Monday, December 21, 2009

Yet more Alphabets and concerts galore

I'm making more progress on the Prairie Schooler Alphabets.  Here are K and U.

(I used 221 for the red in the K block.  I also had to lighten up most of the colors in the cat.)

And here is the whole thing so far.

I'm using 30ct Legacy Custard Creme over one with DMC.  I'm thinking of taking a break from the Alphabets for a while.  We'll see what happens.  I always have a mental block with starting new projects so we'll see if the hurdle wins or the new start wins. 

In other news, it's been a concert time of year around here.  The boy child is in his high school orchestra, the advanced orchestra at the high school, and the county's regional orchestra -- which isn't affiliated with any schools but is its own entity.  So the non school orchestra's concert was first.  And we forgot the camera.  But here's a pic from the father type's cell phone.

Once again they were wonderful.  I guess I'd better get used to the fact that symphony orchestras made up of the best student musicians in the county are going to sound pretty darned good.  I just basked in the music.  Wonderful stuff!  They played two pieces I love, the Danse Macabre and the waltz from Swan Lake.  Bliss!

Then it was time for the high school's orchestra concert.  Not bliss, but you know, they're not bad.  :D  The regular orchestra played first, and then the advanced orchestra.  This is a picture of the advanced orchestra.  (The regular orchestra is bigger.)

Here's the bass section.

And here's what the boy child thought of the music they were playing (the advanced orchestra played Pachelbel's Canon, the most boring piece of music to play ever, according to the boy child).

I think that picture says it all!  lol!

The girl child made it home for Christmas.  We did have snow here, but only 2 or 3 inches.  Down where the girl child's college is they had more like a foot, but she made it home anyway -- late at night of course.  But she's here and now we're all present for Christmas.  Now just to get these final two days of school and one bass guitar lesson over with.  :D   The father type has been on vacation since the 11th so it has been interesting having him underfoot, so to speak.  He has to use up his vacation time, so he won't be back at work till the New Year.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!   Happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or whatever you may celebrate.  And thanks for stopping by and saying hi.


Melissa said...

Oh your Alphabets are looking exquisite - all of it over one! Yow'ser!

As to concerts...*sigh* you know what I will say don't you? I miss them. I was just saying that to my boy and DH the other day. Glad you have so many to enjoy. And aren't you a rat to catch your son yawning! LOL.

Merry Christmas, Margaret!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Your PS alphabets look fabulous Margaret. YGG... I can't wait to find out if you decided to start something new or continue with the alphabets. Isn't starting a new letter a bit like starting a new piece?

Enjoy all the concerts. wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

Giovanna said...

Love the two new letter blocks, especially the cat! The whole thing is looking fabulous, but I can see how you would be tempted to take a break from it. Whatever you choose, have fun and enjoy, lol.

valerie said...

Your alphabet is coming along great. Over I'm struggling with my 40 count right now! lol

Enjoy having everyone all together and Happy Christmas!

Cari said...

Margaret, you are making such great progress on your alphabet and I love the changes you have made. Mine should be in the mail soon - I look forwarding to joining the SAL.

The concerts sound wonderful and what a great pic of your son - bet he loved that :-)

How wonderful to have your whole family at home for the holidays.

Merry Christmas!

Deb said...

I love that picture with what your son thinks about that music! LOL Did you think you'd get a picture of that? I can only imagine how wonderful the music was with those concerts especially the regional orchestra!

And Margaret, you are just whipping along with those alphabets. They look so great! I'm still not done with my first block!! Oh well, I kind of put it aside and now I see yours and think I should at least finish that first one before the end of the month!

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas season!

Catherine said...

Your stitching looks beautiful! Loved the pic of what your son thinks of the song he is playing!! My eldest (9) just started violin this year - we'll get to hear a "concert" in the spring!

Sylvia said...

Of course I remember you - I have been reading your blog from the start & your stitching is absolutely gorgeous. Your alphabet is looking fantastic. I love it. I thought of participating in the SAL, but it would be over before I ever got around to it. I hope you are enjoying the Christmas season.

KsMaryLou said...

Oh my your alphabet is wonderful! I can't imagine stitching such a large piece over one, I think that would be enough to put me over the edge for sure.

Love the picture of your son. Be sure to hang on to that picture as it may be worth quite a bit in the future............for blackmail purposes. LOL

woolwoman said...

Love your alphabet progress Margaret - it's just lovely - Wonder what in the world will catch your fancy for a new start LOL - I could not help starting something new and sparkly for the holiday season - Poinsettias and Pines by BlueRibbon - Glad your girl made it home and you are enjoying the boy childs concerts - wow - your hubby will be out of the notion to work after that long a break - I'm just happy for a 3day! Mel

Jackie said...

Your Alphabet is gorgeous! It's a big project for over one! What new project are you thinking about?

Cari said...

Oh Margaret your alphabet stitching is beautiful!! And all over 1 - I am once again in awe of your work.

Love the pic of your son funny is that? Gotta love our children!

Have a wonderful holiday!! Hugs and happy stitching.

Sherry said...

I am so jealous because the PS are my absolute favorite alphabets! Your are doing a fantastic job with them! The concert sounds wonderful. I enjoyed the pictures! Have a wonderful Christmas, dear friend!

samplerlover said...

Hi Margaret,
Your Alphabets are looking really lovely. They look so lovely and fine in the all over one mode.
Love the photo of the boy child lol. Mine would kill me if I put his photo on my blog lol. - Sandra.

doris said...

Margaret, you are a stitching machine! I love seeing your progress on the alphabet. It's fabulous.

The pic of your yawning musician is the best.

Laural said...

Lovely work on both letters!! I love that alphabet series and yours is looking great.

I love hearing our universities orchestra. I hate having to hear the junior high students screech out some melodies right before that (they play in the ballroom across from my office).

Have a Merry Christmas with the family!!!

Georgie said...

Merry Christmas to you! Your alphabets are looking simply divine! I love the boy child yawning....what a classic!!

Siobhan said...

Your alphabet looks fantastic, Margaret! Love the concert pics, too!

Tanya said...

Oh Margaret, you are such an inspiration. Your PS is just fantastic! I loved seeing your family pictures too! Merry Christmas to you.

Brigitte said...

Margaret, your alphabet looks quite simply fantastic. Your needles must be smoking (didn't I say the same thing with your last post?), you're one of the fastest stitchers I know. And all over one!
Looking forward to seeing your new start - or the next letter finished.

Ranae said...

The PS Aphabets are looking great altogether, what a neat piece it will be when done.
I so miss high school concerts.
Happy Stitching 2010!!!

Michelle said...

That picture of him yawning is hilarious!! Your alphabet is looking amazing. It just looks incredible over one!!

Eva Hernández Tarín said...

I love your works, all in 1 x1.
A lot of kisses from Spain.