Saturday, July 23, 2016

Poor neglected blog....

My blog posts seem to be getting more and more spaced out.  I have to say that Instagram is so much easier -- I can post there in no time at all.  But here I am writing a post.

I did finish my Cruden vest.  Hooray!

I'm very pleased with it, but it's way too hot to be thinking about wearing it anytime soon!

I have since started Vanora, by Michele Wang for Brooklyn Tweed.  I'm using Brooklyn Tweed Loft in the Fossil color.  A very enjoyable knit, just mindless enough but interesting enough to keep me going.

Did you see the yarn sitting in that lovely fabric basket in the picture?   Both the yarn (Jamieson and Smith) and the basket are from a dear friend for my birthday.  She gave me other enjoyable things as well.  What a pleasure!  Thanks again, friend!

Speaking of birthdays, I had two outings to celebrate -- and spread my birthday out over many days!  First, we drove up to Rhinebeck, home of the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival in the fall.  I had been there for the festival, but never gone to the town itself before.  Well, we went for a lovely late lunch, and then to a great bookstore and to this lovely place.

It's like an old fashioned five and dime, with all sorts of useful things!  And look at the sewing section -- just like old times!  Plus, this was attached at the back of the store.

Wow!  Both the Knitting Garage and A.L. Stickles Variety Store were a pleasure!

Then, the day after my birthday, the boy child and I went into the city to meet up with the girl child and eat lunch with the father type at his place of work.

Afterwards, the boy child and I wandered to a couple of places before dinner.

Both days were great fun.  And we managed to go on a gorgeous day before the worst of the heat and humidity struck here in the Northeast.

Mia doesn't approve of all the daytrips one bit.  She likes it best when everyone is home.  Poor baby.  But she has enjoyed a couple of fringe benefits from my birthday -- boxes and bags.

Thanks as always for stopping by and saying hi.  I hope everyone has a great week!  Stay cool!