LOVE your LaDeDa finish Margaret!!! Awesome!

mainely stitching said...

My other half has been LOVING his commute since our arrival in Maine. He has to survive the wild ways between the kitchen and his office down the hall. LOL.

I love all your stitching. What a great finish! :D

Jackie said...

Wow! I agree with you the colors on LDD are wonderful!

The red on your MR piece is just perfect! It's gorgeous with the linen!

The snake and snail are so cute! It's the details that really make a piece like this.

Sandy said...

Very nice work, Margaret ... ALL three of them! I love the verse on this A&E and BtW is so pretty over one. And your MR is wonderful ... don't start over again ... I like this one! :)

Georgie said...

Great work on your samplers! I love them!!!! As for the tennis, I am glued to my TV! My DH and I went last Fri and saw Andy Roddick play. We only live an hour from Melbourne. Fantastic day, I recommend it to everyone to do it at least once!!!!

Bertie said...

The Tree on A&E is gorgeous, so unusual and colourful.

Great colours of Moulin Rouge, and I
love your new header too.

Is it ok if Andy wins this time LOL, I know Roger is the best probably, but we can dream LOL

Nancy said...

Beautiful stitches on all three! I love your Adam & Eve sampler - I always like to see what style of people are on these samplers. And, the color of red for Mouline Rouge is gorgeous!

Nicole said...

Great A&E finish Margaret! And great progress on your wips. I hate to say it, but seems we may be fizzling on Quaker Friday already! :)

Siobhan said...

Your A&E is fantastic, Margaret!! I love your Beneath the Waters, too. YGG!

Alma Allen said... all your projects! Your Moulin Rouge looks great. I think you have chosen the right shade of red.

You have been stitching quite a bit over one thread. Are you going to switch to an "over one gal?" It would take quite a bit for me to change. Maybe I don't practice it enough to get the rhythm down. Wonder if it's because I do the sewing method. Are you sticking and stabbing? (Sounds like a murder mystery doesn't it?)

Marjorie said...

I love Moulin Rouge--all of the Long Dog samplers actually--probably won't take any on myself since I have since I have a very short attention span, but I am really looking forward to seeing how yours turns out!

Sylvia said...

Margaret, as usual you have accomplished so much between posts - I love that La D Da piece you have finished. One more for the wish list.
I also really admire the CHS piece - over one no less!
As to Moulin Rouge - just keep on plugging away, and one day it will be done.
Thanks for complimenting my pillow case. These were just so easy to do & I have the instruction sheet from class, which I am happy e-mail you if you want to. These really don't take more than 1 hour after you get the hang of it. Just let me know.

Brigitte said...

Love your new finish, Margaret. And also the over one WIP you pulled out. And Mouline Rouge, and all your other projects. I'm always so inspired and get itchy fingers when I read your blog.
BTW, did you give the names of the samplers in your header somewhere? Have I missed it?

Marion said...

Your stitching is just absolutely incredible!!!!
I am in awe!!

Take care
Nova Scotia

Suzanne said...

Wow, your samplers are all just stunning. I love the latest A&E finish. Another to add to my growing list of A&E charts I would like to stitch.

Littlebit said...

Oh, Margaret! How did I miss that you were stitching MR!? If I EVER do that one, it will be in RED. Yours is stunning! Love the Noah and the A&E.

Cathy Lloyd said...

I love the header of your blog! Breathtaking Margaret! You are so fast and fabulous! Sigh....

The Scarlett House said...

I agree with you...surprise, surprise, I love the A&E colors, too. And Beneath the Waters is totally awesome over one. That must be a really old one because I don't remember it all. Oh well, some of those are the best.
I could never take on MR, even with all that red.

Karoline said...

Know Ye is lovely, congratulations and your wips look great

Loraine said...

You have the most beautiful projects Margaret! You have gotten a lot done on all you works in progress!
I love the red one as well! Perfect red color.
Thanks for sharing, and always being so sweet to me! I am so glad you are my blogging friend!

cindy said...

Margaret, you new header pic is a wow!!! You are such a prolific needlewoman whose work is stunning! Thanks for stopping by my blog. And, yes,I did see the HBO series on Adams. Did you see the PBS series on Adams? Also there is a new bio on Abigail which may prove worth getting.

BTW I've turning Karen into a spinning dervish............

Katrina said...

Cute finish, you are certainly getting a lot of A&Es done :-).

Noah is so sweet too!

~mj~ said...

Wonderful pics and a great finish. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your header pic!!!!

Susan said...

Love the La-D-Da designs, but hadn't seen this one before. Another great finish for you! I'm sure we'll be seeing another finish on Beneath the Waters very soon.