Friday, May 22, 2009

More Time and Season and dancing

I've been neglectful about posting but here I am. It's been busy around here, but I've still managed to get stitching time in. Here's my Time and Season as it stands now.

I love the colors so much!

As I said, it's been busy around here, both on the boy child's and on the girl child's account. Last weekend was both the boy child's NYSSMA audition and the girl child's alumni dance for her old dance school's dance recital. We got the boy child's grade back from his NYSSMA audition this week -- he got an A or a 95. This may or may not get him into the Area All State Orchestra in the fall. We'll have to wait and see. If you get an A+ (97 or above) you're pretty much guaranteed to get in. An A means it's possible. So we'll see!

The girl child was of course in all 3 shows for her old dance school. And of course, being the volunteer-spirited child that she is, she also ended up helping out a lot backstage. Here she is onstage doing the alumni dance.

It's nice that every year some alums come back for this little dance and that they do get a chance to come back and participate and say hi to everyone.

This weekend, the boy child is off with his school orchestra for their annual Memorial Day Weekend trip. This year they've gone to Virginia Beach and will be competing in some festival or other down there today. And then they get to play -- as in having fun, as opposed to playing their instruments. They won't be home till late Sunday night. The girl child has to go back to college for her final final exam at 9am Saturday morning (whoever heard of a Saturday exam, for Pete's sake!). Then sometime either Saturday or Sunday, whenever she's all packed up, the father type and I get to trek down there and pick her and all her belongings up from school for the summer! Oh boy! NOT! lol! I won't even mention what's in store for next week. May is turning out to be a very looooooooooong month. I'm hoping June will calm down.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, everyone! I guess in the UK it's happy bank holiday?? Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


Anonymous said...

The sampler's looking great - my, you've got a lot done!

Cari said...

Margaret - your Time and Season sampler is coming along nicely!! I really think if we didn't get time to stitch we'd be CRAZY. It calms the soul.

You have been busy with the children haven't you? Lots of fun though...your summer will be wonderful. Have a great weekend!! Hugs

Deb said...

Margaret - I can not believe how much you've gotten done on this sampler since your last post! Wow, wow, wow!!! That's all I can say. Keeping fingers that your son's scores enable him to get into the All State Orchestra this fall. And your daughter is beautiful! I hear you on May being such a long month (it does seem like you've been really busy), but I hope that June calms down for you. Have a wonderful Memorial Holiday.

Love to Stitch said...

Boy Margaret, you needles are on fire!! Super job, it is looking fabulous!!!! Have a great weekend!!

Jan said...

Oh Margaret, you must be so proud of those kidlings of yours!! Hope that the A is sufficient to get boychild in, and that girlchild does well with her Saturday exam. Get some rest, you, you will need it with all of this activity! Be sure and BREATHE!

Oh I love your Time and Season, you are making me one to get mine back out, maybe next week or the week after! LOL

Karoline said...

Time and Season is looking gorgeous, great progress

woolwoman said...

Margaret - T&S is soooo beautiful - I agree the colors are so wonderful and you are getting quite a lot done on it in spite of being so busy with the kids. Hope things will be falling in place for a great summer. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend - still pouring rain here - Mushroom Mel

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

You just never cease to amaze me, Margaret! Your Time and Season is gorgeous and you're right, the colors are beautiful! Your daughter looks beautiful in the dance pic. Good luck to her on her final exam and to your son on getting in the orchestra. We'll all keep our collective fingers crossed. Have a wonderful weekend!

Melissa said...

Time and Seasons look beautiful! So many charts look so much better when you see them stitched!

My, your boy child did really well with a 95! To think you need a 97 to be automatically accepted. He's doing really well and fingers crossed he will get in.

Your girl child is very pretty.

At least all the busyness is all FUN related! :-) Enjoy!

Cathy Lloyd said...

As always Margaret...your work is stunning! Where do you find the time?? I guess I will just have to settle down and steal the time to stitch! Maybe when things settle down in June...??...or July! Thanks so much for your inspiration! Enjoy your weekend!

Chrissie said...

I agree Margaret, the colours are gorgeous.


samplerlover said...

Hi Margaret,

My goodness, with all that you have on at the moment you have got a lot done on Time and Season. It is such a lovely sampler and the colours are gorgeous.

Congratulations with both your children. They are both very talented. I sincerely hope that their wishes come true.

Have a lovely memorial weekend. Still raining here. Talk to you next week. - Sandra.

Alma Allen said...

Time and Season is really lovely. The colors are gorgeous and I like the overdye on your linen. It adds lots to the design too!
Don't kids keep you busy? They are always in motion... Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Anonymous said...

Your T&S is coming along nicely! next thing you know you'll be showing us its finish! ;) Mine is at the framers. its pretty neat to see this and all the different fabrics folks choose to stitch it out and fibers! each and everyone so lovely!

your daughter is beautiful! and i'm sure she's a fantastic dancer! and i bet your son will have a blast in VB!!!

your stitching is lovely margaret and i love to see all that you are working on!

joann in TX

Katrina said...

Pretty sampler!

Hope the boy child has a good weekend and have fun packing up the young lady :-).

Anonymous said...

Phew, and you still have time to pick up a needle?!?! I love the colours too. That is going to look amazing when it is completed.

Constantina, Greece

Nicole said...

Time and Season is beautiful Margaret! I love the colors too! Your daughter looks beautiful out there dancing, she looks so graceful! :)

Kim said...

Margaret your Time & Season is looking fabulous!!! You're making me wanna pull another Moira design out of the stash! Have a great weekend!!!

Sherry said...

Margaret, the sampler just looks wonderful! I have had not time for stitching this week so far. It has been a very stressful time! Hopefully I can do a little blogging a little.