Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Ann

I was still doing a lot of that secret stitching last week, but I finally started a new project over the weekend. I was actually feeling overwhelmed by all the choices I had -- it made me realize how much stash I have!  But I finally settled on another Ann.  Not much to show yet, but I know I'm going to love the colors!

Ann Sandles by With Thy Needle and Thread
40ct RR Iced Capuchino
Called for GAST fibers

Wimbledon has been very entertaining so far.  And today is a big day with all the big players playing.  Just saw Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge settling down in the royal box to watch Murray. Fingers crossed Murray doesn't get nervous!

Mia has been crazy all week, but slowly settling back down to routine.  She's started burrowing under quilts a lot recently.

The boy child has been giving her lots of exercise recently too.  I've never seen a cat pant before, but that's exactly what she was doing the other day!  Her ears were quite hot too!  Here she is after one of her workouts.

She was exhausted!

Summer is really starting now.  I have to admit it's nice to have school out.  

Thanks as always for stopping by and saying hi.  Hope everyone has a great week!  For you fellow Wimbledon fans -- go fab four!  :D   (I heard a commentator say that Murray was the equivalent of Ringo.  lol!)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Just the family.......

I am stitching away, but I'm stitching on that secret stitching that I'm not allowed to show you yet.  So this post will be boring for stitchers -- sorry!

It's been a family sort of week.  The boy child had his school concert, which included more of his jazz ensemble.  The girl child actually came too, which was nice.  Here are the kids after the concert was over.

We also had the father type's father and stepmother visiting this past week.

Then over the weekend, we went up to my sister's house to visit my father (who was visiting up there) and my sister and her family.  No pictures -- I brought the camera, but somehow it was everyone else who got pictures.  I'm hoping my BIL will send me some.

Mia and the girl child stayed home for the weekend by themselves.  Unfortunately, their relationship -- which has been on shaky ground anyway -- seems to have gotten worse instead of better.  Not sure what Mia has against poor girl child.

Mia is good at looking innocent though.

And she takes a lot from the boy child.  (lots of indignities!)

At least Mia loves her boy child.

In case you're wondering, the tumbling blocks quilt is one I made.  The one underneath it is an antique quilt.

I'm still catching up on chores and stuff from all the activity this past week.  Sorry for the boring post.  I'll try to make it more interesting next week.

Thanks as always for stopping by and saying hi.  Don't forget -- WIMBLEDON!!!!   And Isner vs Mahut tomorrow.  Tennis fans will know what I'm talking about.  :D  Have a great week!

Monday, June 13, 2011

The cat's out of the bag.....

Mia begs me to make sure you know I don't mean her.  No, I'm referring to the secret stitching I've been doing and referring to for a while now.  Those of you who receive the Attic's weekly newsletter may now have figured it out -- I'm leading the SAL for the Ann Wheatley Sampler that the Attic is doing for the summer.  The chart is from Needlework Press and is quite lovely.  Here is the first installment of the SAL.

Ann Wheatley by Needlework Press
40ct. Vintage Pearled Barley
NPI fibers as called for

There is also a choice of overdyed fibers if you prefer those.  But I love me some NPI.

Ann has a very subtle beauty.  No reds in sight (as you know, I love red samplers), but she's still pretty.

I'm enjoying being the SAL leader so far!

It's a busy week or two around here.  FIL and step-MIL are visiting this week.  Then more visiting with my father after that.  Not sure why both sets of parentals decided on visits just now.  With the boy child's last days of school followed by exams at the same time as their visits, it makes for interesting times.

Thanks as always for stopping by and saying hi.  Thanks for all the lovely comments about Susan Rambo last week!  Hope you all have a great week!

Monday, June 6, 2011

A finish, prizes, and a cat no longer a kitten.....

Lots to show you today.  First off, Susan Rambo is finished!

Susan Rambo
from SANQ, Spring 2011
40ct Meadow Rue linen
called for NPI with substitutions

Ok, so I'm showing you too many pictures.  But isn't she pretty?

I'm loving her!  

I ordered a cat bead from Melanie of Moonraker Lampwerks and asked Melanie if she could make it look like Mia.  She makes such cute beads -- she even has cute full body doggie beads.  So I asked her if she could make a full body cat bead of Mia in addition to the cat face bead.  Melanie told me that the tail of a cat bead is too weak for any rough treatment, which is why she doesn't make the full body cat beads anymore.  But I promised I would take good care of it.  Well, Melanie did a great job!  I have two cute Mia beads now!

Melanie caught all the little black spots all over Mia perfectly!

The Mia cathead bead fob is now on my scissors.  Love it!  And the full body bead is proudly on display.  Thanks again, Melanie!

I also won a few prizes recently.  The nice ladies from In the Company of Friends had a giveaway on their blog and I was one of the winners.  I won this wonderful little booklet.

Thank you so much, Julie and Becky!  I love it!

Cecelia of the Threadgatherer (who makes those yummy silks and ribbons and such) had a giveaway for some chocolate/brown Silk 'n Colors fibers and some of her German Chocolate Bath Salts.  And I won!

Aren't the silks yummy looking?  And the bath salts smell good enough to eat!  Thank you so much, Cecelia!

And I won a wonderful giveaway from Deborah of Cranberry Samplings!   Just look at what I won!

I so enjoyed opening all the packages!

This is the main attraction.

How gorgeous is that!  And inside is

Such beautiful lining in the box!  And look at all the sewing goodies Deborah gave me too!  Plus this

Look at the gorgeous pin pillow!  You can see some of the beautiful buttons that Deborah included too!

Thank you so much for my lovely prize, Deborah!  I just love it!  

Last but not least, guess who turned one year old yesterday?  Yup, our little Mia is no longer a kitten.  Here is a pic of our Mia when we first got her.

She was so tiny, she could fit into a kleenex box!  And now look at her.

Definitely larger than a kleenex box!  lol!  I can't believe she's a year old!  I have to stop calling her baby cat.  

Mia definitely has a thing about the girl child.  She doesn't know what to think of her.  She will hiss at her, even scratch her or growl at her.  But she will also settle down and sleep on her.  Very puzzling.  I have the feeling she vaguely remembers the girl child from when she was tiny, so is confused about who this person is.  Poor girl child.  Poor Mia.

Thanks as always for stopping by and saying hi.  I hope everyone has a great week!  Oh, and congrats to Rafael Nadal for equalling my idol Bjorn Borg's record of 6 French Open titles yesterday.  Congrats also to Li Na (Li is her last name, you sports broadcasters, you!) for being the first Chinese woman to win a grand slam title.  Wimbledon is looking to be a good one this year!  

Happy birthday, Mia!